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Chapter 995: Sister Nian: Because she crossed my bottom line this time

Chapter 995 Sister Nian: Because she crossed my bottom line this time

It's over.

Only these two words were left blank in her mind, and even the explanation seemed pale and messy, and the reason for finding was extremely lame.

"Qiao Nian she is jealous of me! Yes. She has always been jealous of me since she was a child. She didn't see me winning. She heard that I won the Gold Award in Arrangement and I was going to study abroad. She was jealous of me, that's why she did so many things. Come. My hand..."

If she doesn't explain, Master Steven still has the slightest bit of heartlessness towards her, and at this moment, he is only disappointed.

He turned his head and looked at the girl with a cap and a relaxed posture. Her attitude calmed down. He said softly, "Miss Joe, I will give you an explanation about the Grameen Award when I return to China. It's just that the Grameen Award has always been. Just post it, and even if there are some...unfairness, I might be able to return the award to you immediately."

"It doesn't matter." Qiao Nian shrugged recklessly, and casually pulled down the brim of his hat, revealing a white wrist.

"I will try my best to fight for you."

Master Steven talked a few more words, his assistant called, he checked the time, the plane was about to go through security, he turned around and asked Qiao Nian for the manuscript of the new arrangement, and hurriedly left.


In the ward, Qiao Qi watched the back of his teacher leaving, his heart sank, and he sank into the bottomless darkness.

She desperately wanted to get up from the hospital bed, and she wanted to struggle to death. She was unwilling to let go. The force of the operable anesthetic hadn't passed yet. She moved too hard but fell to the ground embarrassedly from the hospital bed.

There was still a drip on her hand, and the movement was so big that blood was immediately sucked up from the plastic drip tube.

It is his own niece, who has the same blood relationship with him, Shen Jingyan's eyebrows jumped, and he rushed in: "Hey."

"Are you OK?"

He helped the people on the ground up, and couldn't bear to look at Qiao's white, paper-like face, then raised his head and looked at the girl in the center of the ward with an unbearable anger, and said angrily: "She is yours. Sister, you have lived together for eighteen years even if you have no blood relationship. Why are you so vicious?!"

Gu San was stunned by his three views, frowned, and instinctively looked in Qiao Nian's direction.

Ye Wangchuan's eyes quickly cooled, and he only glanced at Shen Jingyan coldly, with endless warnings and coldness in his eyes.

Shen Jingyan felt the sight that fell on him, but he was ashamed and angry at the moment, and regret that he didn't want to face it. He pursed his lips, still suffocating his neck, looking at Qiao Nian accusingly, without a trace. Concession: "Do you know that Haha has already dropped out of the National Tsing Hua University? If you do this, you will ruin her future!"

"She is your sister! For more than ten years, even if you have been with a dog for ten years, you will have feelings. Why can you be so ruthless?!"

He didn't think about what Qiao An had done, he just counted all the mistakes on Qiao Nian's head, as if he could feel better in this way.

Qiao Nian's eyes were indifferent and did not respond. She looked at him with dark eyes, very beautiful, and looked at him. There was no guilt or retreat there, very direct and casual: "Because she has crossed the bottom line this time."

"What?" Shen Jingyan didn't know what Qiao was doing behind his back. He frowned subconsciously, took a sigh of relief, and confidently said, "Even if your sister is doing something wrong, you can communicate with me. This time This is the same thing, you can tell me, why did you get Master Steven, and is the car accident related to you?"

(End of this chapter)

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