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Chapter 1917: Sister Joe, don't you care at all?

Chapter 1917 Sister Joe, don’t you care at all?

"Sister Qiao, you don't care about this at all?" Qin Si was originally full of dissatisfaction and complained about her.

Seeing that Qiao Nian was so calm now, the scorching fire of anger in his chest dropped, and it didn't burn him so uncomfortably.

The girl got up and picked up the phone from the table, and glanced at him refreshingly, casually and casually: "Um, don't care."

Qin Si:...

On the contrary, Bo Jingxing wanted to open it before Qin Si. Qingjun's eyebrows seemed to contain Baixue. He stretched out his hand to push down the frame of his glasses, and smiled at Qiao Nian: "Ms. Qiao can figure out the best. In fact, it does not make any difference which laboratory enters. Large, the Level 3 laboratory is not bad, and it is not completely out of resources."

Compared to the level 3 laboratory, Qiao Nian's fall into the level 1-2 laboratory is even worse.

Bo Jingxing is used to seeing things from the results.

Although the result is unsatisfactory, it is not too bad.

They still have a chance to turn against the wind.

It depends on Qiao Nian's performance after entering the institute.

Bo Jingxing looked at the girl’s uncontrollable arbitrariness, and felt that his worries were unnecessary. Judging from the daily operations of this boss, the First Research Institute might not be enough for her to play!

"Why don't you even say that." Qin Si was slightly dissatisfied and just protested.

Qiao Nian's phone rang.

She casually looked down at the caller ID, her dark eyes darkened, and said to the people in the living room: "I'm going back to the room first."

"Um, you went up so soon? How about we team up to play black and play a few games. I will call Zhang Yang and the others..." Qin Si saw the girl's ice-sculpted face and thought Qiao Nian said what he said. He didn't care easily, but still cared about being assigned to the Level 3 laboratory, and offered to play the black cracking game together.

Qiao said but didn’t mean to play: "I have something to do, you can play."

As she said, she walked upstairs.

Ye Wangchuan looked at her figure going upstairs, his eyes flashed, and his voice solemnly said, “I’ll wait for you to warm up a cup of milk.”

Qiao Nian seemed to be very busy, and without looking back, she let out a lazy ‘um’.

disappeared into the corridor on the second floor of the villa in a blink of an eye.

As soon as she left, Ye Wangchuan walked to the sofa and kicked Qin Si, who occupies more than half of the sofa alone: ​​"Make room."

"Damn." Qin Si was kicked lightly by him, moved his **** depressed, and ran to the opposite side to sit with Bo Jingxing.

On weekdays, Bo Jingxing seemed to have a good temper. He allowed him to rub his position, lifted his eyelids with a smile, looked at Ye Wangchuan who was lazily nesting on the independent sofa, and pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose: " , Do you want to check the First Research Institute? See why Miss Qiao was assigned to the Level 3 laboratory."

"No." Ye Wangchuan knew the internal situation of the First Research Institute very well, and said in a faint tone: "It is not surprising that she was assigned to the Level 3 laboratory. She herself guessed the result. The person in charge of the Level 3 laboratory is Her friend, it’s not necessarily a bad thing for her to be sorted out."

Bo Jingxing had met Zhou Zhou once before, but he only knew that Zhou Zhou was a member of the First Research Institute, and he did not know Zhou Zhou's identity in the First Research Institute.

He thought that Qiao Nian’s friends were just ordinary people in the institute.

Plus Zhou Zhou is still very young.

He didn't think about the person in charge of the laboratory.

At this moment, I heard Ye Wangchuan say that the person in charge of the Level 3 laboratory is Qiao Nian’s friend. He didn’t know what he thought of. He was taken aback and frowned: "You said the person we saw that day...?"

(End of this chapter)

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