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Chapter 1573: You can consult with a lawyer

Chapter 1573 You can consult with a lawyer

She has always had amazing wrists, otherwise she would not be called the iron lady by country m.

Qi Yan first showed the iron rod, and then immediately changed to a gentle tone.

Said in a good voice: "Mr. Jiang, Xianrou has just entered the Pharmacy Association and has a promising future. The Pharmacy Association is in country m. There will be more opportunities for our two families to move around in the future. You don't need to make things uncontrollable. This The second chance to go to Independence Continent... I mentioned to Mr. Zhong that there is a great chance to go to Slim and Soft, but you know, as long as these things are not announced, there are still variables."

"This opportunity today is delicate, and who knows who will fall on it tomorrow." Qi Yan played with her fingernails and was in a good mood: "After all, this year the Pharmacy Association has several new members, and everyone is competing for this place."

Jiang Xianrou couldn't help but bit her lips tightly, and looked at her dad impatiently.

She doesn’t want to worry about what Jiang Li and Qiao Nian are doing. Anything will do as long as it doesn’t affect her going to Independence Island! Besides, isn't Jiang Li all right?

However, Jiang Zongnan didn’t look at her. He didn’t really like Qi Yan. He just said, “I need to think about it.”

Qi Yan was worried about Qi Lanyin's safety and wanted to strike while the iron was hot and forced Jiang Zongnan to let go.

Who knew that Jiang Zongnan was stronger than she thought. She didn't give her a chance to speak at all. She got up and said, "Just like that, see off the guests."

"Countess, I'm a little tired, please."

This attitude.

Qi Yan had never eaten this kind of closed door. She got up bitterly, picked up her handbag, and before leaving, she did not forget to remind: "President Jiang, you can ask a lawyer about kidnapping and extortion. The Jiang family is still in Beijing. It's a bit of a shame. If this matter becomes a big deal, we will lose a lot of people when we are overseas, and you will be more ashamed than we are."

After she finished speaking, under Jiang Zongnan’s angry gaze, she swaggered away.


"Dad." As soon as Qi Yan left, Jiang Xianrou couldn't help but called him, but didn't speak.

Jiang Zongnan looked like a headache, and waved at her: "Don't say it, I have to think about it. Your brother was almost killed by someone, and he is still lying in the hospital now. Niannian will do it. Those things are just to vent your anger to your brother. She has always had a good relationship with your brother, but she is normal. I have to think about how to deal with this matter."

Jiang Xianrou clenched his fists, took a deep breath, and wanted to ask him if he had thought about it, what should he do if he has a stiff relationship with Qi's family?

What should I do if I go to Independence Continent?

But Jiang Zongnan didn’t give him a chance. He didn’t know what he thought of. He picked up his coat and said to Tang Wanru: “I’ll go to Dad’s place. You can eat dinner by yourself. Don’t wait for me. I don’t know when I will be back.”

After he explained, he left in a hurry and left the house in a hurry.

Tang Wanru was calm throughout the whole process. When she heard Jiang Zongnan’s car driving away, she reached out and put her hand on Jiang Xianrou’s shoulder soothingly. She looked sinister and whispered: "Don’t worry, mom will go and tell your brother. She listens to your brother the most, as long as your brother tells her to leave it alone, she will definitely not cause trouble again."

Jiang Xianrou heard this, her shoulders finally came down, with a ‘um’, she pinched her fingernails, and looked towards Qi Yan’s departure, with some regret in her eyes.

If the Qi family can clean up Qiao Nian this time...that would be great!

PS: On July 10th, I will give you more updates, 20 chapters+, I’m trying to save the manuscript, and I won’t do anything unexpectedly.

(End of this chapter)

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