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Chapter 1085: It's a pity that sister Qiao didn't come to see the world with him

Chapter 1085 It's a pity that Sister Joe didn't come to see the world with him

Jiang sighed at the bottom of his fate, and he shared with such a friend, but couldn't get in the matter between Qiao Nian and Ye Wangchuan.

could only stop another taxi, opened the door, and said to the girl: "Let's go, I'll take you back first."

"Do not……"

He didn't give Qiao Nian a chance to refuse him, smiled, and shrugged his shoulders and said: "Let's go! I told your dad that I will send you off, you can never let me miss the appointment."

Qiao read: "..."

The girl pressed her hat down and walked like a big guy, she didn't say much, she moved slowly and got into the car neatly.


Beijing city is still during the day, and the illegal zone is already 8 o'clock in the evening because of the time difference.

The auctions in illegal areas have always paid attention to the venues, and the confidentiality is extremely strong, and the slightest error is not tolerated.

The basement level of Jinchen Hotel.

Compared with the splendid decoration of the hotel lobby, the decoration of the auction is more luxurious. The marble floor is bright enough to reflect the light. Pillars made of white jade have a high top floor. A crystal lamp is used on the suspended ceiling, and the crystal tilts down to illuminate the entire scene.

At the entrance of the venue, there are special bodyguards to check incoming guests one by one.

After checking the identity of the bodyguards, they need to pass through an infrared detection door to enter, specifically to check that the person who enters is not carrying a weapon.

is rigorous without any dead angle at 365°.

Ye Wangchuan and his party arrived at the venue ahead of time. They belonged to VIP guests. The waiter on the scene led them into a box with a large balcony overlooking the auction scene.

Inside   , there is a ring-shaped sofa, a bar counter, wine, fruits and vegetables.

If you don’t say that you are at the auction site in the illegal zone, people who come in will even have the illusion that they are in the lounge of a high-end club.

Full of comfort!

It was the first time Qin Si came to participate in an auction in the illegal zone. He held his breath all the way and looked dazzled. When the waiter went out to help them close the door, he really relaxed, and a layer of sweat was strained on his back. He breathed a sigh of relief: "Damn, what kind of auction is this? The investigation is so strict!"

He walked over, took the teapot and poured himself a cup of tea, sipped his head up to dry, put down the teacup, and said with lingering fear: "Have you seen the people who are in charge of the inspection outside the entrance?"

He raised his eyebrows, looking cynical, but his eyes were very good: "That thing should be a mercenary, right?"

It was just an auction, and it actually brought in mercenaries.

The battle is really big!

It's not the first time that Gu San came here with Ye Wangchuan. He has been surprised at this a long time ago, except that Luo Qing and Chen Zhu's complexion was blue, and they were still tense. He watched a lot more than Qin Si's reaction. On the contrary, he was relaxed and didn’t take it seriously: “This is an illegal zone after all. If they sell things that are not rare antiques, or weapons and rare metals that are not allowed to be sold internationally, it is normal to have mercenaries. Qin Shao Don't worry, they will be fine, just check and don't let cats and dogs get in."

What are you afraid of having an ID card?

Qin Si listened to him and settled down for a while, knowing that he was too nervous just now, but he did see this kind of battle for the first time, and it would not be a shame to be nervous.

He looked at the brightly lit auction site outside, and then muttered: "Unfortunately, sister Joe walked in a hurry and didn't come, otherwise she could come together to have a look and see the world..."

This is so special, he has opened his eyes anyway!

It's a pity that Qin Si didn't follow Qiao Nian, let's take a look.

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(End of this chapter)

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