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Chapter 1357: Sister Nian loses her horse

Chapter 1357

The bodyguard in black had a solemn expression. He glanced at him as if he didn’t want to tell them. After thinking about it, it didn’t matter if he told them: "You said Miss Joe?"

Jiang Zongnan heard the girl ‘Miss Qiao’ he called in. He was even more sure that the person who walked in was Qiao Nian, and his mood became more and more complicated: "Yeah."

"Miss Joe..." The bodyguard looked into the corridor, showing respect on his serious face, and said in a proud tone: "She is one of the founders of our JC!"

Jiang Zongnan only felt that his head was hammered by a sledgehammer. His eyes were staring at Venus, his breathing stopped, and he was completely shocked.

He thinks of what Jiang Yao’s friend, Xu Shao said on the phone last time.

Xu Shao said that the car Xianrou saw in the Mid-Levels Club belonged to Jian Yu, and that Qiao Nian might know Jian Yu.

At that time, although he had some doubts in his heart, one was a student who came to Beijing to study after going around the city, and the other was an illegal area boss. He did not connect the two together.

Until today, when the facts are in front of him, Jiang Zongnan feels like a world away, standing there blankly.

He stood there for a minute, and finally twisted his neck stiffly, turned his face, and talked to Jiang Yao with a confused expression: "What's the source of Niannian, you said?"

He has been in Beijing for decades. He thinks he is knowledgeable and has seen many big scenes, but now he feels that he has only spied on the tip of the iceberg in this circle!


Qiao Nian didn't know that Jiang Zongnan and his son met her outside. She took off the earphones from her ears after entering the suite and went straight in.

Jane poured her a glass of water and brought it over.

Seeing her put down her schoolbag, sat on the sofa, bent over and put the water in front of her, smiled and asked: "What do you want my jade to do, and you don't wear it."

"Send someone." Qiao Nian stretched his legs, with a sloppy expression, blinked his eyes, and said, "Send an elder to her for her birthday."

Jane has always been well informed.

She has only returned to China for a few days, and she has sorted out the family information of all large and small families in Beijing.

Qiao Nian asked Jade to send an elder for birthday, a person came to her mind—Miss Ye Family, Ye Lan.

She gave a ‘tuck’, and without asking much, she turned and walked into the bedroom.

After a while, she got a square box in her hand, walked out, handed the box to Qiao Nian, and said, "Hey, what you want."

People say that chaos gold, flourishing jade, the price of this set of jade in her hand is very expensive, it is less expensive to sell a 9-figure on the market.

This is still on the market.

In fact, this set of jade in her collection is very rare, it can be said that there is no market. In other words, even if someone can afford the price, there may not be a set of rare jade jewelry on the market for sale.

Qiao Nian said he wanted it.

What else can Jane do besides reluctantly give up her love?

Her swarthy bright eyes are pretty, but the facial features become unremarkable when they are together. Jian Yu is still wearing a black vest with a tattoo on her arm. She looks like a social person. She leaned on the sofa, After the things were handed over to Qiao Nian, he said casually: "The illegal zone has not been peaceful recently. Be careful. Someone is eyeing you."

Qiao Nian took the box, opened it and looked at it, then closed the box, turned his wrist, and glanced at her with an unexpected look.

Jian Yu had been in a tacit understanding with her for many years, and immediately understood what she meant, shrugged, and said: "Don't look at me, I don't know who is staring at you, I heard that someone wanted to **** you."

(End of this chapter)

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