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Chapter 662: The deepest pit I dug in my life

Chapter 662 The Deepest Hole Digged for Oneself in My Life


Gu San was dumbfounded.

The expression on Ye Wangchuan's face froze. From the arrogance and laziness just now, a slightly annoyed look appeared on his face.

Qiao Nian saw everything in his eyes, curled up the corners of his mouth, smiled evilly and sullily, turned and walked to the sofa, and said as he walked, "I just took a look at your pulse. It’s recovered well, but I still want to Pay attention to rest, you are mainly due to deficiency of qi and blood, and nothing else."

"Yeah." Ye Wangchuan was hit hard, her thin lips pressed, she couldn't say a word, and her head hurt.

He has always been good at digging pits for others, but he did not expect that one day he would trip over the pits he had dug.

The time at Shuixiexuan was definitely the deepest hole he dug for himself in his life!

Knowing that he shouldn't think too much at the time, when she asked if it was a boyfriend, she shouldn't talk about good friends!

Heh, God TM good friend!

Gu San was still in the ward. Seeing him lying sickly in bed with a sad expression, he quietly gave him tears of sympathy in his heart.

"Mr. Paranoia..." He opened his mouth, originally wanting to say if you want to open it.

The words reached his lips, and he was glanced lightly by a pair of sharp eyes, his sympathetic comfort was stuck in his throat, and he silently patted Ye Wangchuan's shoulder.

Soundless is better than sonar at this time!

"..." Ye Wangchuan's eyes that had been faintly looking at the past sank again, seemingly carelessly put his hands on the table again, and he was already thinking about the possibility of kicking him out to'experience'. After all, he put a treasure of this kind. Sometimes it's an eyesore to be around.

Qiao Nian has found a comfortable angle to nest on the sofa, took out the phone, and prepared to play for a while before leaving.

She didn’t see the interaction between the two of them, and without looking up, she said, “By the way, I brought you something. You can drink a bowl, which is good for your health.”

Ye Wangchuan remembered that when she walked in, she carried the thermos bucket and asked Gu San to bring it.

Gu San also understood very well. After taking it three or five steps, he unscrewed the lid, and a strong smell of Chinese medicine came out. He twisted his brows and turned his head. He asked the girl who was playing games in the nest: "Miss Qiao, this is What? It looks like soup..."

is a bit different again.

The chicken soup should be milky white, with a layer of brown oil on the surface, this is not, it looks very weak, the taste of Chinese medicine is very strong, and the color is not right.

"Ah. That ah." Qiao Nian held the phone in both hands, placed it horizontally, and logged in to the game. Without lifting his eyelids, he said casually: "Pig liver soup."

"..."Pig...Pig liver soup? ! ! !

Gu San usually mixes with Ye Wangchuan and the others, and eats top-notch ingredients. He rarely touches things like pig liver.

And is he the first time he heard that pork liver can also make soup? !

What kind of dark food is this?

Who wants to drink this?

Qiao Nian took the time to enter the game and took the time to raise his head. His jet-black eyes were like dots of ink. They were not beautiful. He looked in the distance and said: "Pig liver nourishes qi and blood. Eat more pig liver to lose qi and blood. People are good, if you don’t understand it, you can just explain it in terms of form and form. Liver detoxifies, and poisoning equals liver damage. Eating pig liver can help you recover faster."

is explained in terms of form complement.

So delusion = pig?

Gu understood it in three seconds.

In fact, Qiao Nian didn't think so much, and looked at them as if they were repelling pig liver soup, and added: "I have prepared Chinese medicine in it. The taste is okay. It's not as difficult to accept as you thought. If you don't believe me, you can try it. "

(End of this chapter)

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