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Chapter 910: Sister Nian: I just went to meet the world

Chapter 910 Nian sister: I just went to meet the world

Nie Mi was silent for a long time before digesting her words, and asked anxiously: "Nian-Nian, what are you really going to participate in this competition?"

He is not a medical student, and he has no interest in authoritative competitions in the medical field. He just feels that there is no benefit to Qiao Nian participating in this competition. On the contrary, he is easily dragged down.

After this entrance banquet, Qiao Nian’s name officially appeared in the circle of Beijing, which is definitely a good start.

At the moment, her title of No. 1 in the National College Entrance Examination and No. 1 in the Joint Entrance Examination is very loud, so why bother to go to this stall.

Apart from anything else, he heard what Liang Conglin said that he has not won the first place in China for three years. Every time he finishes the first place in this competition, he has to make a mockery of domineering. Who will be beaten for this kind of thing, why should she bother to get together? Go up...

"Actually, you just entered the National Tsing Hua University this year and have not yet started school. You don't have to participate in this competition on behalf of the school at all." Nie Mi thought a lot, his voice was low and majestic: "Did the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine force you to participate in the competition? If so, Just leave it alone, I'll tell them!"

Qiao Nian has not officially entered his freshman year, even if the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine is at the end of the day, he must pick someone out to be beaten. Why should Qiao Nian go out and be beaten?

Nie Mi thought of this, his heart was a little angry, his brows were pressed down, and the whole popularity came out all of a sudden!

His status in academia is not low.

There is also a Huang Laoneng who can be compared with him.

If he speaks, Shen Yugui would never say anything.

Qiao Nian’s computer has been turned on and she found the titles of several books sent to her by Huang Lao. She placed the order directly online, filled in the address of Ye Wangchuan’s apartment and her phone number, and waited for it to be delivered tomorrow. While regaining his senses, he casually explained: "No, they didn't force me, but I decided to participate after thinking about it myself."

"They didn’t force you? They didn’t force you. Why did you want to participate, really want to get the second to last place back? This matter..."

Qiao Nian listened to his impatient voice, spoke quickly and violently, knowing that he was worried about himself, smiled, his eyes softened, and interrupted him: "I won't go, no one in the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine will go this year. If no one goes there anymore, it will not participate in the fourth year.

Nie Mi still felt that Shen Yugui and others had pushed Qiao Nian out at this time. They did not do it idiomatically, and the tone revealed annoyance: "That doesn't matter to you. You only enrolled this year, so this mistake won't be counted in your head. Scolding is also scolding them!"

Qiao Nian pulled the chair and sat down, tilting her legs up, in a very casual posture. She has always relaxed in the familiar environment, her shoulders are also relaxed, her eyebrows are drooping, her eyes are a bit bright and dark, and her voice is smiling: " Ah, it’s nothing. I just heard that the master who won the award every year looked down on Chinese medicine, and his students also said on social platforms that Chinese medicine is just a trick to fool people. In the medical competition, I just want to see how good overseas Western medicine is, and see the world..."

The three words "Jianshimian" came out of her mouth, and Nie Mi felt like the sun came out from the west.

He doesn’t know much about Qiao Nian.

I only know that Qiao Nian has amazing talents in the field of musical instruments, but why is Qiao Nian's relationship with Chengfeng Group so good? Why is Qiao Nian's achievements soaring...and how she makes those little pills that can't be bought on the black market. ...He doesn't understand any of these.

(End of this chapter)

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