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Chapter 1595: Found the device that plays the black box

Chapter 1595 Found the device to play the black box

Bo Zheng really likes mechanical collections, but after a short thought, he raised his eyes and said to her openly: "I remember it is at home. In the storage room, would you like to go up and see with me?"


Bo Zheng’s house is very large, the size of a Chinese pavilion. The flowers and plants in the courtyard are obviously taken care of every day, and the flowers and plants are very neat and beautiful.

Bo Zheng’s storage room is filled with all kinds of airplane models and airplane equipment. It's just that he didn't directly move one airplane to his home one by one.

It can be seen that Bo Jingxing’s saying that he almost became a good pilot is not a joke.

Bo Zheng rummaged in it.

Half an hour later, he brought out an old-fashioned phonograph-like black device from inside, with a smile on his elegant face, and said to the girl: "I found it."

Bo Zheng took the player out, put it on a stool, found a plug and plugged it in.

Then tell Qiao Nian: "Did you bring the black box here?"

"Well, I brought it." Qiao Nian opened the zipper of the shoulder bag on his shoulder, took out the black box from the inside and handed it over.

Bo Zheng took it, laughed, and said: "Wait a moment, I will help you to see if it can be used first."

"Okay." Qiao Nian agreed readily.

A few minutes later.

Bo Zheng adjusted the old-fashioned playback equipment again, and finally got the playback equipment in place. He got up, and the gentleman said to the girl: "Miss Qiao, then you listen first. I'll wait for you outside."

Qiao Nian's black eyes narrowed slightly, and said ‘thank you’ to him, then walked over and put down his shoulder bag.

"You listen slowly, don't worry." Bo Zheng nodded, smiled, and went out and helped her close the storage room door.

After Qiao Nian and the others left, her eyes darkened. He took out the phone, called up the recording, pressed it, then put the phone next to the playback device, and reached out and pressed the play button on it.

The sound effect of the old equipment is very poor.

Fortunately, the black box is well preserved. After two minutes of blanking, there is finally a sound coming out of it.

All in front of it are some useless chats.

Qiao Nian held her chin with her hand on her face without any expression, but she listened patiently, and did not press fast forward because the previous dozens of minutes were all boring conversations.

Until a few minutes before the black box is almost finished playing.

The plane encountered an accident, and the whole plane began to shake. The recording that had been very boring in the previous section began to be filled with various noisy noises.

Qiao Nian half-closed his eyes, his eyes sharpened, and the sloppy expression on his face was more than half, and he gradually became serious.

She waited quietly...

Amidst a large noise, Qiao Nian accurately heard someone talking.

"Are you sure things are in her hands?"

"OK. Wei Ying said she saw it with her own eyes."

Qiao Nian raised his eyebrows, the fingers on his legs were bent, and his expression became thoughtful.


Wei family?

Immediately afterwards, amidst the noise, the two were still talking in low voices.

"But when we went through the security check, we checked the box carefully, and there was no such thing in the box."

This is the second time the two have mentioned-"that thing".

Qiao Nian couldn't help but notice this.

What are they looking for?

"There is no in the box, it doesn't mean that she didn't take her with her. Don't forget who Ji Qing is. She wants to escape the security check but raises her hand."

"makes sense."

"The order given to us above is to find something. If we can't find something, we will destroy it with people and things!"

(End of this chapter)

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