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Chapter 1649: It's really not possible, I personally go to Independence Island

Chapter 1649 is really not good, I personally go to Independence Island

Ye Wangchuan was startled, but did not answer him immediately.

Elder Ye picked up the tea cup, but didn't worry, mainly because he didn't think so much. When that little pill was the souvenir Qiao Nian said.

"Speaking of which medicine is really good, I have eaten well recently, slept soundly, and my legs and feet are more energetic than before."

Old man Ye smiled, then turned his head and said to Ye Wangchuan: “So I told Nian Nian to ask her to help me bring some more, and I’ll give some friends later.”

Gu San suddenly twitched the corners of his mouth, and could no longer help asking him: "Qiao, what did Miss Qiao say?"

Elder Ye saw the weird expression on his face, and looked at him strangely: "Niannian said she brought me two bottles and let me take them."

Gu San:……

I fuck!

His expression was solidified, and he stretched out **** to the old man Ye, his face was twitching, and he stammered: "Two, two bottles?"

"Miss Qiao said to bring two bottles? It's the little white pill. You want to bring two bottles in one go?"

Elder Ye is not stupid, and immediately put down the teacup in his hand, looking at him more and more weirdly: "That medicine is expensive?"

Gu San immediately shook his head, his head shaking like a rattle.

Elder Ye gave him another look, and he became more and more weird: "Then your hand is shaking like a chicken's paw, I thought it was expensive."

Gu San:……

He silently grabbed his hand off, hesitant to speak, and wanted to say: It's not expensive, and one is only a few million smaller.

The price of two bottles...Let's buy a courtyard house in Beijing!

But he dare not say.

He had been disliked by the delusion because of his big mouth before. Gu San firmly refused to open his mouth again this time, but he was very uncomfortable, his heart scratching his heart and lungs, and he especially wanted to show Mr. Ye about what is called the black market. Of small pills.

Elder Ye did not think that the health care products Qiao Nian gave him would have something to do with the small pills on the black market. Seeing that Gu San stopped speaking, he didn't think much.

But he didn't know, but Ye Lan knew.

She also heard Old Man Ye's words that Qiao Nian wanted to bring him two bottles of'health care products'. Her expression was a little more calm than Gu San. She quietly glanced at her quiet nephew, then rubbed her temples again, speaking with earnestness. Said: "Dad, if the health care products that Nian Nian brought you are effective, you can keep them for your own use. You have to give them to your friends. I will buy you some other nutritional products the next day."

Elder Ye didn't understand how they became so strange when they mentioned the local products around the city.

But I didn't think too much, nodded stubbornly, then raised his head and said to Ye Wangchuan: "By the way, I miss the one-and-a-half-thirty plane, you go to the airport to pick up people, don't let her take a taxi back. I will let the Yu The mansion will leave a private room. When she comes back, we will take her to dinner. She must have not had lunch when she comes back at this point, and the food on the plane is not delicious. I am afraid she is hungry. Her age is when she is growing up. Never go hungry."

"I see." Ye Wangchuan got up, and said to Mr. Ye without any rush, "I will find someone to investigate the matter about Wang Fei. I will tell you when there is a result."

He thought about it again, and said, "If it doesn't work, I will go to Independence Island myself."

Elder Ye didn't say anything, and urged him to pick up people at the airport.

Ye Wangchuan did not delay, winked at Gu San, and Gu San slipped to follow him and left first.

They leave.

Ye Lan immediately turned her head and asked Elder Ye: "Dad, over from the Wei family, shall we go to Wei Ying's birthday party?"

Elder Ye picked up the tea cup again, raised his eyelids, and said coldly, "Isn't Nian Nian having a bad relationship with Wei Ying? We won't go."

Ye Lan second understands.

That's not giving Weiying this face!

"I see." Ye Lan also retracted his gaze and stopped asking.

(End of this chapter)

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