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Chapter 956: This time it's extra slap!

Chapter 956 This time, it's extra slap!

Qiao Nian interrupted him politely, speaking very bluntly: "That's her business. Since everyone is no longer friends, there is no need to do the scene work anymore. It is her business that she wants to whitewash peace. I have no obligation to act with her!"

"I miss you!" Shen Jingyan's expression on his face immediately became a little unsightly, and he was about to preach.

Qiao Nian didn't give him a chance, grabbed the coldness in his eyes, put the earphones away, put one hand in his pocket, and said concisely to the three: "I have something to do, I won't be with you anymore."

Shen Jingyan was blocked by her abruptly.

Watching the girls go without turning their heads, there is no intention to put them in the eyes at all!

Wei Ling sneered again, watching the girl walking down the corridor, mockingly said: "I told you a long time ago that we and her can't be the same as before. You have to believe it, I saw it with my own eyes. Right."

Since Wei Qi’s incident, Qiao Nian has even leveled with them just like she said, and last time, even if she meets it head-on, Qiao Nian can act as if she hadn’t seen her, as if a stranger brushed against her. Over.

The same this time.

This attitude is again.

"It's not the first time that she has been so crazy. Just let her go crazy." Wei Ling gathered her clothes together, calmly: "Beijing is not a city around the city. I want to see how long she can go crazy. She thought she was just leaning back. Nie Mi and Jiang's family will be able to go crazy in Beijing, and when she sees the form of the city, they will come to your door to find you..."

Can Jiang’s family and Nie Mi’s relationship be compared to Shen’s family? Can they be compared to the Wei family behind her? In her eyes, the reason why Qiao Nian is so mad now is that she didn't see the situation in Beijing clearly. The other reason was that Ye Wangchuan was behind her back.

But when it comes to truth, Qiao Nian should be more fond of Shen Jingyan's relationship.

After all, even if she is not from the Qiao family, she is at least called Shen Jingyan's uncle for more than ten years, and the messy relationship with Qiao Nian is much more reliable!

"Waiting for that time, I see if she will be as mad as before..." Wei Ling hadn't finished her words.

Suddenly heard Shen Jingyan’s surprised voice, she abruptly interrupted her words: "Near her...Did she just enter the box of Mr. Huang?"

Wei Ling and Qiao Ai looked over at the same time, just to see the last corner of the girl’s clothes, not what the box they came out just now was.

Her complexion changed suddenly, and she instinctively rejected it: "How could she enter Huang's box? You must be mistaken. When we first went to say hello, Huang and the others clearly said that they were also an apprenticeship banquet, and Huang received one. New students should be brought around to teach medicine in the future."

"Lao Huang is a professor in the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine at National Tsing Hua University, and Qiao Nian chose the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine!" Shen Jing said in a deep tone.

Wei Ling was also dumbfounded: "You mean that the student Huang Laogang said is Qiao Nian?!"

She reflexively refused to believe: "Impossible."

"How many years old Huang has confiscated students, even if they want to do so, it is impossible to accept Qiao Nian, she..." She wanted to say how Qiao Nian deserves this honor.

But her mood was too upset, she didn't know her clues at all, although she didn't want to believe it, she believed Shen Jingyan's words deep in her heart.

Qiao Qi even turned pale and looked at the box Qiao Nian had just entered.

Lao Huang's student? How can it be!

The only major she has stepped on Qiao to study now is the university elective major!

She chose the music department, and her minor major is the finance department, which is one of the ace majors of National Tsing Hua University. She was led by Cheng Wu.

(End of this chapter)

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