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Chapter 4324: Sure enough, someone wants to attack sister Nian and the others

  Chapter 4324 Sure enough, someone wants to attack Sister Nian and the others

the other side.

  Borui left the hotel in a hurry, walked to the corner, opened the door of his car parked by the side of the road, and sat in the driver's seat.

  He just inserted the car key and didn't start the car when his cell phone rang.

   "It's so late, who is it?" Borui was in a bad mood, read a few words, took out his phone and looked at the caller number.

  Finding that it was a phone call from my usual companion, I picked it up.

  He hasn't had time to speak yet.

  The other person comes first and asks: "Brother Rui, where have you been?"

  Borui paused, but didn't answer directly, and asked him instead: "What's the matter?"

   "Well, what do you tell me? It's hard to say on the phone. So what, someone from above asked us to gather, and we have something to do."

  Baishi Island is known as an isolated island that no one cares about, but how can there be no powerful people behind this kind of development.

   Of course Baishi Island has an owner.

   It's just that the master is very mysterious. Even the agents who have been employed all the year round don't know the specific identity of the other party, so they are collectively referred to as the above people.

  The higher-ups seldom care about them. They usually form a small group by themselves, and they can also share 5% of the income on the island.

   Such huge benefits are enough to attract them to work for Baishi Island.

  Borui always felt uneasy today, especially when he heard from his partner that he had not shown up for a long time and had tasks to arrange.

  He felt even more inexplicable sense of unease.

  Wait for him to drive to the gathering point.

   Others have come.

  In addition to their small group of agents, there are two groups on the island that have a similar relationship with them. Everyone is king and does not interfere with each other.

  Of course, because of conflicts of interest, everyone is hindered by the superiors, barely maintaining a superficial harmony, and they have long disliked each other in private.

   Sure enough, as soon as the Borui people arrived.

Adam, who had always been at odds with him, brought it up on purpose: "I heard that some people failed to connect to the signal equipment with the guests this morning, and that group of guests was lucky to not get lost in the dense fog area. They made such a big mistake in the morning , the last one to arrive at night... Heck, as expected of Borui."

   "You TM%¥#@..."

   Someone from Borui's side was about to go up and start an argument, but he grabbed him, ignored the other party's provocation, and went forward to ask other people.

   "What task was assigned by the above?"

   Immediately, someone said to him: "Brother Rui, it's the group of strange guests in the morning. The above said that they should be dealt with and that they would not be allowed to leave Baishi Island."

  They do jobs that lick blood on the knife edge, and they have long been familiar with these tasks. The man spoke in a flat tone, as casual as if he was saying, 'the higher up arranged for us to eat steak tomorrow'.

  But Borui was taken aback: "Why?"

  The people under him were immediately stunned by the question: "What and why? Brother Rui, what are you talking about?"

   Borui calmed down quickly, trying to control his twitching facial muscles so that he didn't look so shocked.

   "Nothing, I just asked casually."

   "Hey, who knows what the arrangement is. Maybe they offended someone?" The subordinates, five big, three thick and one strong, answered casually without thinking too much.

  Borui's heart ached, he couldn't imagine how Qiao Nian and Ye Wangchuan looked so young, how could they offend the people above them.

   Thinking that they are my friend's younger brother and sister, and impatient, some rushed down the throat, wanting to find a chance to remind them.

   As soon as he had this idea, he was dismissed by his subordinates casually: "I heard that people from the third team have already gone to the hotel to guard."

  (end of this chapter)

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