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Chapter 531: You think sister is a black hole of appraisal

Chapter 531 Your sister is a black hole

What does   Qiao mean? Deliberately humiliate her by saying an impossible score?

Qiao read her flushed face and the look in her eyes, and understood, ah, too much.

She thought about it, and said a little bit less.


She didn't actually mean to humiliate Qiao An, she just guessed the result normally.

After all, she herself is the kind of monster who can get a 650 in any test. Do you expect her to guess a reasonable score according to her own standards?

Liang Bowen and Shen Qingqing both knew Qiao Nian's character and knew that she didn't mean to disgust Qiao Qiao, but when they saw Qiao Qiao's red face, they couldn't help but want to laugh, and suddenly let out a sigh of disgust.

"Sister Nian... Guess to keep a low profile." Liang Bowen smiled, disgusting and not paying for his life.

Qiao Nian showed a very surprised expression, and said: "I guess it is not low-key?"

"I think we can keep a low profile!"

Hahaha In fact, he is almost laughing to death, okay!

Qiao Nian pressed the brim of his hat very irritably, half-squinted as if he was not awake, his thin lips spit out a result: "600?"

In her impression, the previous college entrance examination results are not bad, after all, it is the top students from various schools across the country to take the exam, even if the questions are a bit more difficult than the college entrance examination questions, the final results are generally around 500-630.

Looking like this, Qiao Qi must have been admitted to National Tsing Hua University.

The people in   B class had a special dinner to congratulate her. Qiao Ai's grades may be higher than usual.

She feels that she won't be less than 600 points.

She didn't notice. As soon as her voice fell, Qiao Qi's face was completely black and green, and his eyes were filled with uncontrollable anger.

She was so angry that she still had to maintain her image in front of dozens of classmates. Her face was slightly heavy, she barely moved the corners of her mouth, wanted to laugh, but didn't laugh, and said softly: "My grades are not so good. , Only got 588 points."

When she said 588 points, her voice was light and slow, and her words were clear enough for everyone present to hear her clearly.

also raised her chin arrogantly, completely in two states with her humble tone.

Wu Jie was just confused by Qiao Nian's guessing the score. He reacted at this moment and immediately explained to the side: "This time the NTU exam is very difficult. Many people did not do well in the exam. I did the previous one. The test paper can test about 580 points, this time only 500 points, and barely enter the second round. Alas, the art student path, she got a high score of 588 points, this time there are not many people who participated in the entrance exam. Personally, she is better than her. If she takes the college entrance examination with a normal grade, she will definitely get a score of 600 or more! She can also pass the National Tsing Hua University."

As if she was deliberately disgusting Qiao Nian, she touted Qiao Hao and said, "I really didn't expect Hao Hao to take the exam so well. She has made a lot of progress. If she didn't transfer school, she would definitely be able to enter the top three in the monthly exam next month. "

The first three in the first middle grade have always been the seedlings of key universities.

To hit first-class universities such as National Tsing Hua University and Nanjing University.

Before Wu Jie had been in the first three li of the grade.

Later, Qiao Nian turned around. Last time, Qiao Nian became the first in grade and Liang Bowen was second in grade. Under normal circumstances, Wu Jie should be third, but Chen Yuan came back in a remote place. Chen Yuan dropped out of school for half a year and took the third place. , And the second place Liang Bowen's total score is only 5 points, but she is 20 points away from the fourth place. Because of this, Wu Jie has always been uncomfortable.

In particular, I saw Shen Qingqing, Liang Bowen, Chen Yuan and the others always playing with Qiao Nian, and the class seemed to be twisted into a rope because of Qiao Nian's arrival.

Even people like Jiang Tingting who don’t like to learn can get along with them. Recently, they have started to study seriously.

She appears to be more withdrawn and out-of-group in the class.

(End of this chapter)

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