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Chapter 1134 - Leaving the Pass

Chapter 1134 Leaving the Pass

Ninety-nine scarlet flame lamps surrounded Erlang Shen, continuously emitting red pillars of fire.

These pillars of fire were densely packed, shooting toward Erlang Shen from all directions.

But Erlang Shen stretched out his hand and opened a blue barrier in front of him. The flames from those scarlet flame lamps hit the barrier, splashing blue light.


Erlang Shen looked coldly at Sima Tian below. “You don’t understand the power of the Fourth Heaven at all! Now, it’s time for you to pay with your life!”

As he spoke, Erlang Shen waved his trident and a hundred-meter-long silver light slashed out directly.


The silver light cut through the huge city wall behind Sima’s family, easily tearing apart their defense.

“Yang Jian!”

Sima Tian roared, his entire body instantly erupting.

His hair suddenly turned red and then ignited.

He jumped into the air, stepping on two flames under his feet.

Red flame patterns crawled over Sima Tian’s skin. He opened his mouth and spewed out a flame!

The flame took the shape of a phoenix and rushed toward Erlang Shen.


The phoenix flame hit the barrier, distorting Erlang Shen’s defense.

“Not bad.”

Erlang Shen smiled. “Indeed, Sima Tian, you have some strength. But, with just this little strength, it’s not enough.”

As he spoke, Erlang Shen waved his trident, immediately tearing the phoenix apart with his silver light!

Sima Tian had already jumped onto the city wall, clapping his hands together.

A hot flame storm had already swept up, tearing at Erlang Shen’s barrier!

This flame storm reached the ground and extended to the sky, shooting straight up into the clouds.

Erlang Shen’s barrier continued to twist, nearly crumbling under the attack of the flame storm.


Erlang Shen was very disdainful, holding his trident and throwing it toward Sima Tian.

The trident turned into a silver dragon, breaking through the flame storm and pouncing toward Sima Tian.

Sima Tian furrowed his brows. The power of this dragon made his hair stand on end. The Fourth Heaven… was truly extraordinary.

Sima Tian withdrew his ninety-nine scarlet flame lamps, using them to block in front of him.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The dragon crashed into the scarlet flame lamps, twisting and warping them. They seemed as though they would be destroyed at any moment.

The blazing lamp was starting to falter, and Sima Tian’s brow furrowed tightly.

“Go die!”

At that moment, a red-haired beauty appeared next to Erlang Shen.

Sima Rou wielded her sword and slashed it towards Erlang Shen’s neck!


Erlang Shen was already furious at the woman who had just killed Yang Wei. Now, seeing Sima Rou, he sneered coldly.

“Bringing this upon yourself.”

He grabbed Sima Rou’s sword with one hand and threw her with incredible force.

Sima Rou’s body was thrown by the immense strength and crashed into the city wall, causing a large portion of Sima’s family’s defenses to collapse.

“Yang Jian!”

Sima Tian roared, and the blazing lamp erupted in flames, tearing the silver dragon apart.

At the same time, he shot out a palm, and a massive flame palm appeared in the air, grabbing Erlang Shen!

The barrier had already been shattered, and Erlang Shen’s body was directly grabbed by the flame palm and held tightly.

“I’ll kill you!”

Sima Tian’s palm tightened, and the flame palm seemed to want to crush Erlang Shen to death.

Erlang Shen sneered, and the third eye on his forehead emitted a radiance that instantly tore the flame palm apart.

“Fourth Heaven…”

A sense of powerlessness rose in Sima Tian, and he felt that Sima’s family might really be finished today.

Sima Rou jumped out again, blood trickling from the corners of her mouth, holding her sword high.


The eye on Erlang Shen’s forehead emitted a glow and captured Sima Rou in mid-air.

Sima Rou’s body was locked by the golden light and continuously harmed, and she couldn’t help but scream in pain.

“Yang Jian!”

Sima Tian leaped up and launched an attack at Erlang Shen, but it was easily blocked.

“Sima Tian, it seems that Sima’s family is finished today.”

Yang Jian chuckled, “You brought this upon yourself, don’t blame me!”

As he spoke, Erlang Shen prepared to kill Sima Rou first.

However, at that moment, a woman glided out of the city on a Nine-Feathered Peacock.

“Head of the family?”

“Our head of the family is here!”

“Great, with the head of the family here, we can definitely defeat Yang Jian!”

The people murmured excitedly, but Sima Tian frowned upon seeing Sima Jiao come out.

Because he felt that Sima Jiao seemed to have lost her power, she was under the pressure of Erlang Shen, and her body was covered in cold sweat.

This was not the behavior of a master who had defeated himself! Could it be that Sima Jiao had encountered some kind of problem?

“Are you the head of the family?”

Erlang Shen’s eyes brightened, “I sense a familiar scent from you! It seems that you know the whereabouts of Liu Yi.”

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“I don’t know who Liu Yi is!”

Sima Jiao looked at her imprisoned sister in the air and gritted her teeth, “Release my sister!”

