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Chapter 1438: Do you have any gifts you want, grandpa give

Chapter 1438 Do you have any gifts you want? Grandpa buys you

the other side.

Qiao Nian pulled up the hat of the sweater and walked slowly, just outside the ward of Mr. Jiang.

This is not the first time the nurse has seen her.

greeted her very familiarly: "Miss Qiao, you come to see Mr. Jiang again."

Qiao Nian was very kind to them and nodded politely: "En."

The nurse smiled, wittily put the tray in her hand, and said to her: "Then I won't disturb you, you talk."

She exchanged a few words with Qiao Nian and left first.

Qiao Nian waited for her to leave before opening the door of Mr. Jiang's ward.

Old man Jiang was wearing light gray home clothes, and his kind face was wearing reading glasses and he was looking at a box with a magnifying glass.

Seeing that Qiao Nian was coming, he immediately dropped the magnifying glass in his hand, put the box down, and greeted her peacefully: "Nian Nian, come on, come in."

Qiao Nian walked in.

Mr. Jiang got up immediately, poured her a glass of water, put the fruit basket on the coffee table, and kept telling Qiao: "You have some fruit, there are oranges in it, which is very sweet."

"I'll cut a pear for you, wait for me."

"No, I don't eat pears."

Qiao Nian rarely spends time alone with him, in fact, he is still not used to getting along with his elders.

She thought about it, and stopped the busy old man.

seemed a little uncomfortable, and whispered softly: "Do you eat oranges? I'll peel an orange for you."

Old man Jiang turned his head, his eyes filled with touching emotions.

However, he has long passed the age of knowing the destiny, and his personality is more reserved than young people. He quickly suppressed the emotions in his eyes and immediately responded: "Eat!"

"I eat oranges."

Qiao said ‘um’, no nonsense, and picked a big and beautiful orange from the fruit basket brought by Mr. Jiang.

The thin white fingers peeled the orange peel, and patiently peeled the orange for Mr. Jiang.

When she lowered her head, the black eyelashes were covered, and she looked delicate and eye-catching.

Old man Jiang saw the girl sitting there quietly peeling fruit for himself, his heart could not help but soften, his complexion was much better than usual.

He found a place and sat on the sofa opposite Qiao Nian, leaving deep traces of time around his aging eyes, but they were full of peace.

"Niannian, I watched the news, did you take the first place?"

Qiao Nian carefully removed the silk from the orange petals, and put the peeled oranges in the fruit bowl next to him, appearing very patient. She didn't lift her head, as if she didn't take the first thing to heart: "Yeah."

Old man Jiang thought that she would be very excited to win the first place in the world-class competition, but Qiao Nian was more calm than him.

A little overwhelmed for a while.

But he is still very happy inside, his face looks very ruddy and complex: "Do you have any gifts you want, Grandpa buys you!"

Qiao read half of the orange, first handed the fruit bowl to the old man, and then peeled the other half.

answered casually: "...I don't want anything."

Old man Jiang was a little bit lost: "You don't have the bags, bracelets, etc. you want? I remember your little girls like these very much."

Qiao Nian almost blurted out and said no.

She raised her eyes, and saw the old man’s lost expression pursing her lips again, and then withdrew her words: “Not for the time being, I have something to tell you.”

"Good, good." When Grandpa Jiang heard that she thought of what she wanted, he would talk to himself, and the depression in his heart was wiped out.

(End of this chapter)

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