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Chapter 1901: The quota of the institute is basically set by default

Chapter 1901 The quota of the research institute is basically set by default

She frowned again to look at the experimental platform on the left corner of the last row.

The big lecture room caused quite a stir because Ji Hongfeng completed ahead of schedule, and many people who were busy conducting experimental tests looked in the direction of Ji Hongfeng.

Only Qiao Nian did not raise his head the whole time, holding a test tube in his hand, and doing the reagent reaction experiment unhurriedly.

Zhou Zhou couldn't help but startled, unable to figure out what the big man was thinking.

Ji Hongfeng finished ahead of schedule. Isn't she in a hurry?

Zhou Zhou looked over there again. The girl’s eyebrows and eyes were cold and focused, and she concentrated on the reagent reaction. There was no emotional fluctuation on her face, and she was completely immersed in the experiment.

Don't worry, Zhou Zhou didn't even see any...interest in that face.

She began to suspect that Qiao Nian might not have heard Ji Hongfeng’s ‘complete’ at all.

Someone has completed the simulation experiment in advance, and a teacher must check the level and degree of completion of the experiment.

"Let's go." The person in charge of the Level 2 laboratory is very optimistic about Ji Hongfeng. He thinks that Ji Hongfeng is still a relatively talented person, so he took the initiative to speak.

Others had no opinion, so he took the lead, and the heads of several laboratories walked over.

Ji Hongfeng turned sideways and stepped aside the position of the experiment platform so that a few people could check it.

The person in charge of the   level 2 laboratory, without saying anything, operated the mouse next to his computer to check the experimental data on his computer.

Soon he discovered that Ji Hongfeng chose to do Level 5 experimental questions, and his face couldn't help showing surprise.

"A level 5 experiment you did?"

Although he lowered his voice, so as not to disturb other people who are still taking the simulation test.

But the people on the experimental platform around Ji Hongfeng still heard it.

The big amphitheatre became commotion again.

"Level 5 experiment done by Ji Hongfeng..."

"It's actually a level 5 experiment."

"It's over..."

Ji Hongfeng took the second place in the first round of theoretical assessment, only a dozen points lower than Qiao Nian, and higher scores than others.

If he scored high in the second round of assessment, what would they compare?

The quota for entering the research institute this year has basically been set internally!

Someone was upset and hurriedly knocked over the test tube in his hand that was testing the reaction.

Some people gradually stopped the simulation experiment on the computer.

The people in the lecture theatre are nervously waiting for the final results after the inspection by several laboratory leaders...

If Ji Hongfeng’s experiment is highly completed, then there is no need for them to fight for their lives.

Zhou Zhou heard him say that Ji Hongfeng had done the 5th level experiment, and he couldn't help but squeeze a sweat for Qiao Nian.

Soon the person in charge of the Level 2 laboratory checked the simulated experiment data on Ji Hongfeng’s computer, closed his mouth, his expression could not hide his appreciation, glanced at the tall boy standing on the side, and turned back to be in charge of several laboratories. Someone confessed the final result.

"His degree of completion is about 78%, and the experiment is very well completed and relatively complete. Would you like to check it again?"

The heads of several laboratories did not expect that Ji Hongfeng not only completed Level 5 experiments, but also achieved 78% completion.

Although this degree of completion is not as good as Ji Ziyin's 80% completion degree that year, it is almost the same, only 2%.

It can be seen that Ji Hongfeng's strength is not bad!

After all, there are a few people who can claim to be the genius of the Ji family once in a century.

The talent of Ji Ziyin belongs to the plug-in given by God. Ji Hongfeng does not have this talent to be able to achieve more than 70% completion at his age, which is already very amazing.

(End of this chapter)

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