“Sima… Jiao…”

Sima Rou felt intense pain throughout her body and looked down at Sima Jiao, “Don’t… come… save me!”

“I am the head of the family! Your life is in my hands!”

Sima Jiao shouted at Sima Rou.

Sima Rou frowned and stopped speaking.

“You, as the so-called head of the family, have no real power, but you’re quite brave.”

Erlang Shen sneered, “Since you’re not telling me, I’ll have to kill them!”

With that, Erlang Shen was about to kill Sima Rou.

Sima Rou screamed even more pitifully.

Erlang Shen had a smug smile on his face.

Sima Tian attacked like crazy, but was easily blocked by Erlang Shen.


Sima Jiao was about to collapse and shouted, “I said stop!”

Erlang Shen laughed heartily and continued to use the power of his forehead and eyes.

Sima Rou’s clothes burst open in many places, revealing her snow-white skin, which was covered in many wounds with blood flowing out.


Sima Jiao cried tears of blood, but she couldn’t do anything to help.

At this moment, a huge demon appeared in the sky. The demon extended its hand and swung a white bone spear towards Erlang Shen.

Erlang Shen was startled and quickly erected a barrier to block the bone spear. However, the bone spear easily tore through his barrier and approached him.

“Damn it!” Erlang Shen shook his Three-Pointed Double-Edged Spear and struck the bone spear. The spear exploded into small bone spurs and then enveloped him.

Erlang Shen was sent flying back several tens of meters and continuously waved his spear to smash the bone spurs.

A man’s figure landed on the city wall. Sima Rou’s body fell from the sky and was caught by the man.

Sima Rou opened her eyes and saw the man with golden pupils, and then she completely fainted.

“Isn’t this the witch slave of the Sima family?”

“Could it be that he is the wanted criminal of the Heavenly Court?”

Everyone was shocked to see his appearance.

Liu Yi hugged Sima Rou and then handed her over to Sima Tian, who was also stunned.

“Sorry for causing trouble to the Sima family.”

Liu Yi turned around and ten suns appeared behind him, slowly rotating. Golden lightning arcs constantly wandered on his body, demonstrating his strong power.

“She asked you to stop just now, didn’t you hear?”

Liu Yi stood on the city wall, looked at Erlang Shen, and said slowly.

Liu Yi had opened the second level of his Heavenly Transformation and his strength had already reached the level of the Lower Realm Fourth Heaven.

He was much calmer now when he looked at Erlang Shen. This man who had used despicable means to steal his power would be sent to hell by his own hands.

“You, are you Liu Yi?”

Erlang Shen finally eliminated all the bone spears and was extremely surprised to see Liu Yi. “Why have you advanced in strength again?”

“What do you think?” Liu Yi smiled and hugged his arms. “For a revengeful person, there’s nothing they can’t do. Yang Jian, in our human world, there’s a saying you might not have heard before: If you choose to live by the sword, you will die by the sword!”

“Just based on you?”

Erlang Shen snorted, “The power of a true lord is not something you can contend with!”

“Capture him!”

The elite soldiers of the Divine General’s camp all threw their Soul-Capturing Ropes in an attempt to catch Liu Yi.

But Liu Yi simply stood on top of the city wall and with a casual wave of his hand, a huge palm imprint appeared on the ground, annihilating tens of thousands of heavenly soldiers and generals!

Even the soldiers from the Divine General’s camp were unable to survive.

“Such power…!”

Erlang Shen was greatly surprised, never expecting that Liu Yi had progressed so much that he had even reached the level of the Fourth Heavenly Layer!

This was impossible. After all, he had stripped Liu Yi of all his power years ago. How could he become even stronger than before in just thirty years?

Above Liu Yi’s eyebrows, a Tai Chi mark faintly glowed.

Little Nine was very happy and flew back to Liu Yi’s shoulder.

This little creature could transform freely; when Sima Jiao had stepped on it earlier, it had elongated three meters. Now, it had transformed into a small bird, looking unremarkable except for the red flame burning above its head.

“It turns out that the Nine Feathers Peacock belongs to you…”

Sima Tian laughed bitterly. “I said that Sima Jiao was mediocre and couldn’t possibly summon the Nine Feathers Peacock… Who are you exactly?”

“A friend,” Liu Yi simply said, putting Sima Tian’s mind at ease.

“You, the wanted criminal of the Heavenly Court!”

Erlang Shen roared, “Let me capture you, the true lord!”

Liu Yi smiled, “The corrupt rule of the Heavenly Court has lasted for too long. It’s time to put an end to all of this.”

He raised both hands, “Before Qin Shi Huang comes to end the Heavenly Court, I’ll take care of it first.”

“Just you?” Erlang Shen’s figure suddenly appeared in front of Liu Yi, his Trident Spear aimed at Liu Yi, “You have to pass this test from me first!”

Liu Yi brushed aside the Trident Spear with his right hand and simultaneously grabbed Erlang Shen’s forehead with his left hand. In an instant, the two disappeared!

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