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Chapter 1055: The two men and horses bumped into each other

Chapter 1055 The two men and horses are touching

Qiao Nian is not interested in the auction.

Probably, she won’t stay here for too long. When Liang Conglin and the others complete the formalities and receive them from Jiang Li, she will almost return to Beijing.

She lowered her eyelashes, carelessly, with one hand in her pocket, and before she returned, the phone buzzed and vibrated again.

[I heard that a small pill will be auctioned at that time. The value is quite high. Before this kind of pill was circulated on the black market every month, I didn’t know what happened later, but suddenly it became less. This has been more than half a year, and finally there is news of an auction. ]

Qiao Nian saw the little black pill he was talking about, narrowed his eyes, and put his fingers on the phone, becoming more and more sloppy.

She has been too busy recently.

Wei Building is also busy.

She didn't make small pills, she gave away everything she did before.

The small pills currently circulating on the black market should be sold by people who photographed them before.

Weilou told her before that the price of small pills on the market has skyrocketed recently. The seven-figure they sold before have now been fired to eight-figure.

may not be photographed.

Qiao doesn’t care about it.

Money, enough to spend, Wei Lou didn't ask her to continue the business, she was happy to take a break.

Behind the thin waist control, she sent her some messages. Qiao Nian didn't read it again and went offline. Her mobile phone had low battery power and there was no place to charge it. She should at least leave a little battery to answer the phone.

She just put the phone away on her front foot.

back foot.

Qin Si's faint voice came from her side.

"Sister Joe?"

Qiao Nian raised his head, and at a glance, he saw three people who were right there:...

Qin Si, Gu San are here.

There is another person standing at the entrance of the banquet hall. He has an outstanding oriental face and a tall and tall figure, not who Ye Wangchuan is.

Qiao Nian raised his hand and pulled down the brim of his hat irritably, covering his eye-catching face with extremely dark brows.

what is this?

Meeting old friends in another country? !


In a blink of an eye, the three of Ye Wangchuan had already walked over.

Qin Si rubbed his eyes vigorously and made sure that he was not dazzled this time. The girl standing in front of him was Qiao Nian. He opened his mouth slightly, and it took him a long time to find his own voice: "Sister Qiao, didn't you say you were going to pick up a relative? ?"


Qiao Nian quickly raised his head, then glanced in someone's direction, holding a mobile phone in one hand, and his beautiful eyes were unclear. Anyway, those eyes didn't seem like compliments.

Ye Wangchuan received the gaze she was looking at, raised his eyebrows, raised the corners of his lips with a smile, and said in a good mood: "Guess."

He has no beginning or end.

Only Qiao Nian understood.

What he meant was that he didn't mean to betray her, he just guessed that she was also in the Jinchen Hotel, so he sent her a message for her to go to the entrance.

Who knows such a coincidence.

I really touched it right now!

Qin Si didn't notice their interaction, and was still entangled in how Qiao Nian would appear here. He twisted his brows and quickly pinched out a word of Sichuan. He couldn't understand what he thought, but only thought of one possibility: "Your relative is... from the illegal zone?"

That Qiao Nian's relatives are too extensive!

Qiao Nian was choked by the question he asked. She didn't seem to know how to deal with this situation. Her head was aching, and she wanted to pull the brim of her hat, but she felt it was not good. He said it again.

Qin Si heard Qiao Nian’s explanation, and recovered from the shock of encountering Qiao Nian at the dinner party: “So, sister Qiao, you came with Principal Liang and the others?”

(End of this chapter)

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