CH 7.1

They have a challenging situation ahead of them; they have made it past the mid-boss, yet now they must confront a mutated zombie. The saying “over the hill and through the woods” appears to be fitting for this situation.

She observed as the blood from her injuries trickled down to the floor, and she suppressed a gasp. It could be said that the scent of blood is distinct to the olfactory sense. However, this was too intense.

Do-Yoon and Ji-Ah were both injured, and it seemed likely that their whereabouts were already known. Generally, zombies are attracted to the most aromatic scent of blood. Since Do-yoon had lost more blood than she had, it was highly probable that he would be targeted by the zombie while unconscious.

It was her responsibility to take it down, regardless of her opinion.

She lacked self-assurance as she faced the mutated zombie, which was more extensive and powerful than her. Its movements were sluggish, however, which gave her a chance to survive. It was still dripping blood, so she had to take action to protect herself and those around her.

She was becoming overwhelmed with stress. Taking a single breath felt like a challenge, and the pressure was mounting. She inhaled deeply to remain composed, though the zombie’s voice still echoed. It was drawing nearer, and its size gave it an intimidating advantage. She had to find a way to disable it before attempting to attack.

As she scoured the room, she discovered a fire extinguisher lying on the ground. She contemplated using it to obscure her view but realized that the scent of her blood would still lead it to her. She was in a difficult situation, as she could not observe what was ahead of her.

She proceeded to the execution with caution, retrieving the lighter that had dropped along with the lantern.

‘Was this lighter in the wardroom? If it was, then!’

She unfurled the delicate fabric and was about to douse it in her blood. However, witnessing only a few droplets land on the expansive material was disheartening. Ultimately, she procured a suitable piece of glass and sliced her palm.


It is excruciating.

She was compelled to take drastic action if she wished to impede the mutant zombies’ progress. Consequently, she threw a large quantity of blood in his direction, knowing his sluggish movements would slow his escape. She then removed the pillow cover and poured the entire bottle of alcohol disinfectant on the wound, not even feeling the sting.

The distinct sound of the mutant zombie’s footsteps reverberated in her vicinity, instilling a sense of dread and causing her heart to race. Subsequently, its head appeared beyond the window.

She is capable of completing this task, and she must do so.

She rose from the bed, taking the damp pillow cover with her, and unsteadily opened the last bottle of alcohol. She then firmly grasped the sheet in her hands and stood up. With a deep breath, she hurled the bottle of alcohol with all her might. It flew past the window and precisely hit the mutant’s head. The liquid inside spilled out, and the man gradually turned his head towards me.

Her muscles tensed, and her limbs trembled as she spotted him, merely by his gaze. He smiled and then leaned against the wall as he stepped inside.


Her expression changed to distress as she burst through the wall and saw the zombie approaching her. Her muscles tensed as they advanced. She released a sharp breath as she hurled the sheet at it and managed to cover the zombie’s head completely. She then attempted to set the pillow cover alight and throw it. However, her hands were trembling so much that she could not light the lighter.

“Please, please, please…!”

The zombie momentarily paused, seemingly detecting the aroma of burning flesh as it removed the sheet. Taking advantage of the opportunity, it spun the lighter’s flint and ignited the fire. However, the joy of success was short-lived. The pillow cover was thrown at the zombie before the flames could grow unmanageable. The alcohol-soaked mutant zombie was exposed to the fire.

“Kyaaaak!! Keeeaaaak!! Huuut, huuttt…. Kreeeooooo!!!”

The blaze, which had reached the same size as the zombie, generated intense heat that even she, who was nearby, could feel. She quickly moved away and retrieved the fire extinguisher. She contemplated dragging the zombie to contain the fire from spreading to other areas. The flames swayed perilously in line with the zombie’s movements, which were contorting in agony. She observed the scene with trepidation.

The sound of anguish and the stench of burning skin permeated the atmosphere. It was horrifying. It was agonizing and petrifying. This was the experience of being burned alive. She believed that this experience would never leave her memory. Eventually, the zombie’s movements ceased.

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