Chapter 565 - Impossible

Chapter 565: Impossible

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Jiang Yue was sitting in the cafe, scrolling through her phone. Due to the approaching winter, the service staff of various luxury stores had sent her photos of the latest winter fashion show. Some service staff had also sent her invitations directly.

Jiang Yue casually glanced at the clothes, and her eyes gradually darkened. She turned off her phone and turned to look at the traffic outside the window.

She was no longer the precious daughter of the Gu family. Although she had saved a lot of money in the past, this money was not enough to support her to continue living the carefree and luxurious life she had before.

Qiao Nian!

It was all Qiao Nian’s fault!

If it weren’t for Qiao Nian, she wouldn’t have fallen to such a state. She was still the one and only heiress of the Gu family, and she could still roam the various fashion shows. She could take anything she liked without hesitation, and not cower like she did now.

However, there would be a good show to watch soon.

If the results were as she thought, then Qiao Nian would leave the Gu family very soon. At that time, she could return to the Gu family.

Suddenly, her phone rang.

Jiang Yue looked down and saw that it was a call from the paternity test center. She hurriedly picked up.

The staff at the paternity test center had called to inform her of the results. She thanked them, hung up, and walked towards the paternity test center opposite.

She had submitted the sample earlier and was waiting at the coffee shop opposite the paternity test center.

After getting the appraisal document bag, Jiang Yue returned to the cafe and casually ordered a cup of coffee. Her gaze was fixed on the appraisal document bag.

Her heart was beating faster and faster. When she opened the folder, her gaze fell on the line at the bottom without looking at what was written at the front.

Her pupils dilated uncontrollably as she looked at the results in disbelief.

How was this possible?

Brother Ah Zhou wasn’t related to that child by blood?

No, this was absolutely impossible!

That child definitely wasn’t Qiao Nian’s. If it wasn’t Qiao Nian’s, then it should be Brother Ah Zhou’s child.

Could she have guessed wrong?

However, Brother Ah Zhou cared about that child very much. He even specially brought that child home to take care of him. One had to know that Brother Ah Zhou did not like children.

What exactly had gone wrong?

Jiang Yue rested her chin on her hand, deep in thought. It was impossible for anything to go wrong with the laboratory. The problem might lie with the samples she had taken.

Could she have taken the wrong sample?

It seemed that she had to get it again!

However, it would not be easy to get another DNA sample from Gu Zhou. She had to plan carefully.

… .

Qiao Nian sat down beside Gu Qi. She took a deep breath and tried hard to compose herself.

Gu Qi was not her child. She could no longer treat Gu Qi as her long lost child.

She had treated Gu Qi as a substitute. This was very cruel to Gu Qi.

At this moment, Qiao Nian’s phone rang.

She picked up her phone and took a closer look. It was a message from Doctor Li.

“Miss Qiao, I’ve already compared your samples with the samples Miss Jiang Yue sent over. They’re not related by blood.”

Back then, in order to find her family, Qiao Nian had also left a sample of herself at the laboratory.

When Qiao Nian saw what Doctor Qiao had sent, she instantly understood. Jiang Yue must have taken Gu Zhou’s sample to compare with Gu Qi’s. It seemed that Gu Zhou and Gu Qi really weren’t related by blood. Gu Zhou wasn’t lying either.

Initially, Qiao Nian wanted to compare her sample with Gu Qi’s. Now, she knew very well that Gu Qi was not her dead child at all. There was no need for her to continue trying.

After exchanging a few pleasantries with Doctor Li, Qiao Nian put down her phone and looked at Gu Qi, who was lying on the bed. This child was so young. He looked so pitiful.

She touched Gu Qi’s forehead. He no longer had a fever.

She still needed to adjust her mentality and face the fact that Gu Qi was not a substitute.

Qiao Nian silently retracted her hand.

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