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Chapter 1559: The black mandala really has something to do with sister Nian

Chapter 1559 The black mandala really has something to do with sister Nian

On the other side, inside the Beijing hot pot restaurant.

The hot hot pot bottom rolls out at high temperature with an attractive aroma. The red color of the hot pot makes people very appetite just looking at it, and the index finger of the hooked person is greatly moved.

Qiao Nian feasted and ate seven minutes full, and the speed of eating began to slow down, until she dropped her chopsticks, her cold white wrist supported her chin, and she casually leaned on the back of the chair to play with her phone, watching the news of the inkstone just right. Send it over.

[Guanyan: Boss, Qi Lanyin was arranged by me in an abandoned factory. What do you plan to do with her? Kill or...? 】

is a ruthless man!

Qiao twitched, holding his chin, replying to her with one hand.

【Q: Wait a minute. 】

Soon, Guanyan returned to her.

【Guanyan: OK, I will listen to your arrangements. 】

【Guanyan: Miss Qi is quite honest, I thought I was going to knock her out, but I didn't expect her to be more obedient than I thought. 】

Qiao Nian didn’t know what happened to her, which would make her feel that Qi Lanyin was ‘honest’.

She tapped her slender fingers on her face, half-squinted her eyes, lazily, and did not go back.

The thoughts in his mind spread.

In a certain way, Qi Lanyin is indeed an ‘honest person’, at least compared to Qiao Ai and Jiang Xianrou. Qi Lanyin needs to know more about current affairs.

Before in the illegal zone.

Once Qi Lanyin finds that she is at a disadvantage, even if she regenerates her qi, she will not blindly try to speak quickly.

Very knowledgeable about current affairs.

Qiao Nian was thinking so, and the phone buzzed again.

She was pulled back again and looked down at the new message on the phone.

This time it was not from Guan Yan, but from the waist control.

Slim waist control, as always, talks a lot.

Thieves talk about 痨.

Cracked and sent her a lot of things.

After reading the ten lines, he sent seven or eight lines of words, and it was condensed down to just one sentence-[The black mandala is back! 】

Qiao Nian's mouth twitched, his body was very honest, and his head was crossed out straightforwardly, even though Li was too lazy to care about him.

She hasn't forgotten that she has fallen off the horse the last few times because of someone's big mouth!

If he knew that the black mandala in his mouth had something to do with his viewing inkstones, Qiao Nian couldn't imagine her being picked up immediately.

Slim waist control This second product always has countless ways to make her fall off!

So not telling him is the best way.


Qiao Nian was full and played lazily on the phone. Qin Si was almost full and put down his chopsticks.

He glanced in the direction of the girl, and immediately thought of something, and said it as a lively: "Yes, Lord Wang, sister Joe, do you know the black mandala?"

Qiao Nian:...

Ye Wangchuan noticed that the girl was playing with her mobile phone, and he seemed to look in Qin Si's direction as if there was nothing.

He also put down his chopsticks and wiped the corners of his mouth very elegantly, with a deep and pleasant voice: "What happened to the black mandala?"

"The black mandala is coming out again." Qin Si was very keen to share the gossip around him, and immediately started popular science with Zhang Yang and the others, and briefly talked about what the black mandala is, how it appeared and how it disappeared. .

At the end, he was quite emotional: "The illegal zone has become more and more lively recently. Many previously low-key forces have recently emerged, making it a little bit difficult for me to come over."

Isn’t it because there are a lot of people looking for things recently?

Ye Wangchuan's eyes darkened, and he leaned back in the chair lazily, his shoulders relaxed, noncommittal.

(End of this chapter)

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