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Chapter 1366: He felt it was just a small car accident, there is no need to

Chapter 1366 He thinks it was just a small car accident, there is no need to mobilize people

Jiang Yao straightened his legs, opened the door, sat in the car, and put the phone near his ear: "Hey, Shao Xu."

Xu Jishen has always been well informed.

As soon as the phone got through, he asked Jiang Yao concisely: "I heard that your sister has been in the hospital? Which hospital is she in? How is the situation?"

Jiang Yao took out a cigarette from the drawer of the car and lit it again, squinting his eyes impetuously, and whispered: "Emergency Department of the City No. 1 Hospital."

He squinted his eyes, his eyes were a little careless: "The situation, I don't know for the time being."

"Don't you know?" Xu Jishen asked him in a daze: "No, your family didn't go to the hospital?"

Jiang Yao raised his head, looked at the few pedestrians at the entrance of the hospital, and replied calmly, "Go, my dad has followed up and asked the doctor about the situation. My mother and Xianrou have no time to come over. I will wait outside for my uncle. They. Just a few people, what's the matter?"

He felt that Qiao Nian was just in a small car accident, and depending on the situation, his life should not be in danger.

It's just a small car accident. There is no need to make such a fuss. It seems like a big accident. After all, who hasn't encountered a small accident, it's time for a bruise.

When Xu Jishen heard him say,'Just such a few people', he froze for a while, and then returned to him for a long time: "It's nothing. I was driving over and sister Joe had a car accident. I should also come to visit. I'll wait. I'll be there, I'll call you when it's there.

Jiang Yao frowned, and just wanted to say that there was no need to make a special trip.

Xu Jishen has hurriedly said: "That's it, I'll hang up first."

"Hey, Xu..." Before Jiang Yao had time to decline, Xu Jishen had already hung up the phone.

Jiang Yao put his cell phone down a little impetuously, staring at Xu Jishen's hung up call, his brows wrinkled slightly and frowned for a while.

He felt that Qiao Nian had a small girl in a car accident, and there was no need to make it so exciting.

Xu Jishen’s identity also has to come to visit Qiao Nian... it’s really unnecessary!

Jiang Yao just thought so. He put down the phone and raised his head. When he looked up, he saw a car stopping in front of him.

The license plate number is extremely ostentatious.


The only person who can use this license plate in Beijing is Ye Wangchuan!

He twitched his heart and looked intently.

A person came down from the black red flag car. The man looked sideways, his nose was high, his eyebrows were too cold, he held the car key in his hand, almost without stopping, and walked straight to the hospital.

Jiang Yao hasn't recovered yet.

Soon, more cars came to a stop in front of the hospital, not far from him.

Qin Si, Zhang Yang, Ye Lan, Ye Lao, and some of the side branches of the Ye family almost all came, and in a short while, the small parking area in front of the city hospital was blocked.

Jiang Yao never expected that Qiao Nian would have so many people in a small car accident.

His eyelids jumped fiercely, his hands on the steering wheel tightened, and his back tightened.

A lot of people have already arrived.

Jiang Yao thought it was almost over.

Unexpectedly, there will be more cars coming one after another.

Nie Mi.

Liang Conglin.

He still figured out these people.

Jiang Yao saw behind him, but he didn’t expect to see an incredible person—Su Huaiyuan!

Xu Jishen’s grandfather!

His lips have faded now.

The brain is blank, a little bit astonished, and I can’t get back the feeling of God.

(End of this chapter)

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