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Chapter 263: It's exactly the same as Nian's signature!

Chapter 263 is exactly the same as Sister Nian’s signature!

Qiao 嗔 was taken aback, she won the Piano Association award, not what is it for piano music?

Qiao Nian seemed to see through what she was thinking, and she wanted to laugh: "Whoever told you that the Piano Association award must be a piano piece, it may be a 箜篌 piece."

Qiao Hao had never heard of the instrument such as 箜篌, and immediately blushed and retorted: "What nonsense are you talking about, what 箜篌? How could the score of the 箜篌 become piano scores? These are two instruments at all! The judges are not Fool, how can you not even distinguish the piano scores and the 箜篌 scores!"

"Because I changed that piece to piano scores."

Compared with her excited appearance, Qiao Nian was too calm, as if Qiao's family and Qiao An were just a clown in front of her.

Music is all connected!

The only difference is musical instruments!

"No one told you that your piece was weird to play on the piano?"

Qiao Chi opened his mouth slightly, and his pupils suddenly enlarged.

She remembered what Tang Wei had said, saying that her piece could have won first place, but after the judges played it, they found that the piece was very good, but the effect of playing it on the piano was mediocre. So when she gave the first place to someone else, she succumbed to second place.

Is it really the same as Qiao Nian said, that piece is not a piano piece at all, but another score?

This is incredible!

Her heartbeat is so fast, there is only one thought in her mind-she won't admit it to death!

The slender brows wrinkled, and the eyes were watery with a little humiliation, and said, "I don't know what you are talking about. Four years ago, I was really not good at learning art. There are indeed many imperfections in the music, but it is piano music. It's not the music score you said, you said it was the music I asked you to write, is there any evidence?"

No matter what the tune is, it is nothing more than a piece of white paper and black letters. She doesn't believe that Qiao Nian can make the piece of paper stand up and tell who wrote it!

Qiao Nian smiled, knowing that she would die without admitting it, and asked her: "You took that piece of paper and you should hand it in without even copying it, right?"


Qiao squeezed his palms abruptly, his heart seemed to be pulled by an invisible big hand!

She did not copy it at the time!

"I have a habit of writing things, but I like to make a mark on everything of mine, just like a watermark. Since you said that the song was written by yourself, then you can explain why the song was written with a colorless pen The three words sun."

At that time, she didn't think so much when she finished writing that tune, she just habitually made a label with the colorless pen on the table.

The characters written by the colorless pen will not show color after drying. It looks like white paper. It will only show up when it is placed in the sun or with a special potion.

Qiao Qi’s award-winning piece of paper has three letters of sun on it.




Whether I am in purgatory at the moment, my heart is bright!


At this moment, Shen Qingqing and the others rushed out of the box.

just heard this sentence.

[Then explain why that song wrote the word sun with a colorless pen! ]

She was taken aback for a moment, a little confused.

How does she remember that the rock-and-roll gangster she likes also likes to sign works with a colorless pen.

The signature of    is also sun, which is exactly the same as that of sister Nian!

Is this a coincidence?

Qiao Nian didn't see them all coming.

She stared at Qiao Ha the whole time, saw her in shock, and then began to panic, just to see a projector in the box, and walked over.

She is lazy and beats a dog. She always likes to kill with a stick!

(End of this chapter)

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