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CH 241

“If it’s the Plains headquarters…… It’s where the Commander-in-Chief Granville is located.”

“Kiskis, what else is he gonna try to make us do?”

Tale and Biyemi said to Kijeong and Leeha knew as well.

The place where their quest was first assigned was named the Plains headquarters, and now, Granville, the Commander-in-Chief, and land warfare commander, was going to give direct orders.

“Will he give us something like a special reward? There are cases like that in the military, right hyung?.”

“Don’t expect too much, Kijeong-ah. As Biyemi-nim said. If they could make you do more, then they will. In any case, it would be good for us, but…… if I was the commander-in-chief, I would give a different quest. What about the reward? It is likely to be much greater than the simple contribution-acquiring operation like now.

Leeha smacked his lips and started cleaning up. They left only after removing any and all  traces of their existence.

“Then, let’s go! Ah, our scrolls-”


“I have mine!”

“Use this, use this, Leeha-nim, please!”

Waah! One at a time, one at a time!”

He realized once again that even when he’s popular, it would still be a problem.

“There are so many people.”

“Certainly……. Besides, the security is ironclad.”

There were so many soldiers near the Plains headquarters that Byeolcho members were surprised. Most of their troops have gone out to the frontline, but it was still crowded.

‘If it’s this number, it would be difficult for Petyr to even try.’

Contrary to the Byeolcho members, Leeha was relieved of his worries. He thought that members of Midnight Circus might sneak in somewhere and try to assassinate Granville, but with this kind of security, it would be fine.

“Master Kay-nim, and the Matan Shooter, Ha Leeha-nim!”

Ron, who had already met them, embraced Kijeong and Leeha at the same time. Knowing why he was doing it, they didn’t hate the intense embrace of the middle-aged man.

‘The more points we get, the more Ron’s, who gave the quest to the Byeolcho Special Forces, stock prices would go up. Thanks to Leeha, the relationship between Byeolcho, one of the strongest guilds in Korea, and Rush, one of the largest guilds in the U.S. was also getting stronger.

“Everything okay?”

“What’s the big deal? Every time Byeolcho Special Force is active, the frontline moves forward. I haven’t even seen a hair from the Minis’ side lately.”

Ron responded with a smile to Leeha’s greeting.

“Then why did you call today-”

“Ah, Granville said he had something to say. Would you like to come in?”

According to position, Ron was a regiment commander, and Kijeong and Leeha’s party were only one platoon, but there was no vertical treatment. Rather, it was closer to Ron, who was the regiment commander, serving the platoon members with great care.

“Commander-in-Chief Granville. The Byeolcho Special Forces have arrived.”

“Come in.”

When he finished speaking, the door to the tent opened. The first thing that caught their attention was a gigantic hologram of a telescope, as they had seen in Ron’s tent before.

And one old NPC sitting at the top. Users or NPCs above the rank of division and regiment commanders were lined up left and right.

And another person was with them

“Huh? Why are you here-”

“If you’re going to be so active, why didn’t you put our names together?

The red-haired woman, Ram Hwayeon, cut off Leeha’s words. (ed: Dammit she’s back.)

“Did she call hyung?”

“Would I have been surprised if that had been the case?”

“T-that’s right. Then-”

Kijeong was surprised as well. He hadn’t seen her since the royal palace quest, so why was she here?

‘No, since Hwahong was also one of Fibiel’s guild they would naturally be interested in the war too, but……

It’s not “Ram Hwajeong”, but Ram Hwayeon?

Also, with NPCs at the regiment and division commander level?

It was only natural that Kijeong would be confused. For half a month after the start of the war in Middle Earth, Ram Hwayeon and Jacheong had to fight their own completely different battles.

Their war was about negotiating on providing supplies!

Ram Hwayeon knew that it wouldn’t do much if she negotiated on providing supplies when the war had just begun.

‘You’ll appreciate the food more when you’re hungry.’

