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Chapter 707: Is biased towards Sister Nian

Chapter 707 is prejudiced against sister Nian

Zhou Wei pulled down the corner of her mouth, a flash of jealousy flashed in her eyes, and said dismissively: "It's just a high school student! Girls, she doesn't have a lot of real skills, she's crazy."


Nine people who hadn't seen Qiao Nian were stunned, unexpectedly she would say so.

Luo Qing couldn't listen anymore, frowned and looked at her, and said in a cold voice, "Leader Zhou, you don't have to say that."

Zhou Wei doesn't know what is thinking in her mind this time.

That day, she talked about Miss Qiao in the ward of the prince, who had no episodes at the time, and asked her to copy the rules of the Nine Institute a hundred times when she returned.

You must know that the rules of the Nine Institute have two pages. One hundred times is two hundred pages. Zhou Wei has been copying this for the past few days.

In addition, a project that Zhou Wei was following was also handed over to someone else, which is equivalent to punishing Zhou Wei in a disguised form.

She finally got punished, and here comes it again.

Luo Qing doesn’t understand, can’t she see that the prince is unusual for that Miss Qiao, that is just like eyeballs!

No, Ms. Qiao is coming, but Wangye also called Shao Bo and asked him to pick him up in person.

On this battle, I have never had it before!

He couldn’t understand why Zhou Wei had to hit the south wall with her head!

Bo Jingxing also glanced at her warningly, faintly, not particularly tough.

Zhou Wei bit her lip in embarrassment, raised her chin, and looked proudly: "I'm not wrong! She didn't keep saying that the programming can be done in two days, but as a result, it's been three days, did she get it out? "

"If it can't be done, why brag!"

Luo Qing was unable to speak for Qiao Nian on this matter, only frowned and spoke quickly: "Gu San said that Miss Qiao is very busy these days. She is busy getting review materials for the classmates in their class. It may be too busy. No time..."

"Haha." Zhou Wei sneered, but didn't say anything, but it was obviously disbelief on her face.

She really didn’t believe that Qiao Nian could overcome the source code problem. What she couldn’t solve after three months, how could a high school student solve it?

Luo Qing insisted on helping Qiao Nian speak, she didn't care, Qiao Nian's plane landed immediately, and when someone arrived, she waited to see Luo Qing get beaten in the face!

The two quarreled like this. Several people from the Nine Institute were very perceptive. Chen Zhu took the opportunity to turn the subject off and talked about the gossip he had heard recently.

"By the way, speaking of doctors, I think of one thing."

"Isn't Mr. Wei sick some time ago? It's useless to find many doctors at home and abroad. The situation is similar to Master Cheng, and Liang Lu can't help it. Everyone thinks Mr. Wei will be ill that day. Who knows that Mr. Wei will find him? A genius doctor woke up without surgery. It is said that he used Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion..."

"So amazing? What kind of genius doctor?" someone asked.

Luo Qing is also very interested, and has no time to quarrel with Zhou Wei: "Is there any news about this genius doctor?"

"No." Chen Zhu shook his head: "I haven't heard of it before. It is said to be mysterious. There is news about this doctor on the black market. It's just that the black market has always covered the news tightly. It will be difficult for them to find someone if they are not in the middle. Wei Jia also didn't hear much information about the genius doctor. I vaguely heard people say that the genius doctor seemed to come from around the city."

A ring around the city again?

Zhou Wei is now annoying to hear about the city, but when she hears this, her eyes flashed, showing a thoughtful expression.

"It would be great if I could find this genius doctor..."

(End of this chapter)

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