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Chapter 48: The supernatural master's touch to kill

Chapter 48 Paranoid's Touching Kill

Outside the police station.

Gu San drove the car. The man sitting in the car had outstanding eyebrows and three-dimensional deep contour lines. The window opened, and he put one hand outside the window. The prayer beads on the wrist bones are as striking as a lion resting. They are all noble domineering.

Ye Wangchuan saw her come out, and the bloodthirsty anger in his eyes dissipated a lot, his eyes were deep, his voice was dumb and sultry: "Come out?"

"Yeah." Qiao Nian opened the car door, put the bag on first, then went up again, and said, "I met the Chief Cai of the police station, and said a few words, it was a bit of time."

"Oh." Ye Wangchuan didn't seem surprised at all. Seeing her getting in the car, he pushed the window up and told Gu San: "Go back to Jiangli's villa."

"Yes, Daoye."

The car starts slowly.

Along the way, Gu Sandu was secretly observing the situation in the back seat through the rearview mirror. The more she looked at Qiao Nian's white and delicate profile, the more frightened she became.

咝~ Wangye actually followed the Jiang family's newly found daughter to eat the roadside stall!

Still fighting with people on the street!

What is this, the old man talks about being a teenager?

Faculty of Buddha for so long, suddenly returned to the 18-year-old rebellious period?


His eyes are too red.

Although Qiao Nian looked out the car window along the way, she knew that Gu San was peeping at her all the way.

Finally, the car arrived at the villa.

Ye Wangchuan took the lead to get off the car and open the door.

Qiao Nian jumped out of the car with his schoolbag.

"Wait a minute." He suddenly approached and pushed Qiao Nian to the side of the car, and his tall figure cast a shadow in front of Qiao Nian.

Qiao Nian was suddenly approached to a squeezing corner, breathing tightly, and subconsciously raising his head, his bright eyes were dark and bright, and his eyebrows frowned.

Ye Wangchuan seemed to have checked her body to see if she was hurt. He put a hand on top of her head, gently, a little hot, and very gentle.

"It's fine if you are not injured! You have to go to class tomorrow, go to bed early."


At such a close distance, his breathing seemed to spill on his neck when he spoke, and his voice was low. Qiao Nian's heart missed a beat inexplicably, and she subconsciously shrank back, her body stiff, extremely unnatural: "Uh, uh ,Great."

Ye Wangchuan saw her like a little hedgehog with erect burrs, chuckled lightly, turned sideways, and gave her a way.

Qiao Nian immediately took her bag and fled: "You should rest earlier too, I will go up first!"

After speaking, she ran away in a hurry.

Gu San watched the grandfather and sister all the time, and almost didn't pull his eyes off.

Emma, ​​she's blind, his single dog's eyes are going to be blinded!

No wonder Jiang Shao and the others liked to say that they like to say that they don’t like to play. If they want to love to play, there are no girls in Beijing who can’t get rid of them.

Just now, the pampering and caring look in the eyes of Lord Paranoid, a big man who looked at him is hard.

is the age of Shao Jiang’s sister... Isn’t it a little younger?

Ms. Qiao is still in high school although he is not very old.

And compared to the daughter of the Jiang family, who was raised in the small door, Miss Jiang is obviously better and more suitable for the delusion...

Gu San stared at Ye Wangchuan with an extremely complicated expression on his face. The expression was almost twisted into a flower curl. Ye Wangchuan seemed to be in a good mood. A smile could be seen under the drooping eyelids, so he wiped it. Face, he just swallowed the words of his stomach.

While Qiao Nian entered, he hurriedly said to him: "Master, Ye Lao heard that you have entered the police station, so you can call him back."

(End of this chapter)

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