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Chapter 1053: Sister Nian, the vest is about to fall!

Chapter 1053 Miss Nian, the vest is about to fall!

His voice, nothing else, Ye Wangchuan hadn't said a word yet, Gu San just behind him heard what he was saying. He subconsciously followed him to look over, but he didn't see anyone, and frowned, quite speechless: "Qin Shao, why didn't I see it. Did you read it wrong? How could Miss Qiao be here."

Qin Si scratched his head. The girl who had just walked walked too fast, and disappeared at the corner of the corridor in a blink of an eye. He did not see her face clearly.

This is an illegal zone.

Qiao Nian is indeed unlikely to appear here.


Qin Si said in a very low voice, embarrassingly: "I just saw a figure that looks very similar to Sister Joe. I thought it was Sister Joe, and I couldn't help it. I might have misunderstood."

But it's so alike!

Can’t say the same thing, it’s exactly the same!

That back figure is Qiao Nian at first glance!

"You must be dazzled." Gu San quite sure.

Qin Si was unsure of what he said, frowned, thought for a moment, and reluctantly said: "Yes, sister Qiao is in Beijing, how could she be here."

Furthermore, the IT Association's dinner tonight is very high-grade, and no one can enter without an invitation letter.

How could Qiao Nian have an invitation letter from the IT Association?

Ye Wangchuan's eyes were slightly narrowed, his eyes were deep, he looked at Qin Si who was scratching his head beside him, pursed his thin lips, turned his phone out of his coat, and found the top chat on WeChat.

Click to open.

Girls do not reply to messages frequently.

But basically she replied every message he sent in the past.

In the    dialog box, the last message still stopped when he asked Qiao Nian where to eat at night and what time.

Qiao Nian returned to him an hour ago.

said it was eight o'clock.

is at the hotel where she lives.

happens to be.

The   IT Association Dinner also started at 8 o'clock and the venue was also in the Jinchen Hotel.

Think about what Qin Si said in the room again, Ye Wangchuan's eyes darkened, and a thought emerged.

He has always been a person who acts more than nonsense, and the idea came up. He lowered his head, simply pressed his phone, edited a WeChat message and sent it.


In the western-style restaurant, the music is extremely melodious.

The girl walked in, pulled down the brim of her hat rather dryly, and looked around the restaurant, preparing to find a quieter place to pass the time.

The phone in the pocket vibrates.

She took out her phone and glanced at it.

【Ye Wangchuan: Where is it? 】

Qiao Nian raised his black eyes and looked at the WeChat inexplicably.

Didn’t she go back before, saying that she was there, was she in the hotel? Why did Ye Wangchuan send her a message again asking where she is?

She pressed her phone, turned her feet, and found a corner with less personal flow, and was about to reply to the message.

Another message comes in.

Qiao read it, and it was still Ye Wangchuan’s news.

"Did you go to the place to eat?"

The two messages in a row have no beginning or end, which is inexplicable.

Qiao Nian put his finger on the phone, his eyebrows were very dry, and he was still thinking about how he would reply to him. The other party's third message has already been sent.

"I am waiting for you at the entrance."

Qiao Nian looked at the message on the phone screen, and for a few seconds he raised his head and looked up at the entrance of the banquet hall.

People come and go at the entrance.

From time to time someone comes in with an invitation letter.

But she did not see a familiar figure.

She read the message that Ye Wangchuan sent her again, frowned, and even though she didn’t figure out what he meant, she put her phone away, raised her leg and walked towards the entrance...

(End of this chapter)

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