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Chapter 220: Like to send cute symbols

Chapter 220 Like to send cute symbols

She can't imagine how a middle-aged man who likes to wear Tang suits and who is usually decent is embarrassed to dig out these cute, a little...greasy emoticons in the limited symbols of his mobile phone.

She asked Jiang Li privately. Jiang Li said that he taught him. He told Jiang Zongjin that little girls like cute things, and using cute emojis can quickly bring them closer together.

So Qiao Nian is often bombarded by various cute emojis from the Jiang family.

【Jiang Zongjin: It will be your birthday in a few days. Your grandpa meant to give you a birthday. Do you have time? (*?▽?*)】

【Jiang Zongjin: I also want to celebrate a birthday for you. I never had a chance to celebrate it before. This time I finally had the opportunity. If you don’t like the excitement, we can just invite a table of people to have a meal. Dad wants to celebrate your birthday. o(╥﹏╥)o】

"Sister Nian, are you a little cold? Let me close the window for you." Shen Qingqing shivered and kicked Liang Bowen in front of her.

"Brother, close the window."

Liang's blog post:...

God **** brother!

He shut the window with a loud bang.

Shen Qingqing thought he was targeting him, and the two quarreled again.

Qiao Nian got goosebumps and was very irritable. He was not in the mood to care about their elementary school students quarreling, and didn't understand what they wanted to do.

[Jiang Li: Grandpa wants to travel around the city to celebrate your birthday. He has a bad leg. My dad will not let him come. You can call him if you have time tonight. If others say it is useless, he will listen to you. 】

【Jiang Zongjin: Nian Nian, where do you want to eat on your birthday? How was the Shuixuan Xuan where we went to eat last time? Jiang Li said you like it. "^o^"】

Qiao Nian hasn’t figured out how to return them.

The news of Jiang Zongnan came in again.

【Jiang Zongnan: Nian Nian, what gift do you want for your birthday on the weekend, Er Uncle will buy it for you. 】

Qiao Nianmei's heart jumped fiercely.

didn't return the news of Jiang's family, turned out someone's head, and quickly typed a line back with his finger.

【QN: Did you ask Jiang Li for my birthday? 】

She thought that Ye Wangchuan didn't see the news so quickly.

Unexpectedly, after a while, a reply floated over leisurely.

【Ye Wangchuan: When I sent you a message, Chenchen was also nearby. He saw it and wanted to celebrate your birthday, so he asked Jiang Li. What's wrong, is it causing you trouble? I will talk about him. 】


Qiao Nian's depression in his stomach has no place to vent, and he can't bear to blame Little Bun's troubles, so he can only furrow his brows and force the depression down between his brows.

answered it silently.

【QN: Oh, it’s all right. 】

She remembered that the little guy was holding herself in tears before, saying that she was a little lame with inferiority, her heart softened, her hands paused, and she sent him a message.

【QN: Don't talk about Chenchen, he is still sick. 】

She returned to Ye Wangchuan, rubbed her eyebrows, calmly raised her **** for a long time, and then returned to Jiang Zongjin.

【QN: Just Shuixiexuan. 】

【Jiang Zongjin: Okay, then I'll fix the position. By the way, Nian Nian, you can call a few friends together, and I will help you call up the classmates who had dinner together. The head teacher of your class is good, so you should call it together, as well as the teaching director, Principal Yu... Well, I will think about who I want to call when I go back. 】

Qiao Nian wanted to call him back, so he didn't call anyone, but after thinking about it, he let it go, and sent a message to Yuan Yongqin, Wei Lou, and Su Huaiyuan.

(End of this chapter)

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