CH 7.2

She disengaged the fire extinguisher pin and activated the lever. Her hand quivered.

“Cough, cough… Ugh!”

In a split second, the area was covered in a white fog, and particles were propelled into her eyes and nostrils, making it impossible to open or inhale. Interesting, so this is what it feels like to be sprayed with a fire extinguisher?

She was taken aback by the sudden transformation of the environment. She cautiously surveyed the area, shielding her face with her hands. She looked for any signs of the zombie’s remains, assuming that the flames must have taken its life.

She observed a zombie with a darkened visage in her presence. However, she was perplexed as to why it was upright.

‘Is it operational? Are they witnessing a live demonstration?’

Despite being reduced to a burnt corpse, the figure stood and began to approach her slowly.

She is perplexed as to why this issue persists and is seemingly unyielding.

Its visage was so startling that she was left agape. She held her gaze and cautiously retreated. She hastened to the spot where she had placed the triangular stand.


She attempted to flee. However, the individual apprehended her ankle and yanked her back. Subsequently, she was pulled to the floor, and her cries of distress were released.

“I require assistance! Please remove the intruder immediately!”

Fragments of glass, a fire extinguisher, and the severed head of the recently deceased zombie were strewn across the ground. She attempted to escape the situation by throwing whatever was within her reach.

“I urge you to disengage from this situation! Please, take your distance!”

The individual who had been restraining her until the end finally let go. She attempted to free herself by scratching the ground with her fingernails. However, the more she struggled, the more they tightened their hold on her ankle as if attempting to snap it off.

“No, no!! Please, don’t… Please!”

At that moment, her ankle was abruptly freed from its hold. Taking advantage of the chance, she utilized her other foot to push his hand away. Subsequently, she seized a triangle and aggressively swung it. She is uncertain of the events that follow. She kept swinging. When she regained her senses, she observed a mutilated body that was indistinguishable.


She was overwhelmed by the horrific scene that she had caused. The infirmary was in disarray, with body parts spread across the floor and strange substances adorning the walls. Her body suddenly felt weak, and she collapsed in her seat. As she gazed at the sky, she felt something wet touch her hand. When she looked down, she saw a pair of red eyes staring at her, the eyes of the zombie she had slain.


She opened the door in a disoriented state. Her emotions suddenly appeared upon seeing him seated on the sofa, and tears started to flow. She felt an overwhelming urge to express herself. She desperately wanted to let go of everything. She felt embarrassed and did not want him to witness her current state. Fortunately, he was asleep, so she was spared from showing him her vulnerable state.

She placed the medication she had procured on the table. She is uncertain how it came into her possession, but she took it without conscious thought. Indeed, she had to take it despite the difficulty of the situation.

After observing the medication for some time, she retrieved the triangular object and exited the area. She then utilized the triangle to eliminate any oncoming zombies. Surprisingly, she felt no emotion throughout the process.

She immediately went to the bathroom and positioned herself in front of the sink. Upon gazing into the mirror, she noticed a disheveled figure with an abundance of dirt coating its body.

She was unwilling to accept the truth. That was not her behavior.

She lifted the triangle and shattered the mirror.

“That isn’t my reflection… I’m a person. I’m not a monster,” She declared.

She released a deep breath as she set the basin atop the washstand and filled it with water. She desired to rid her garments of dirt and grime. She removed her formerly white, now grey-blue coat and submerged it in the basin. She attempted to remove the spots from her clothing with her damaged hands.

The water and clothing became increasingly red as she continued with this task.

“Ouch, it hurts…”

The water exacerbated the lacerations caused by the glass fragments, causing immense discomfort. Han Ji-Ah attempted to clean the garment. However, it only became more soiled. Consequently, the tears that had been accumulating in her eyes were released.

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