However, in a situation where she didn’t know what was happening in the war, Ram Hwayeon couldn’t just watch. Through the intimacy with the royal family and Shin Nara, which was forged through the royal palace quest, she looked for opportunities in various fields .

At that time she did not know what was happening with Leeha and Kijeong, but they had intelligence agents that were stationed everywhere, not only on Marching Plains, but also on the Dike Coast, where Kraven’s Navy was dispatched. And finally, the call came. To the place where the biggest battle was happening, the Marching Plains.

In a way, it was only natural for Ram Hwayeon to come here at this time.

“You know each other?”

“Yes, commander-in-chief.”

“Good. I will now  inform you about the importance of this operation.”

Granville nodded. The old knight’s deep and heavy voice entered Leeha’s ears.

‘It’s a mission. As expected, they have gathered all of us here……

It might be a new mission. Just as he was trying to figure out what kind of mission it would be by looking at the map, Granville stood up.

“Who is the captain for the Byeolcho Special Force? Come forward.”

At Granville’s words, Byeolcho Special force’s members went to two places. From their perspective, there were only two candidates who could be the captain.

“Oh, t-that, hyung? It’s my hyung.”

“Huh? Kijeong, you have to do it. It’s the special force named ‘Byeolcho’. The guild master of Byeolcho must go.”

“No! It’s scary.”

“Hey you idiot! What are you so afraid of? Get out there!”

And the two made pointed at each other.

‘Anyway, those two……. They’re still playing around in this situation.’

Ram Hwayeon’s gaze was fixed at the two, specially on Leeha.

She came here and heard about Leeha’s activities. She reached out to the royal palace and as she was running around, she heard some keyword about the “New Continent”.

While she was obsessed with making money, Ram Hwayeon was somewhat in awe when she heard the news about Leeha, who was active on the battlefield, and somewhat relieved to see his unchanging personality.

‘He’s a person who doesn’t change…… That’s why he is interesting.’ 

Was he just interesting? The corner of Ram Hwayeon’s lips rose as she looked at Leeha. 

“No, I think it’s right for hyung to go this time. If all of the members are sent outside, and only the captain is left, then what should I do if I misunderstand the mission?”

“That…… that makes sense. Cough, I understand.”

Leeha did not want to make a name for himself, but Kijeong had a more logical reason.

In the end, Leeha sighed and walked in front of Granville.

“Captain of the Byeolcho Special force, Ha Leeha, reporting for duty. Commander-in-chief Granville sir!”

“I know what you did.”


Granville’s eyes were bitter. Although Granville aura seemed less imposing when he was before the king, but his aura at the moment felt stronger than the Fibiel’s king.

Besides, his attittude felt like he was somewhat scolding him….

“It’s because of you.”

“What…… are you talking about sir?”

He held out his hand. When Leeha’s hand was grabbed, he felt a gripping force.

“I expected the formation of the frontline of Marching Plains would be on hold for at least 90 days…….

Because of you, it was shortened to less than 30 days. Thanks to you, our military had to rework all of the strategies that we had struggled to come up with, so how can we not blame you?” (ed: WOT. What do you mean its his fault for doing a good job?)

Granville released Leeha’s hand.

His angry expression suddenly softened. Leeha also noticed Granville’s purpose.

“Thank you. It is thanks to you.”

“You praise me too much. I just did my duty as a soldier sir.”


Leeha’s answer was in line with the what most conservative soldier NPC wanted. 

Granville went back to his seat, sat down, and shouted.

“Military advisor!”


“Brief the Byeolcho Special force with our battle progress.”


Another NPC suddenly got up and approached Leeha. The chess pieces began to move on the huge map floating as hologram.

“These are the changes in the frontline due to the performance of the Byeolcho Special force. The occupation of high grounds, which was initially expected to take 15 days, was significanty shortened, and our army was able to push forward at once. As the commander-in-chief said, we greatly appreciate all of you hard work.”

