Chapter 617 - IOU

Chapter 617: IOU

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Although, after he returned the money, he owed her dozens of dollars.

However, she felt that he was doing this on purpose. Moreover, she liked the way she interacted with Gu Qi and found it especially interesting.

At this moment, Gu Zhou suddenly recalled seeing a person on Qiao Nian’s phone who looked exactly like Gu Qi.

He had thought that person’s WeChat was the same as Gu Qi’s.

Now, it seemed that Qiao Nian had known Little Qi for a long time.

Gu Zhou hid the surprise in his eyes and asked seriously, “Do you remember which day that was?”

“Yes, there’s a chat history on WeChat. There’s time on it.” As Qiao Nian spoke, she took out her phone and opened WeChat.

Although Little Qi’s teacher had deleted her WeChat at that time, she could still see the previous WeChat chat records. Later on, she added him as a friend, so the two of them could continue chatting.

Looking at the chat history, Gu Zhou’s pupils dilated involuntarily. The top post was a location Gu Qi and Qiao Nian had sent.

Moreover, this news came at the same time he discovered that Little Qi had gone missing.

It turned out that Little Qi had been with Qiao Nian back then. What surprised Gu Zhou the most was that Little Qi had sent Qiao Nian many messages.

“I’ve arrived!”

“Auntie, when are you free?”

… .

Gu Zhou looked at the message Little Qi had sent to Qiao Nian. The confusion in his eyes grew more and more obvious.

His son could read?

Moreover, he could type on his phone?

Gu Zhou was stunned. Even if Little Qi knew how to translate text, he had to be literate.

Moreover, Little Qi actually knew how to use WeChat?

In the past, whenever he spoke to Gu Qi, Gu Qi would remain silent and not give him any reaction.

That night, Gu Qi spoke again. He had thought that Gu Qi would speak only because he had fired Zhang Yi’s nanny.

Now, it seemed that Gu Qi was just unwilling to talk to him.

What hurt Gu Zhou the most was that Gu Qi had only known Qiao Nian for a short time, but their relationship seemed to be especially good.

Gu Zhou wanted to continue scrolling, but his phone was snatched away.

Just as he was about to say something, he saw Qiao Nian looking down at her phone, as if she was looking for something.

He pursed his thin lips and said nothing.

Qiao Nian quickly flipped through the photo album on her phone and finally found the photo.

In the photo was the IOU Gu Qi had written for her.

Gu Qi owes you 15 yuan.

These words were written very neatly. It was as if he had practiced hard.

Qiao Nian handed the phone to Gu Zhou. Recalling what had happened that night, she couldn’t help but laugh. “At that time, he was hungry, but he didn’t have any money. He didn’t want to owe me a favor, so he asked the Boss for a pen and paper to write me an IOU.”

Qiao Nian’s eyes grew even gentler. She continued, “At that time, I was stunned when I saw his handwriting. He’s so young, but he can write such beautiful words. I thought he might be a genius.”

That’s right. At that time, she really thought that Gu Qi was a genius.

He was so young, but she could write such beautiful words. Not just anyone could do it.

When Gu Zhou heard Qiao Nian’s words, he stared intently at the photo of the promissory note on the phone screen. His heart seemed to be clenched tightly by an invisible hand, and he was in so much pain that he didn’t dare to breathe.

In his memory, the nanny had always said that Gu Qi was extremely stupid. He didn’t even know how to write the most basic “1”, let alone understand words.

The doctor said that Gu Qi was born with autism. It was already good enough that such a child could grow up safely, let alone be required to know how to read and write.

But when he saw this IOU, he realized that Gu Qi was just unwilling to appear normal in front of them.

Gu Zhou gripped his phone tightly, his expression grave. “Did you just say that he asked the boss for a pen and paper?”

“Yes.” Qiao Nian recalled how Gu Qi had looked at that time and smiled. “Yes, I thought he was especially smart and adorable.”

Seeing Gu Zhou’s hesitation, Qiao Nian quietly put her phone away and asked seriously, “Do you suspect that I’m lying?”

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