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Chapter 856: Is my stuff easy to use

Chapter 856 Are my things easy to use

But Fu Ge and Wen Ziyu are in such a quarrel. Someone must stand in the middle to reconcile, and he can only be the villain: "You said Qiao Nian school girl not only did not get 0 points in the test, but she also got a full score..."

Joe took the exam with full marks?

Fu Ge was like being poured into a bucket of cold water in public, and it was so cold.

Subconsciously retorted: "Impossible, I saw the screenshot, the above is 0 points for all subjects."

"I told you, it's because the score hasn't been entered yet. Who would have thought that this year's college entrance examination will get a full score! The teacher who approved the papers did not expect that the later scores will come out, according to the review rules, this kind of 750 points. The paper must be read out and checked again, which caused Qiao to be delayed in reading the results."

"..." Fu Ge still didn't believe it, or he didn't want to believe it. He clenched his fists and clenched his teeth, his face flushed.

Wen Ziyu wanted to laugh when he saw his reaction, and watched the excitement coldly.

"Think about it, it's not that she didn't take the exam. Even if her score is poor, she has more than a dozen multiple-choice questions in each subject, so she won't get 0 points in the exam, let alone the subject of English. What kind of person can do dozens of multiple-choice questions with all the wrong choices."

Fu Ge couldn't say a word after being robbed.

But he calmed down and thought, and the other party made sense, but he still couldn't accept Qiao Nian's full score test, his heart was very depressed, his eyes were dark and he didn't say a word.

Wen Ziyu couldn't understand him like this, and said mockingly: "Some people have time to say bad things about Qiao Nian in front of me. It's better to go online and see what their girlfriend did. If I were you, I would be embarrassed to say those things. words!"

After he finished speaking, without watching Fu Ge's reaction, he picked up the basketball and walked to the court.

Qiao Gao has been very close to the people in their dormitory recently. Everyone knows her because of Fu Ge's relationship, and they get along well.

The single dog in the dormitory does not envy him that he has a schoolgirl girlfriend, who is beautiful, has a gentle personality and good grades.

Now this admiration has changed, and it stinks. Everyone sees his eyes change from envy to sympathy with Chi Guoguo.

The person who just told him about Qiao Nian's results also walked to the court, but when passing by him, he raised his hand and patted him on the shoulder, silently comforting: "Fu Ge, look at the hot searches on the Internet, Qiao An This time it's... what... it's not easy to be a brother. You can see why Wen Ziyu said her by looking at it for yourself."

Qiao Hao hasn't come to the National Taiwan University, and after this time, his reputation in the National Taiwan University is stinking!

"I went to play ball."


Fu Ge watched as his friends hulking all went to the stadium to find Wen Ziyu, his face was pale, with his fists clenched, he swallowed, went to the clothes pile to dig out his mobile phone and browsed Weibo on the Internet.

Enter the list, the first hot search is related to the college entrance examination-#乔念高考生日#.

He was embarrassed for a while.

Resist and look down.

In addition to the hot searches of #全国状元# and #围城一中#, which are obviously related to the college entrance examination, there is another hot search on the hot search list that is particularly eye-catching.


It is not the first time he has heard of this name in Beijing. He knows that people like Nie Mizhi and his like highly respect this person.

Wen Ziyu’s aunt, Wen Ruxia, too, has a different attitude when it comes to chasing light.

He frowned and clicked in unconsciously.

Seeing the Weibo on the top of the square, his face suddenly changed.

[Following light: @乔嗔Is my stuff easy to use? ]

The words have been said absolutely, and what is more, she even directly ate Qiao Hai.

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