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Chapter 537: I can still find Professor Liang Lu to see his father

Chapter 537 You can still find Professor Liang Lu to see his father

"Uncle Shen, I think you got me wrong."

She speaks slowly.

Shen Jingyan mistakenly thought that she felt that her conditions were too low to dismiss the Chen family, so he groaned and said, "Well, you say Chen Yuan's father is hospitalized all year round and the medical resources around the city are not good. I can get his father. Go to the hospital in Beijing and find the best specialist to see him..."

Speaking of this, he thought of someone: "Have you heard of Professor Liang Lu from National Tsing Hua University?"

He looked calm, smiled lightly, and said: "She is a domestic first-class brain expert. If Chen Yuan's father is sick in this field, I can ask Professor Liang Lu to help him. Professor Liang Lu usually doesn't treat others. At most two or three operations a year, but she owed me a favor before, and she should sell me face, as long as I speak, she will probably not refuse... This is a good thing that I can't even think of, I think it should be able to offset Wei Qi Did something stupid."

Liang Lu.

Qiao Nian went through the name in his mind again, and remembered this person, who was Liang who ran around the city and expressed compassion and wanted to give her a place. After she refused, he became angry and turned to trouble for her several times. Lu?

She half-squinted her eyes, leaning lazily on the sofa, her expression was quite careless, she didn't take this person to heart.

Compared to Liang Lu.

She even believed that Huang Lao might have a way to cure Uncle Chen.

As for Liang Lu, as a doctor, she doesn't even have a basic personality. She doesn't think this kind of person can make much difference in medical skills.

How can a doctor who cannot tolerate any difference be a good doctor?

Traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, after all, are they all aimed at curing diseases and saving people?

If she wants to find someone to treat Uncle Chen, she can go to Huang Lao, there is no need to go back and go to Liang Lu through him.

Regardless of domestic and foreign, fame or medical skills, Huang Lao and Liang Lu are not on the same level!

It’s just not yet the time. Uncle Chen’s body is too weak to travel long distances. She also needs to adjust her body in the three months before the college entrance examination.

Shen Jingyan is still explaining to her how good Liang Lu is and how difficult it is to ask.

Qiao Nian interrupted him, and said concisely: "Uncle Shen, I can forget about Wei Qi. Again, I have two requests. First, Wei Qi apologizes to Chen Yuan. Second, it does not affect Chen Yuan. Chen Yuan goes to school. This is my bottom line. If it doesn't work, we won't talk about it."

Shen Jingyan did not expect that she was so tough, and she was unwilling to give in when she said it to this point.

'S face was slightly ugly, the smile on his face also faded, staring at Qiao Nian's eyes, and said in a deep voice: "Nian Nian, I can promise you the latter condition, but can you forget the condition in front of you."

Chen Yuan’s confession, he can use the relationship to recover it, but it is too difficult for Wei Qi to confess his mistake.

First of all, Wei Qi is a stubborn second-generation ancestor who has been spoiled by his family. It is impossible for that little bully to admit his mistakes, let alone admit his mistakes to people like Chen Yuan who he simply doesn't look at.

In addition, Wei Qi's admission of mistakes is equivalent to acknowledging that what Chen Yuan has found belongs to him. This is to be detained and punished.

If Wei Qi enters the detention center, where should Wei's face be placed? !

Her request seems simple, but it is too difficult to do.

At least he wants to make this matter smaller in a more compromised way.

"I know that Chen Yuan is your friend. You want to stand up for him. You also know that Wei Qi is not doing authentically, but he really knows that he is wrong. Nian Nian, you can't look at my face and forgive him this time. Uncle counts, please, okay?"

(End of this chapter)

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