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Chapter 1038: Big brother, give the little brother a chance to kneel and lick!

Chapter 1038, big brother, give the little brother a chance to kneel and lick!

The young man simply ignored the constant chatter of a group of people not far away, and kept his eyes on the phone.

stared at the phone urgently.

The message on the phone screen still stayed on him forcing him to talk, and the other party never returned him.

He didn't give up, and sent another crying emoticon.

also shamelessly sent harassing messages under the emoji.

【Slim waist control: Boss, are you here yet? I can lead the way. Where do you want to go? Let’s drive Maserati and bomb the whole street. 】

【Slim waist control: Boss, don't ignore me, I am so cute, please give my little brother a chance to kneel and lick! ! ! 】

At the last message, he also slapped three exclamation marks, for fear that the other party would not realize his rising red heart.

Sun has always been very cold, watching the Yan Yan in the Hongmeng and seeing Sun's face, because of this, the servant is often crying in front of him.

Sun finally came here this time. Of course, he has to be the most sensible licking dog.

Severely found the place in front of the servant of Guan Yan, so that he would not have seen what Sun looked like without the servant, who was too tall, short, fat, and thin to lose his mind.

Wait for him to return to pick up the airport successfully, go to sing and sing with the boss, eat and eat, drink and drink in the same bar, and bubble girls.

That relationship...Hey, don’t you only see the ferromagnetic side of Sun than that?

He continued to think about the awe-inspiring way he would shake up in the base in the future, and he was even more energetic. He was about to send a few more messages to the boss to let the boss see his determination to pick up the plane.

The phone buzzed and vibrated suddenly.

A new message pops in.

Thin waist control frowned, still wondering who TM is so unsightly, didn't see him hooking up with the boss, sending a hammer message.

Look down.

He didn't calm down in an instant, he bounced up, his leg hit the coffee table, and the coffee table was banged by him with a loud bang.

The heated debate in the conference room stopped abruptly.

A large group of members of the IT Association Arbitration Committee even looked in his direction with Qi Rongguang.

The young man seemed to have not seen it, holding his mobile phone with a frantic expression: "Fuck, labor and capital are about to develop!"


More than a dozen people in the Arbitration Committee of the IT Association looked bewildered.

Qi Rongguang has never seen the other party so excited.

The young man seemed to not put them in his eyes at all. He suppressed his excitement a little bit, picked up his jacket, and hurriedly said: "I'll go out, you guys continue to quarrel."

"Yu..." Qi Rongguang saw that he was about to leave, his face in Guozi was tense, and he was shocked. After returning to his senses, he subconsciously wanted to keep the other party.

However, he didn't even call the other party's name.

The figure of the young man has disappeared in the meeting room with a slap, and the door of the meeting room is closed.

The meeting room was suddenly quiet.

Hengfeng Group has the confidence to challenge the entire IT Association this time, that is, relying on the relationship of the Red League. The Red League is interested in the programming talent of his daughter Qi Lanyin, and wants to include Qi Lanyin in the Red League and become a member of the Red League.

Hongmeng is famous for protecting shortcomings. In this matter, he sold his family a face and promised to come out and help them make a scene.

Who knew that the other party had left halfway.

Qi Rongguang had a terrible headache, but Hongmeng was not someone he could call. Even if the other party didn't say hello halfway, he just left. He couldn't do anything with the other party. He only frowned and sent his anger to the National National Taiwan University's scientific research. On the team.

(End of this chapter)

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