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Chapter 8: Girl scum is pretending to be weak again

Chapter 8 Scum Girl is pretending to be weak again

She has been in poor health since she was a child, and Fu Ge didn't think so much. He raised his eyes and looked at the adult who had walked early in front of him and said, "Would you like to go to the hospital for a visit?"

Qiao Hai just lied casually, not really unwell. He immediately stopped him, took his arm, and said vaguely: "No, Brother Ge. I just have an old problem. It may be that I have been there for a long time. Chest tightness, come out and breathe in the fresh air, it will be fine in a while."

Fu Ge looked concerned, and gently helped her with her hand, and her voice became soft: "If you feel unwell, you should tell me earlier. Aunt Tang and the others are not caregivers."

Qiao looked at his handsome face, because Qiao Nian's depression finally eased, holding his hand sweetly and shyly, "Yeah."

After a hum, she seemed to think of something, and said pretentiously: "I saw my sister just now, why did she come to Shuixiexuan? I remember my dad said that her biological parents were from Luohe County. There is only one train to Luohe County every day around the city. Didn't she get a ticket?"

Fu Ge frowned when he heard the words, and looked back at Shui Xie Xuan, without paying too much attention to it: "Maybe."

Qiao bit her pink lips and hesitated to say, "Actually, before my sister left today, I was a bit stiff with my grandma, and she didn't get the money from her dad. She seemed to think we were going to drive her away! And you and me The thing... I... Brother Ge, am I too greedy? I shouldn't have robbed you with my sister."

"It has nothing to do with you!" Fu Ge saw the mist in her eyes, and his heart hurts. He immediately said, "I fell in love with you first. Qiao Nian she...will bless us."

Qiao Di has been in poor health since he was a child, tender and weak, and the only brave thing is to be with him. As a man, he cannot be irresponsible.

Qiao Jia is so weak, he is not at ease without his care. As for Qiao Nian, he can only say sorry.


Qiao Chi saw him talking about Qiao Nian's indifferent expression, and there was no extra emotion in it. She felt a lot better when she was stuck, and responded softly.

In her heart, she missed Qiao's reason for coming to Shuixiexuan.

Probably just like the grandmother and the others said, Qiao Nian came here just by coincidence.


She picked up a good mood and raised a smile at the corner of her mouth. Suddenly, the corner of her eye came out from the other direction.

Qiao Nian? !

Qiao Nian wore clothes that went out at noon, a T-shirt over a striped shirt, and light blue denim shorts underneath, showing two straight beautiful legs and dangling white eyes.

The face is equally outstanding, the undyed pink eyes are as dark as ink, the eyelashes are curled up, and the body is as if hiding a mysterious hook.

Fu Ge obviously saw Qiao Nian too, and said in surprise: "Qiao Nian?"

In addition to Qiao Nian, he also saw other people.

Qiao Weimin, who was walking in front, they stopped and looked over after hearing this sound.

Tang Wei was supported by her daughter. She was walking in the front. She didn't know who she saw, so she suddenly stopped talking to He Yujuan.

asked her daughter to help her to walk over, walked to Mr. Jiang, Xiyingying said hello: "Old Jiang, why are you going around the city?"

Old Jiang?

Qiao's family all stunned!

Ms. Fu didn't know what she thought of, her face changed slightly, and her eyes flashed across the Jiang family's group.


She has heard of this surname. Isn’t that what she thinks?

The circle around the city is also divided into three, six or nine. The Qiao family has just stepped into this circle with one foot, and it must be counted as the ninth class at most. The Fu family is much better than the Qiao family, and there are people in the family.

(End of this chapter)

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