CH 8.1

After cleaning the sections of her coat that the water had soiled, she hung it on the window frame. Despite her efforts, the skin did not regain its original hue. However, it did feel somewhat rejuvenated after being washed with fresh water.

‘…Snap out of it. In the end, I had to do this to survive here. Don’t think too deeply about it.’

With her head lowered and her thoughts put aside, she approached the table and collected the necessary medications. She then proceeded to Do-yoon, lying down, and delicately removed his clothing to assess the wound. She then rechecked his condition.

As time elapsed, the bleeding from the affected area ceased. Initially, Han Ji-Ah had to sanitize the wound and administer medication. However, there was no appropriate fabric available.

“What should I do…”

There were numerous steps to be taken and potential for injury. It was premature to apply a bandage. While Han Ji-Ah was deliberating, something caught her attention.

“A shirt…”

Beneath the jacket was a white shirt that had become disheveled. The inner garments were relatively satisfactory as Han Ji-Ah had been securely enveloped in her coat. The sweater seemed of an adequate length and width to be trimmed at the hem for a layered look to be worn beneath a knit.

She suddenly recalled that she had been wearing a cozy hoodie and slim-fitting trousers at home before dozing off. When she opened her eyes at the cafe, she observed that she was already dressed in this attire.

‘Ugh, stop thinking about it. There’s no way to find an answer by analyzing this, and it’s not like I even chose to enter this game in the first place.’

She was fortunate to locate a pair of scissors, as she doubted she could rip the shirt visible beneath the knit fabric by hand. With a sigh, she used the scissors to cut it off.

To moisten it, she opted not to go to the bathroom and instead used a small amount of water.

She cautiously tended to Do-yoon’s wound by lightly moistening cloths and applying medicine and a bandage. Such was her first time watching someone else’s injury, so she was apprehensive and uncertain of the procedure, yet it seemed successful. She was content with the results and put away the remaining medicine, placing the painkiller beside her on the sofa. She anticipated the pain to be intense when he awoke, so she contemplated giving him the treatment. However, she questioned if it was permissible to give him the medicine in her absence.

She was concerned that consuming this medication without food could cause gastric distress, as he had not had a meal since the previous day.

“I guess it won’t work…”

She realized she had to venture out in search of sustenance once again. The thought of food exacerbated Do-Yoon’s hunger pangs, and she realized he had not eaten since the day prior.

“Ugh… I don’t want to move because I’m so tired and hungry.”

Her body was depleted, yet she was obliged to venture out again in pursuit of sustenance. It was an unenviable task, yet she had to accept the harsh reality and secure something to eat. She needed to acquire nourishment today, or else she would be unable to sustain herself the following day. It was unfeasible to remain hidden for a third day. She had to combat the zombies somehow, though she was uncertain if she could wield a weapon in her weakened condition. At the very least, she had to procure food to move more freely. There was nothing more reviving than consuming a meal and achieving a restful sleep to recuperate from his injuries.

“Damn it, I have to go out again.”

She averted her gaze as she let out a sigh, observing the patient in a state of slumber. She felt a sense of trepidation as she thought of the hardship she was about to endure while the patient was in a peaceful state. She was hesitant to be too stern with the patient, as they appeared to be fragile. However, she quickly realized that she, too, was a patient in this situation.

She was clothed in a coat. Thus no visible injuries were present. However, upon flexing her arms, she noticed evidence of bruising. Additionally, her hands were lacerated, her jeans were tattered, and her ankles were swollen. What could have caused these symptoms?

“Rise, please. I’m the only one enduring this situation. If you arise, you will have plenty to consume. If you find the secret items, I will provide you with honey or something else from the back.”

Even though he could not respond, she continued to express her frustration at their situation. To be candid, she was concerned about being left alone. She would be without support if he were to pass away in this state. She fervently hoped he would regain consciousness soon.

She believed that humans are social creatures, and the prospect of living alone among the masses without anyone to depend on or converse with seemed inconceivable. She was sure that her sanity was slipping away.

“Are you prepared to handle the consequences of having the Hidden Piece in the future? Having to reduce your mental strength each time you use your ability could prove to be difficult. It cannot be done alone, and you will need someone reliable to assist you.”

As a neophyte counseling psychologist, she is currently gaining knowledge and experience in human psychology and counseling. However, she is still in the early stages of her development.

“I am fortunate to have encountered someone like you willing to lend an ear to my concerns and make me feel at ease. Such a person is hard to come by. In any case, I will take care of the repercussions should you not wake up soon, my friend.”

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