Leeha nodded his head lightly at the NPC’s words and tried to focus on the map, but it still touched his heart.

‘No, did they expect it to take more than 15 days for each high ground?’ (ed: Did they really think that they could get all of the high grounds?)

The occupation period granted for each hill was 15 days. Did they give the quest while considering the period of occupation after experiencing one failure at the start?

‘Are they trying to make the users have a contribution debt? Come to think of it, the deadline for Ron to reach the end of the Marching Plains was 60 days, right? But Granville just said that it would take 90 days. Anyway, the people from Middle Earth…” 

Leeha shook his head lightly and concentrated on the map again.

There were sharp protruding parts in various places in the frontline, from the upper left to the lower left.

Of course, the protruding part was the arrow extending to the 7 o’clock direction, and the divisions advancing by occupying the high ground was based on Leeha’s activities.

“Those stupid Minis brutes, but unfortunately Ewin is an exception. He’s living up to his name as a scheming fox.”

As they broke through the frontlines, they had an operation that would have encircled and annihilate the stretched out Minis army, but as seen on the map, they have already started to retreat.

‘The frontline hadn’t been complete lost yet, but they are already retreating. Minis’ commander-in-chief’s judgement is too fast.’

Ewin was also known as the fox of the prairie.

It was thought that the reason Fibiel’s army was having a hard time pushing forward despite their larger number’s compared to Minis was due to Ewin’s clever tactics.

‘Is he the one who dispatched the rock magician? No, the commander-in-chief wouldn’t give direct instructions to even a single soldier-”


They need to find out the enemy’s intentions by reading the movement of the enemy’s army.

In particular, since this kind of map could not be seen from Leeha’s position, he tried to dig up as much information as he could.

“However, the fox probably didn’t know that they are cutting off their own flesh. Most importantly, because he couldn’t predict your outstanding performance.”

The NPC praised Leeha and continued the briefing.

“So, our army is going to break through the Marching Plains withing 30 days like this and immediately enter into a siege warfare.”

“Siege warfare?”

The map was zooming out revealing Minis’ entire field. Fibiel’s army, spread across Marching Plains, was concentrated in one point. It was pointed toward Minis’ castle.

“A break point”

“There’s no need to spread the frontline wide. After breaking through the Marching Plains, we can concentrate our forces and go straight to the capital of Minis. We have 7 cities or castles to occupy until then.”

Most of Fibiel was mountainous, whereas most of Minis was flat land.

Normally, they would have to invade gradually while maintaining a wide frontline, but with Fibiel’s current circumstances, that  wouldn’t have to be the case. Rather, they could directly target the capital city by only capturing the necessary cities in the shortest distance.

‘It is certainly the fastest way to end the war. If they captured the capital, it was practically the end-’

However, was it possible?

Did they believe in Leeha’s abilities to the extent that they would revise all their plans for battle going forward?

‘Going to the capital through the shortest route, and minimizing combat at all costs. Anyway, the distance is still far. Besides, since we will only break through at one point, there could only be one supply line between the base and the frontline. If the supply line is cut, wouldn’t it will cause enormous damages to the frontline?!’

As soon as he got to that point, Leeha realized.

When he lifted his head and looked at Ram Hwayeon, she nodded as if she had read Leeha’s thoughts.

Hwahong came here to take charge of the supply line.

“Do you know what that means?”

“I…… know.”

All divisions would gather on Marching Plains and start the siege warfare. Before Minis could notice Fibiel’s operation while retreating, Fibiel will quickly capture cities on their way to the capital! However, what if they tried to cut off their line of supply that Hwahong is protecting in the back?

‘It’s just as it says. The war could end much sooner. So what do we need to do?’

As soon as Leeha’s thoughts got to there, the NPC spoke again.

“The task for the Byeolcho Special force is simple. Before the siege begins, we settle near the Jeoksung fortress, and destroy their barricade.” 

As soon as he finished speaking, a notification window popped up in front of all the people in the outpost.

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