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Chapter 586: Make two million lose two hundred million

Chapter 586

"Master, how do we deal with that batch of rough stones?"

Ye Wangchuan’s eyes are deep, and his voice is low: "Leave it there temporarily, let Qin Si guard, and wait for me to go over."

"Alright, let me tell Qin Shao."

There was no music in the car, and Qiao Nian didn’t wear earplugs. I heard Gu San talking. When Gu San said she was in her forties, she raised her eyebrows, raised her hand and pressed the brim of her hat, and she became more lazy. He was lying in his seat, but his eyes fell on the phone. At exactly this moment, the phone vibrated.

She looked down.

Slim waist control news.

Qiao Nian clicked on the message and looked at it.

[Slim waist control: Big guy, what do you mean by checking your own goods? ]

Qiao Nian's eyes were extremely dark, and he typed slowly.

[Sun: I didn’t pay attention when I checked it. ]

[Slim waist control: Is this a reason? ! ! ! ]

Qiao Nian's eyelashes moved slightly, he thought about his problem seriously, and returned the message.

[Sun: I think it counts. ]

[Slim waist control:……]

[Slim waist control: You bull! ]

Qiao Nian saw two messages flashed over his face, but did not reply, and soon a new message popped up again.

[Slim waist control: The batch of rough stones should be at least several hundred million yuan, and the people just below sent news that the goods were delivered to people...]

Many people think that Hongmeng is just a hacker organization, even many people in illegal areas think so, but he still has foxes and Guanyan, but they know that Sun still plays rough stones.

Rough stones shipped from F continent and then resold to all over the world.

This business has also been done before, and it has been done quite ruthlessly. Basically, it is obtained from the rough stones robbed and dug out from the hands of the poor at a low price in F Island. It is a **** business.

Sun also does rough business, but it is more like a normal business.

They have a channel of their own to cooperate with some poor people in the local area, and share 35 percent of the profit from the sale of rough stones, accept their rough stones, reprocess them and sell them, and finally give them the money.

This is slightly less profitable, but more humane, which is why he has always been willing to follow this boss.

Although their source and sale of rough stones are more like normal business dealings, after all, they have something to do with the illegal zone. If they are stained with the three words illegal zone, they are considered illicit goods in every port.

They have discounted this batch of goods.

[Slim waist control: Big guy, I know you have a lot of money, not bad money. But next time you have a whim to take an order, I trouble you to see what kind of work you are doing. If you lose this way, we will go bankrupt sooner or later! ! I don't want to go to illegal zone bars to sell **** to pay off debts. ]

Qiao Nian raised his eyebrows when he saw his last words, and couldn't help but his lips curled up, very evil.

Finger tapped the keyboard to reply to his message.

[Sun: Don’t worry, no one wants your pretty and white prostitutes. If you want to sell, someone has to buy it. I'm more inclined to send you to work in the F State Coal Mine, and work for one day and receive one day's wages, without worrying about unemployment. ]

[Slim waist control:……]

[Slim waist control: Fuck and ruthless! ]

[Slim waist control: I want to sell my **** for minutes, okay, known as the small whirlwind in the waves, handsome cracking the sky! But the problem is that no matter how handsome I am, I can't stand the big guy you are so pretentious. Several hundred million at a time, I...may not be able to sell. You only took two million for an order, and sent a few hundred million backhand... What is the picture of this business model? ]

Qiao Nian raised his eyelids, grabbed the interest in his eyes, didn't make jokes with him, and answered him very seriously.

[Sun: Bo Jun smiled? ]

[Slim waist control: …big guy, I also love to laugh, can you consider me? I laugh to you every day, until you are broke. ]

(End of this chapter)

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