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Chapter 691: Jiang Li was shot while lying down

Chapter 691 Jiang Li was shot while lying

Qiao Nian flipped her fingers up and to the top, Jiang Li sent her six messages in total, which was called bombing.

She raised the corners of her mouth, her dark eyes half-closed, she was wild, and she tapped the phone with her slender fingers and turned back.

[QN: I dare not be. ]


In a studio in Beijing, Jiang Li held a cup and poured two glasses of water, staring at the phone without blinking, lest he miss any news.


He just drank the second cup of cold water, and finally suppressed the fast beating heartbeat, and the phone vibrated without moving for several minutes.

"Hold it for me." He hurriedly stuffed the cup into the assistant's hand, and couldn't wait to grab the phone and press it on.

is a new WeChat message.

Jiang Li’s heart beat so fast, he swallowed his saliva, and his throat tightened to open new messages.

Girls’ avatars are cool.

is just a pure black square, simple and pure, without any fancy stuff, simpler than his portrait of a man.

He opened the chat dialog.

I saw Qiao Nian’s new message at a glance.

[QN: I dare not be. ]

He then looked at the content of his last message: So you are really chasing the light? Wori, my sister is my idol?

Look at the three-character reply below.

Dare not to be!

Jiang Li seemed to see the girl pulling a peaked cap, her delicate and beautiful profile, and the way her eyelashes were lowered to reply to his news, she must be ridiculous.


So, Nian-nian is really a big chaser? !

The corners of his mouth twitched hard.

The agent and assistant were also waiting for Qiao Nian’s reply. Seeing him holding his mobile phone, he looked like everyone was distracted. They couldn’t help being tormented and asked him aloud: "Brother Li, what is the situation, why are you not? Speak. How did Miss Qiao answer, is she really the person in that video?"

Jiang Li returned to his senses slowly, without answering immediately, and said to the assistant: "Bring me a glass of water again." He needed to calm down.

"Good Le."

The assistant moved quickly and took him another glass of water.

Jiang Li Gululu drank, finally calmed down and lost it. He looked at the curious eyes of the two of them, and his expression was indescribably complicated: "It's my sister."

"Um..." The agent didn't react for the first time, and then his mind turned around, and the whole person almost jumped up in shock: "Miss Qiao is chasing..."

He didn't control the volume of voice.

Many people around looked over.

He noticed that he almost missed his mouth, and abruptly squeezed the last word back. His face was flushed with the same color as pig liver, and his voice was slightly lowered, but his tone was still shocked: "So Miss Qiao is really chasing light. ?"


This news is too big!

The agent went around twice, remembering the outstanding face of the girl he had seen in the secret photos before, and an idea came up. He couldn't hide his excitement and ran to Jiang Li and asked: "Jiang Shao, does Miss Qiao have any thoughts of entering the circle? I still lack a personal strap. With her popularity and looks, I am confident to make her a top class person who surpasses you. Would you like to ask her for me?"

With her popularity and looks, I have the confidence to make her into the top stream that surpasses you... Jiang Li was pricked silently, his cheeks twitched, and the peach blossom eyes stared at him uncomfortably.

The agent did not feel that he was completely immersed in the blueprint for the future, and tried to persuade him: “I’m serious, just chase after the talent and ability of the boss. I believe that if you give her three to five years, you will be able to stand at the top of this circle.”

(End of this chapter)

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