CH 6.2

She made a slight clicking noise with her tongue before adjusting his attire and proceeding to the nearby mini fridge. Upon opening it, she discovered a one-liter container of water and two bottles of orange juice, likely provided for the students in counseling.

“I am pleased that I obtained some water, at least.”

She shut the refrigerator and gazed at him briefly before averting her gaze toward the entrance.

It would be advisable for her to visit the infirmary, as it is close by and should not take a long time.

Recollections of the harrowing events of the early morning hours came to her mind, and she was hesitant to return to that dreadful place. She knew the middle manager had a history of relocating frequently, so there was a chance he had moved on. Despite this, she was still reluctant to go.

Nevertheless, she had to; they needed food…

The zombies moved slower when the sun shone, making them more manageable. Consequently, it was necessary to take action immediately. The initial step was to find a suitable weapon, as it would be unwise to venture out unarmed.

‘Weapons… A weapon.’

“Alas, I do not possess anything that could be utilized as a weapon.”

She has considered utilizing a thick, hardcover book as a potential tool in combating a zombie. However, she is uncertain if it would be effective. Striking them with an edge or a flat surface is unlikely to cause any damage to their skulls. Furthermore, it is of small size and uncomfortable to wield.

One must ponder the amount of blood a typical zombie possesses. At the start of the game, the main character dispatches a couple of them with a chair constructed from iron, which proves to be an effective method. She glanced at the book in her possession.

“Eh. Will it work?”

With a deep exhale, she placed the book aside. She surveyed the area again, her eyes lingering on a particular spot.

“It may be prudent to take action against him with a chair.”

Contrarily, the chairs present did not resemble the collapsible iron chairs employed by the main character in the game. It would be unfeasible to combat zombies with a cumbersome chair that could not be folded. After one strike, her vigor would be depleted, and she would be susceptible to being bitten by the zombie.

She has returned to the beginning, feeling discouraged as she had not progressed. However, something caught her attention and alleviated her frustration.

“Huh? Maybe this will work?”

Suddenly, she found herself in possession of a tripod. The source of its presence remains a mystery. However, it is constructed of iron and is of adequate length to be held and swung. The tripod comprises three legs, which appear to be of solid construction and unlikely to break when joined together.

“Let us proceed with caution and embrace the unknown. To thrive in this environment, you must become accustomed to it.”

She advanced cautiously toward the door, endeavoring to still her beating heart. She gingerly twisted the doorknob, opened it just enough to create a sliver of an opening, and then cautiously stuck her head in and looked around. she shut her eyes tightly, praying that it was not a mutant zombie.

Fortunately, they were only regular zombies. Nevertheless, she was still apprehensive due to the sheer number of them. It appeared that they had been attracted by the disturbance from the day before and had congregated rather than dispersed.

Thus far, the situation had been as anticipated, so she endeavored to remain composed and withdrew a small, cubic object from her pocket. She had discovered it earlier when she was surveying the counseling room and was aware it would be helpful.

After manipulating the object, she took a deep, calming breath. She gradually opened the door and flung it open with all her strength. The direction was away from the infirmary, as far away as she could manage. Soon enough, the consistent beeping of the alarm caused the zombies to rotate their heads toward the sound and wander away.

This was our opportunity. She was unaware of how long the stopwatch would be sounding to draw the zombies’ attention, so she had to act hurriedly. She dashed out of the consultation room, shut the door behind her, and sprinted down the deserted hallway. In no time, she was standing before the nurse’s office.

The door was opened impressively.

Upon beholding the destruction of the health center, her jaw dropped in disbelief. She gathered her composure and stepped inside, taking caution to avoid the broken glass that littered the floor. She proceeded to the shelves where the medications were kept, only to find them overturned, as she had caused the commotion the night before.

She surmises that she shall require medication to heal her injuries and analgesics initially… It is all messy, and she is unaware of what is what. He gazed at the pharmaceuticals on the desk and what remained on the shelves. She furrowed her brow for a brief moment, then bent down to examine the tablets on the floor individually…


As she bent over, she encountered a zombie cowering beneath her desk, and their eyes met. She abruptly stood up in alarm. It was a near miss. The zombie leaped up and attempted to bite her when their eyes connected.

“Oh, shit, Mr. ….”

She firmly held the tripod with both hands and forcefully swung it at the zombie that had emerged from beneath her desk. With an audible thud, its head separated and rolled away across the floor.

“Ugh, ugh….”

She was not prepared for the sudden shock that she experienced. She had to restrain a yell that was about to escape from her. Her hands were shaking as she held onto the tripod, attempting to steady her racing heart and double-check her medication, only to observe more zombies walking down the corridor.

Oh no, she had not heard the stopwatch ringing. It was already finished, meaning zombies would be in the halls again.

It was observed that the windows and doors of the nurse’s office had been broken, providing a visible view of the hallway. Despite the belief that zombies react mainly to sound, it does not indicate that they cannot see; however, although their sight may be slightly impaired, they are remarkably adept at detecting human beings.

“Oh, shit!

In a hurry, she bent down and took cover behind her desk. She had a second stopwatch to lead the zombies back to the consultation chamber. She paused and glanced out of the window, noticing an increasing number of zombie heads popping up.

She believed she was confined to the medical facility for a brief period. However, she soon realized she had to retrieve her medication. Hastily, she swept her hand across the ground to search for the drugs, unavoidably coming into contact with the broken glass, resulting in a cut and bloody hand.

‘Mr….. What a mess.’

Glancing at her wounded hand, she let out a sob, yet she continued to collect her medications.

“Blood… I smell blood….”


The eerie reverberation immobilized her from down the hallway. She peered out the window and saw the multitude of zombies traversing the hallway, all moving in the same direction.

“Uh, uh… No way.”

He detects the odor of blood… He sees the irresistible scent of blood. There appear to be humans in the vicinity.


The combination of the unexpected zombie reaction and the reverberating voices in the corridor prompted only one thought.

‘ Damn it… It’s a mutant zombie.’

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