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Chapter 49: Gangster temperament

Chapter 49 Big Brother Temperament

Ye Wangchuan fiddled with the prayer beads on his wrist, feeling good, and raised his long legs and walked inside: "I see."

"The genius doctor I asked you to check hasn't been found yet?"

Gu San closely followed him and replied cautiously: “I found a bit of eyebrows. When I wanted to check again, the information on the Internet was hacked.”

There are other forces behind that person? Ye Wangchuan didn't expect just a Doctor You Fang, the power behind him was so big, he couldn't find out!

"Do you know who hacked it?"

Gu San himself is a computer expert. His computer has been hacked. He can't hold back his face. He lowered his head in embarrassment with a guilty expression on his face: "I haven't found it yet. I'm sorry, I'm all to blame. To people."

Ye Wangchuan narrowed his eyes, tightened his thin lips, rubbed his temples, and seemed a little annoyed: "It's just a doctor, so you can continue to check. Also pay attention to see if there are other famous doctors around the city, as long as you can see Chenchen. All come here first."

"Yeah." Gu San nodded, and asked after him: "Master, Young Master is awake, do you want to see him. He is arguing to be discharged from the hospital."

That is a demon king of the world, the baby bumps of everyone in the Ye family, in the capital city is a little demon who can earthshaking, no one can not afford to provoke that kind.

The one who is clamoring to be discharged from the hospital, he really can’t hold it without the arrogant master!

Ye Wangchuan glanced at his watch. It was dark outside, and Jiang Li was not there. It was impossible for him to leave Qiao Nian at home.

walked in quickly, and said to Gu San: "Today is too late, I'll talk about it tomorrow."



Qiao Nian changed into loose and cool clothes, took a shower, **** his hair, and sat at the desk without turning on the computer.

I saw several missed calls and text messages on the phone.

She picked up the phone and turned it over.

There are guard buildings.

[How are you, have you come out? ]

And Yuan Yongqin's.

[I said hello to the city bureau, how about it, did the police release people? ]

Qiao Nian's long legs were on the table, and he simply went back to Weilou and Yuan Yongqin and told them that he was okay.

Then I called Aunt Chen back.

The phone just rang, and it was connected in seconds.

"Nan Nian! Great, you finally returned my call! Are you okay?"

The background sound on the other end was noisy, and it seemed that it was still in the hospital.

Qiao Nian lowered his legs, turned on the laptop, and answered her: "I'm fine, just coming home. How is Chen Yuan's injury? Is it serious? If it is serious, I know someone from the city hospital, and I will let him go over and show him."

"He dislocated his arm. The rest are traumatic. It's okay. Just leave him alone and make him feel pain, otherwise he won't have a long memory and hang out with those people in society all day long!"

Qiao Nian didn’t insist on hearing Chen Yuan’s dislocated arm, and told her: "I’ll look for a chance to talk to him. Aunt Chen, you have to take care of Uncle Chen and take a rest. Don’t exhaust yourself, you’re exhausted. Now, what will Uncle Chen do."

"The thing I said before will be brought to you when I visit Uncle Chen the next day."

Meat Ganoderma is a rare and precious Chinese medicine. In addition to inhibiting cancer cells, it also has a magical effect that can strengthen the body’s immunity.

Nowadays, many people's illnesses are related to immunity, and only if the immunity is weak, the illness will not heal for a long time.

Qiao Nian didn't feel that it was wasteful to give away 10 million Ganoderma lucidum to others, and his face was blandish, as if the baby that was photographed for 10 million was just an ordinary health care product.

(End of this chapter)

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