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Chapter 1993: I want the secret recipe of Ji's black powder

Chapter 1993 I Want the Secret Recipe of Jijia Black Gunpowder

Sure enough.

Qiao Nian just thought for a while, and then agreed: "Yes."

Ji Hongyuan's tight heartstring loosened.

He just said to the auctioneer that it’s okay.

At this moment, the girl also slowly said: "Since I lose and I want to leave the First Research Institute, what about you lose?"

"I can't lose!" Ji Hongyuan was very confident, his cloudy eyes seemed to have all the initiative, strong and domineering.

"Tsk." The girl smiled lightly, her exquisite face was somewhat mockingly surly, and she didn't talk nonsense with him, she said concisely: "If I lose, I will leave the No. 1 Institute. If the Ji family loses, I will take How about the secret recipe of black powder?"

Ji Hongyuan looked at her fiercely, surprised, his eyes were fierce, and he wanted to tear Qiao Nian off: "..."

Qiao Nian didn’t care, her eyes were facing each other, and her dark eyes were condensed. His so-called warning and ferocious eyes seemed to not make any waves in her. She stretched out her hand and lowered her peaked cap, and said frivolously, “Ji’s family won’t play. Sorry?"

One sentence blocked all Ji Hongyuan's retreat.

Under everyone's eyes, Ji Hongyuan couldn't admit that he couldn't afford to play, and that the Ji family represented behind him couldn't play.

After all, in everyone's eyes, Qiao Nian is just a bun from outside Independence Continent.

As one of the three major families in Independence Continent, if the Ji family is beaten by a girl who has no foundation, he still dare not accept it.

That is the big joke.

Ke Ji’s secret recipe for black gunpowder is nothing ordinary, it’s Ji’s secret.

Ji Hongyuan suddenly changed his mind.

He Lin took the opportunity to lower his voice and persuade him: "Sixth Elder, or forget it today."

It's okay that he doesn't say this, so bring it up.

Instead, Ji Hongyuan became more determined: "Hmph, I'm going to teach her a lesson, Huangkou Xiaoer, dare to ask me for the secret recipe of black powder."

After Ji Hongyuan finished speaking, he said to the auctioneer in the audience: "Yes, I bet."

He Lin couldn't persuade him to see.

can only be anxious on the sidelines.

The bet is set.

One party is betting on all his own future, the other is betting on the secret recipe of the family, both sides are full of gunpowder.

The auctioneer briefly explained the rules for betting on stones.

The rules are simple.

Whoever bets on the diamonds and jade in the stone will win. A total of three will be opened. The highest total price will win, and the winner can make a request to the loser.

Before the start of the gambling round, the auctioneer carefully asked the requirements of both parties again, and determined that one party was to leave Independence Island and the First Research Institute, and the other party wanted the secret recipe of Jijia Black Powder.

He couldn't help but started according to the rules.

All the things on the auction stage were removed, and then a few hot beauties carried a few inconspicuous stones onto the stage.

A total of twenty or so stones, large and small.

There are moss on the blue stones. From the outside, these stones are ordinary stones, but they are of different sizes and shapes.

Qin Si followed Qiao Nian out and went to the auction floor to choose stones.

He was a little uneasy, and asked the girl in a low voice: "Sister Joe, are you okay to play such a big game?"

"I've been playing, and if there are problems, I can only continue to play, take a step and take a step." Qiao Nian looked relaxed, and was in the mood to joke.

Qin Si was ordered by her, gave her a thumbs up, closed her mouth, and stopped being forced to talk.

Ji Hongyuan also came out of the box and selected stones accompanied by He Lin.

He looked cautious and seemed confident, and did not communicate with the girls during the whole process.

(End of this chapter)

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