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Chapter 1165: I will let them die to understand!

Chapter 1165 I will let them understand!

She closed her eyes without taking care of Wei’s front feet. She turned her face on her back feet and did not recognize anyone. She turned her head and asked Liang Lu, “Professor Liang, how was my dad when you first came out?”

Everyone’s eyes fell on Liang Lu. Liang Lu was suddenly stressed, and his heartbeat was fast. He lowered his eyelids, and his voice was calm: “When I came out, Wei’s condition was stable, and all his body indicators were still under control. Within the scope of, I didn’t expect Elder Wei to go so fast..."

She meant that when Qiao Nian made a mistake during the operation, Mr. Wei would die suddenly!

Jiang Zongjin was not a member of the Wei family, so he didn't go in, but he stood outside not far away. Hearing Liang Lu throwing the pot on Qiao Nian, his face sank and he immediately asked: "Mr. Liang, what do you mean? Do you mean the question of thinking?"

Liang Lu had already figured out her escape route. If Mr. Wei could be saved, it would be her credit. If not, she would definitely find a scapegoat.

Qiao Nian happened to be the scapegoat who was sent to the door.

Compared to Qiao Nian, she can never offend overseas experts!

"I didn't mean anything, I just meant it literally. Anyway, when I came out with the experts from Raven, Mr. Wei was fine. As for why it turned out to be like this, I was not there, and I don't know the specifics."

Haha, what a good one I don’t know the specifics!

Who doesn’t know what she means by throwing the pot like this!

That is, Qiao Nian had a surgical accident that caused the death of Elder Wei.

Qiao Nian is the person who Wei Lou called again. Wei Lou is the son of Wei Mingxuan. In this way, it is hard to say whoever says it in the future of the Wei family.

Although Jiang Zongjin did not understand why Qiao Nian was called for help by the Wei family, he believed his daughter wholeheartedly, with an angry expression on his face, and warned: "Mr. Liang, please pay attention to your identity! You are a teacher, yes. Are you a **** teacher like this!"

Liang Lu sneered, hummed, just about to speak.

Weilou interrupted her, eyes scarlet, looking at her indifferently, and said, “Whose problem is, check the surgical monitoring, and then it’s clear who is the problem at a glance.”

"Weilou, you..." Wei Mingxuan didn't want to make a big deal of the family affairs. Anyone with a brain on this matter could see who was behind Liang Lu.

He wants to take care of the funeral of Mr. Wei first.

Weilou was full of anger, without looking back, and without looking at his father, he just said: "They want to check, we will check it out and see who the problem is!"

"Why did Grandpa do the surgery? The decision to do the surgery is Grandpa's own intention or someone else's meaning..."

He spoke extremely slowly, and he glanced in the direction of Wei Ying and Shen Jingyan, his eyes were full of coldness.

Wei Ying seemed to have been poked in the pain, suddenly turned her face, her face turned black, and angrily said: "Weilou, what do you mean, you mean I killed your grandpa deliberately. You figure out that it is my dear father!"

"Of course you didn't mean it, but you are stupid!"

Stupid and self-righteous.

I thought that I could successfully remove the tumor from the old man’s head by looking for a foreign expert, but I didn’t expect it to be self-defeating and make it the current situation.

Weiying's face is blue.

Weilou seemed to have torn her face this time. She didn't save any face, and went directly to find someone to check and monitor. While everyone was there, she had to talk to Wei Ying once and for all.

With his attitude, Wei Mingxuan still wanted to stop him, but Wei Lou said: "You ask Qiao Nian for help. You can't let Qiao Nian take the blame because your family ugliness cannot be spread. There is no such truth in this world. You don't care about this matter. , They want to die, I will let them die to understand!"

(End of this chapter)

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