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Chapter 1285: It makes people uncomfortable to look at

Chapter 1285 Looking at it makes people uncomfortable

Jiang Zongjin frowned instinctively to refuse, and when he saw the girl next to him, he became hesitant when he reached his lips.

He has been immersed in scientific research these years, and has no interest in other things at all. He has not taken a driver's license for so many years.

He is accustomed to taking the bus and subway, and no longer need to walk to the station or scan the code to ride a small yellow car. He used to think that his lifestyle was nothing, it was healthy, and he was happy, and he didn't care about other people's eyes.

But at this moment, Jiang Zongjin hates that he didn't go to learn a car, otherwise he wouldn't be embarrassed to need Jiang Yao to send them.

They had a conflict with Jiang Yao.

According to his temper, even if he walks back today, he does not bother to ride in Jiang Yao's car.

Jiang Zongjin had to consider Qiao Nian.

Jiang Yao saw his uncle’s hesitation, and Cong Shan Ru Liu said, “It’s not easy to take a taxi here, and I’m fine. I’ll send you back.”

Jiang Yao's Junlang face is completely sincere.

But Jiang Xianrou, who was standing with him, did not conceal her cold face and mockery in the slightest. Even if she didn't say a word, no one could see that she looked down on people!

The corners of the eyes and the brows are full of contempt!

"..." Jiang Zongjin just took a bite of a fly, unable to swallow or vomit it out, holding back in his heart very uncomfortable, just about to speak.

The girl walking behind him said lazily, “Don’t bother, let’s take a ride back by ourselves.”

"Here..." Jiang Yao wanted to say something else.

Jiang Xianrou can't wait to interrupt him: "Brother, it's okay if they don't take our car, why bother to force them. Let's go first. Anyway, they said it very clearly. From now on, we will return to the bridge and the road to the road. Don't say hello to your face."

Jiang Yao frowned fiercely, wanting to say that she was holding it back again, and subconsciously turned her head to see Qiao Nian's reaction, only to find that the girl had no reaction. The expression on her white face was quite cold, as if she hadn't heard Jiang. Sianrou said something, with one hand in his pocket, and the other with a mobile phone, as if sending a message, standing loose and tempered, and the face under the brim of the hat was swagger and evil.

Jiang Yao only glanced at it and then retracted his gaze, frowning again.

He still thinks Qiao Nian’s face is too inviting.

Looking again, he was still a little dazed by this face, he couldn't resist this way, let alone outsiders.

Xianrou is not unreasonable to worry about Qiao Nian on a crooked road.

With such a face, Qiao Nian is also the champion of the college entrance examination and represents the country in the competition. The uncle doesn’t care about it. Sooner or later, this kind of aura of youth and fame will dizzy little girls’ minds. Qiao Nian is not a small place like a city in Beijing. , Beijing Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, there are too many families and family members that can't be offended.

What if Qiao Nian gets into trouble one day and they can’t solve it?

Uncle and Grandpa don’t understand his painstaking efforts!

always felt that he was deliberately looking for trouble because he excluded Qiao Nian.

Jiang Yao saw that Jiang Zongjin and Qiao Nian didn’t plan to ride in his car, so he didn’t force any more, holding the car key in his hand, turning his handsome face to the side, and judging Jiang Xian: "Let’s go."

Jiang Xianrou did not even say hello, crossed Jiang Zongjin, carried his bag, and walked straight to the Land Rover on the side of the road.

Jiang Yao seems to be more polite than her, and before leaving, he politely said to Jiang Zongjin: "Uncle, I will send Slim and Rou home first, let's take a step first."

He paused, then looked at the empty road without a car and added: "If you and Qiao Nian didn't get the car, please give me a call and I will come back to pick you up."

(End of this chapter)

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