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Chapter 1810: Ye Lao: Maybe I think too much

Chapter 1810 Ye Lao: Maybe I think too much

Ye Wangchuan stopped walking to the door, and turned his head, the black shirt on his body made him look like jade, and his face was elegant and elegant. He took a deep look at the old man Ye, nodded, hummed, and his tone was much softer. : "I know, I will bring her a word."

As soon as he left, Gu San swiftly bowed goodbye to Ye Laozi and Ye Lan, and quickly followed and left.

Elder Ye looked at the backs of the two leaving the old house one after another, and for a long time he looked away, a pair of old but wise eyes looked at Ye Lan on the side, and said disgustingly: "Look at him. I haven't come back for so long. , There is no time to eat at home. You said what's the use of raising a brat, it's all for others to raise!"

Ye Lan smiled and answered with a smile: "Dad, don't worry about it. Anyway, that person is Nian Nian. I like Nian Nian. It's her words. I agree with them."

"Tsk." Ye Maoshan squinted at her again, then walked back to the living room, walked to his position, stretched out his hand to hold the tea, held it in the air, and remembered something, and said to Ye Lan: "This time, I'm thinking of something. Chuan was able to retrieve the batch of goods lost by the Ye family from Independence Island thanks to the help of Yaomen, do you have any ideas?"

"Dad, what do you mean?" Ye Lan is not stupid, nor does he not understand what the old man means, but feels a little unrealistic.

That is Independence Continent.

Neither the Ye family has a firm foothold in Independence Island. Can Ye Wangchuan have such a huge power in Independence Island without relying on his family?

Isn't Ye Maoshan hesitating like Ye Lan, he put the tea cup back, shook his head: "Maybe I think too much."

Ye Lan looked at him again.

Ye Maoshan didn’t care what she thought of herself, her voice was slightly vicissitudes: “I just don’t think Yaomen will help Ye family for no reason. Even if he is not someone from Yaomen, he should also know people from Yaomen.”

Ye Lan also found it reasonable to hear what he said: "It's possible."

Elder Ye took a sigh of relief himself, relaxed, and frowned again: "Forget it, children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren, I think so much is useless, as long as he comes back safely and smoothly."

He took another look at Ye Lan, and warned very carefully: "You are staring at the junior Jiang family these few days, don't let the interested person take advantage of the loopholes and fish them out."

Ye Lan was still thinking about the connection between Yaomen and Ye Wangchuan, when he suddenly heard him mention Jiang Xianrou, he immediately smiled, and relaxed, no longer delving into the issue of Independence Continent.

"I know."

"I make people stare."


Qiao Nianding eats in Qingyun Street, which is the hot pot restaurant Zhang Yang took them to.

Zhang Yang has taken them here several times.

The boss knows them all.

When Qiao went, the boss directly reserved a box for them. According to the old rules, he didn't ask what to order, so he bought a copy of the good ones in the store.

Of course, there is no such thing as a big weight.

is basically a platter, the victory is that there are many styles without wasting.

Qiao Nian arrived first, she went to the box to find a seat inside, and after sitting down, she sent a message to Ye Wangchuan.

Gu San and Ye Wangchuan arrived in no time.

Gu San hasn't eaten hot pot for a long time. When he saw the hot pot in the box, he was hungry.

"Miss Joe."

He said hello to Qiao Nian, and found a remote place to sit down with a vision.

(End of this chapter)

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