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Chapter 1652 Self-Imposed Restrictions As A Married Man

Xia Chunyu's eyes were filled with maliciousness as she walked forward angrily. The bodyguard at the side hurriedly reminded her, "Miss, Young Master said not to let you fool around."

She stopped in her tracks and shrunk her neck in fear. But she said indignantly, "If you don't tell him, how will he know? I just want to teach that b*tch's daughter a lesson!"

With that, Xia Chunyu ignored the bodyguards and rushed over. The bodyguards were helpless and could only call Xia Jingan after she left. "Young Master, I really can't stop Miss. She said she wants to teach that b*tch's daughter a lesson."

Xia Jingan's expression instantly darkened. He knew that Xia Chunyu must have gone to look for Xia Yunqiu's daughter.

"You've already reminded her. If she wants to fool around, let her. As for the consequences, she has to bear them herself."

Xia Jingan said coldly. He had long investigated Qiao Xi. This young lady was not that simple. She was filled with wisdom like Xia Yunqiu. Anyone who provoked her would not have a good ending.

Back then, Xia Yunqiu was smart, decisive, beautiful, and stunning among all the youths in the capital. However, her sister, Xia Zishan, was infamous, jealous, and extremely stupid. She went from a socialite in the capital to a murderer. It was all her fault.

Xia Chunyu and Xia Zishan's personalities were almost the same. If they continued to fool around, they would end up in a miserable state sooner or later.

At the same time, Xia Chunyu had already arrived at the center of the banquet hall and was looking around. However, her gaze was attracted by a noble and elegant man.

Gu Zheng! She had seen his photo in financial newspapers!

A few years ago, when the Xia family's business was in crisis, the Gu family of Li City proposed a marriage alliance. As long as she married Gu Zheng, they would provide funds to help the Xia family tide over the crisis. Originally, the two families were already about to get engaged, but when she heard that Gu Zheng was ugly, had a bad temper, and had hidden illnesses, she cried and refused to marry him. After that, this marriage was put on hold.

However, looking at Gu Zheng now, he was handsome and elegant. He even exuded the aura of a gentle gentleman. Those rumors were clearly fake!

If she had not believed those rumors, she would have married Gu Zheng a long time ago and become the high and mighty Mrs. Gu!

At the thought of this, Xia Chunyu could not suppress the feelings in her heart and walked forward. "Mr. Gu, can you dance with me?"

She raised her head arrogantly. She was the daughter of Xia Corporation. Gu Zheng would definitely not refuse her.


Gu Zheng's cold voice sounded. Xia Chunyu was stunned for a few seconds, her eyes filled with surprise.

This man actually rejected her? She was the eldest daughter of the Xia family and a woman many men admired. If he could marry her, he would be able to obtain the Xia family's protection. She felt that Gu Zheng must be embarrassed, or perhaps he could not let himself go due to Mrs. Gu's presence.

She was about to speak when Gu Yao hurriedly rushed over. "I'm sorry, Miss. My brother is already married, so it's not appropriate for him to dance with you."

Xia Chunyu frowned. So what if he was married? Could that woman be nobler than her?

She snorted. "It's just a dance. Mrs. Gu shouldn't be so petty, right?! Could it be that after getting married, Mr. Gu can't have his own space?"

Xia Chunyu looked at Gu Zheng and said with a smile, "Hello, Mr. Gu. I'm the eldest daughter of the Xia family in the capital, Xia Chunyu."

As long as she revealed her identity, those men would surround her like flies. Although Gu Zheng would not be as shameless as those men, he would definitely be afraid of the Xia family and agree to dance with her.

Just as Xia Chunyu was feeling proud of herself, Gu Zheng slowly stood up and did not even look at her. Instead, he turned to Gu Yao and said, "Let's go."

"Alright!" Gu Yao immediately followed.

Xia Chunyu's face turned pale. "Mr. Gu, why are you leaving?"

Xia Chunyu, who had never been rejected by a man, was instantly anxious. "This is the first time I've invited someone to dance. Could it be that you aren't willing to give me face? If Mrs. Gu is really charming, she doesn't have to be afraid of someone snatching you away. Why does she have to restrict you from interacting with other women?"

Gu Yao was speechless. Where did this woman get her confidence from?

Gu Zheng, who was beside her, suddenly stopped in his tracks and turned around slightly. "My wife has never restricted me from interacting with other women. This is a restriction I imposed on myself as a married man."

Gu Yao immediately echoed, "Yes! My sister-in-law doesn't restrict my brother. It's just that my brother loves my sister-in-law too much, so he doesn't care about interacting with other women."

Xia Chunyu instantly felt her cheeks burn. It was not that Mrs. Gu was restraining Gu Zheng but that he did not like other women. This was blatant mockery!

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