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Chapter 958: Actually I know a student

Chapter 958 I actually know a student

Perhaps it is really boring to sit alone. Wen Ruxia leaned forward slightly, raised her chin in the direction of the old man who was talking to a few people in the medical organization, lowered her voice and said again: "Qin Ting. You know Mr Huang. Do you recognize the origin of the students this time?"

Qin Chulang is probably in his early forties, and his skin is well maintained. There are almost no wrinkles on his face. He has a large skeleton, a tall head and stiff facial features. He is a three-dimensional one that is rare among Asians. From the outline, Qin Si Just inherited his looks, a handsome face.

But Qin Si is cynical, giving people the feeling of being a stubborn boy.

Qin Chulang happened to be two extremes with Qin Si. Even if he didn't open his mouth to sit there, it made people feel that his aura was cramped and rigid.

At this moment, there is a cup of tea in front of the man, and the newest Biluochun of this year is soaked in a tea cup with a white glaze bottom of blue and white porcelain.

The emerald green tea tip floats up and down in the cup, like a painting of landscape with splashed ink.

"Old Huang hasn't accepted students for a long time, how did you change your mind this time?" Wen Ruxia's white shirt is a ruffled neckline design, which greatly dilutes her sense of strength, which is much in the temperament of a strong woman. A kind of gentleness belonging to a woman, she is not gossip, she is just a little curious: "Huang Lao even the people of the medical organization have called, it seems that he is going to pave the way for that student, and she will definitely enter the medical organization in the future... Shen Yugui didn't have this treatment."

She said that Shen Yugui was also a student of Huang Lao. After Huang Lao did not teach at Qing University, the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine was handed over to Shen Yugui.

It can be seen from this level that Mr. Huang very much recognizes the person Shen Yugui.

Wen Ruxia squinted her eyes, she didn't think too much, but in their position, she never looked at things only at the surface, she liked to think deeply about everything.

"It seems that this new student has a pretty good background." She was quite emotional.

I don’t know how to think of someone again.

She is busy at work and has a full schedule. She has never cared much about the news in Beijing, but she also knows that Qiao Nian won the first place in the medical competition this time.

Qiao Nian not only won the first place in the game, but also slapped Qi Lanyin and Karroska on the ins, directly throwing a screenshot of the day's ranking.

She is not a member of the medical field, and she does not know much about medicine, but she personally likes traditional culture very much.

Traditional Chinese medicine belongs to traditional culture like Huanghou. The overseas medicine represented by Qi Lanyin has to step on Chinese medicine every year.

In front of overseas media, publicizing Chinese medicine is just a way of pretending to be fooling people, and even blatantly comparing Chinese medicine with the great dancers in certain backward areas... She can't see anyone outside of her circle, and Qiao Nian slapped Qi Lanyin severely this time. , She was out of breath when she saw it.

While venting her anger, Wen Ruxia will inevitably feel a little lost: "...Actually, I know a student who just came to Beijing this year. If Huang Lao is willing to accept a disciple, she definitely has this qualification."

Qin Chulang raised his hand to hold the tea bowl on the table, put aside the foam with the tea lid, took a sip, then put down the teacup, and said indifferently: "Old Huang's apprenticeship must have his reason for accepting apprenticeships, I didn't I have seen that person, but she must have her own specialties."

"Of course." Wen Ruxia smiled reluctantly, concealing the regret in her eyes, then leaned back and distanced herself from him.

(End of this chapter)

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