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Chapter 581: Shen Jingyan finally knows he regrets

Chapter 581 Shen Jingyan finally knows he regrets

He is in a suit, and the tailoring quality is a brand name, and he is not like an ordinary person.

Wu Jie’s mother didn’t dare to be too presumptuous, but she was anxious, and her voice became sharp: “Okay, you said it’s okay if you didn’t fight. But your child just ran to chew his tongue with friends. Wu Jie made such a fuss after listening to her. For big things, your parents want to fool them with a light apology. They want to be beautiful."

She pointed at Qiao An, her voice was piercing and unpleasant: "At a young age, she looks like a human, but secretly provokes separation, how did your parents teach you? Ah!"

Qiao Chi's face was as white as paper, and it broke with a single poke.

Faced with the accusation, she felt wronged in her heart, but she did not dare to argue, she held it back abruptly, but she couldn't stop the tears streaming down.

But this time no one took her tears seriously.

Shen Jingyan's face was ugly, and she said concisely: "Hey, he told her friends that she was wrong without clarifying things, but she just said it. The person who posted the post is Wu Jie, not her."

"She is about the same age as Wu Jie. She chewed her tongue and apologized for her behavior. Wu Jie should also take her own responsibility when posting a post."

This is justified and well-founded, and there is nothing wrong with it.

The woman who insisted to shirk responsibility was speechless.

Wu Jie was trembling all over, unable to control her fear. She looked at Qiao An in a dazed face, bit her lip, and finally lost her breath. She trembled and said, "Uncle, it was from me. Post. But she didn’t tell me that Qiao Nian hit someone outside the school. As long as the school knew that it would deal with it, I wouldn’t post that post on the forum..."

Shen Jingyan believed Qiao Nian's words from the beginning, but Qiao Hao had always been well-behaved and sensible in front of him, and he was also his own niece, with blood thicker than water family affection. He always kept a trace of Qiao Hao's defense in his heart, willing to believe She is innocent, maybe she just broke her mouth and missed her mouth.

But Wu Jie's remarks completely tore off Qiao An's true face.

His complexion was dripping with water, the muscles on his face were extremely cold, and his expression was obviously disappointed.

Qiao An was frightened by the sullen expression on his face, and he retorted in a panic: "Don't talk nonsense! I just told you that Qiao wanted to hit people and didn't let you post on the forum. You did it yourself. You Don't push it on my head!"

Talking, she raised her head anxiously, her eyes filled with mist, she was about to cry anxiously, and she pulled Shen Jingyan's arm: "Uncle, I really just mentioned it to her..."

"Go back and talk about your business!"

As soon as he finished speaking, Wu Jie’s mother entangled eagerly: "This is what happened. You are wanted to shirk responsibility. Why should Wu Jie take responsibility for the things that you provoke? Why should we punish everyone together? Don't run either."

As soon as Qiao heard the punishment, the whole person was no good, as if a bucket of cold water was poured down her head, she could no longer calm down.

"Uncle, I can't be punished..."

She was admitted to National National Taiwan University with great difficulty, how could she go to university without the punishment?

"..." Shen Jingyan shook her hand away, her face sinking like water, she didn't want to speak for her anymore.

When someone scared her, she took it seriously. This kind of mentality and courage are far from Qiao Nian's performance just now. Now he really regrets that he chose her instead of Qiao Nian because of the blood relationship...

What if he didn’t pass the National Tsing Hua University? The financial resources and manpower of the Shen family, coupled with the kid’s irritating face and heart, would definitely not be bad.

He is really blinded by ghosts!

(End of this chapter)

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