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Chapter 1183: Sister Nian: Mr. Wei left his will

Chapter 1183 Miss Nian: Mr. Wei left his will

Qin Si ate, silently knocked the teacup on the coffee table, and spread it on the sofa like a salted fish, weakly: "Anyway, when Mr. Wei is leaving, Beijing is afraid that the sky will change again."

Qiao Nian had just dragged Jiang Xian softly into black. Seeing his posture on the sofa, he didn't want to say anything, but raised his eyelids and said leisurely: "No."


"Old Wei left his will."

The girl’s voice was very slow, with a careless tone, as if she didn’t know how big a thing she had said.

Gu San, Qin Si, and Ye Wangchuan looked at her.

Especially Qin Si sat up again from a paralyzed state, and at first he looked incredible, wondering how Qiao Nian would say Wei Dongshan's will immediately.

At the same time, I feel that Qiao Nian is not the type of doing nothing.

Since she said that Mr. Wei made a will, there is probably such a thing.

"But." Qin Si looked dumbfounded, still a little unbelievable: "No one has said that Wei Lao made a will. No one in the Wei family knows about it, sister Qiao, where did you hear about Wei Lao? Have a will?"

Weiying is still jumping up and down in the provincial hospital, wanting to inherit the Wei family.

even put on a posture of being a family member in the provincial hospital to welcome the guests in condolences.


If Mr. Wei has a will, does the will state who will the Wei family go to?

He moved his lips and wanted to ask.

Qiao Nian seemed to see what he wanted to ask himself, pursing his lips, calmly: "Don't ask me, I don't know the content of the will."

Qin Si sat down again.

Isn’t that the same as not saying?

Qiao Nian continued slowly: "But I guess the probability that Wei boss left Wei's family to Uncle Wei."

"Why?" Qin Si stood up again and sat up on his own, frowning: "Old Wei is actually very nice to Wei Ying."

"Wei Ying is the first daughter of Wei Ying. She suffered hardship when she was a child. Elder Wei always thought she was owed. She had been out to cause trouble for many years. She was divorced and dragged her family back to her natal family. It was changed to the Wei family's surname, to show that it was the idea of ​​inheriting the family business, and I never saw Wei Lao stop it... Maybe Wei Lao will hand over the Wei family to her."

"After all, Wei Mingxuan can not only become the Wei family, but still be able to flourish in Beijing, Wei Ying's line is hard to say. There is no promise!"

Qiao Nian was blown warm by the wind from the hair dryer, her eyelids draped and she was a little sleepy, and replied vaguely: "My intuition. Look at it... When the will is published, it should be what I guess. Wei Jia will In the hands of Uncle Wei, and Wei Lou..."

She was halfway talking, she didn't say anything.

Vaguely, too sleepy.

The girl's half-squinted eyes are as beautiful as eye-catching, and she looks like the kind of unattractive character.

Although Qin Si didn’t understand why Qiao Nian was so sure that Wei’s family would end up in Wei Mingxuan’s hands instead of Wei Ying, he didn’t continue to chase after him. How do you know that Mr. Wei has made a will?"

He took a breath and finally realized that he was being biased by Qiao Nian: “This is the question I just asked, but you told me that you don’t know the content of the will.”

This is obviously just avoiding the heavy and neglecting, and didn't answer myself.

Qiao Nian was a bit sleepy at first. Today, she was performing at the school celebration again. She was dragged by Jiang Zongjin to the Jiang family to separate her house, and she met Mr. Wei again.

Basically, it keeps spinning like a top all day long.

(End of this chapter)

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