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Chapter 963 - 963 Sharing Spicy Duck Neck

963 Sharing Spicy Duck Neck


Boss Li’s spicy duck neck was still so delicious!

How could there be such delicious food in this world?

Her entire mouth was filled with the spicy taste. After she finished one, she couldn’t help but swallow.

The spicy duck neck was really too intoxicating.

Gu Zhou looked at Qiao Nian gently. Seeing how gluttonous Qiao Nian was, his lips curved up involuntarily. His throat moved slightly as he asked softly, “Is it my turn to eat?”

Qiao Nian handed the other pair of chopsticks to Gu Zhou and said, “Here, take it yourself!”

Gu Zhou looked deeply at Qiao Nian’s lips.

Perhaps it was because she had just eaten the spicy duck neck, but her lips were much redder than before. They looked delicate.

Seeing that Gu Zhou had not taken the chopsticks, Qiao Nian was about to pick up a duck neck for him when Gu Zhou suddenly approached her.

Her heart skipped a beat. Caught off guard, her lips felt a gentle touch.

Qiao Nian’s eyes widened, and the chopsticks in her hand fell to the ground.

She witnessed Gu Zhou’s slightly closed eyes, his long eyelashes, and his fair skin…


She had just finished eating the spicy duck neck. There was still the taste of it in her mouth.

How could he kiss her now?

Qiao Nian subconsciously wanted to retreat and to escape from Gu Zhou.

However, Gu Zhou didn’t give her a chance to escape. He grabbed her left hand with his left and held the back of Qiao Nian’s head tightly with his right hand, mercilessly taking her breath.

Qiao Nian was a little dizzy from lack of oxygen. In a daze, she suddenly recalled the first time she had come to buy spicy duck neck.

At that time, she happened to be with Gu Zhou. At that time, Gu Zhou kissed her lips like this, saying that he wanted to taste the spicy duck neck…

Qiao Nian was about to suffocate from the kiss. She opened her mouth to breathe, but she didn’t expect Gu Zhou to invade her.

Qiao Nian’s mind gradually went blank, and her body gradually softened. She kept obeying Gu Zhou.

Suddenly, it was as if countless fireworks had exploded in her mind. She couldn’t sit still and was about to slide down.

Just as Qiao Nian was about to suffocate to death, Gu Zhou finally had the conscience to let go of her.

Qiao Nian’s eyes were wet, like an innocent deer, inviting the other party to ravage her ruthlessly.

Her vision was still a little blurry, but she quickly regained her senses. She glared fiercely at Gu Zhou and inadvertently met his deep eyes.

His eyes were no longer as cold and noble as they usually were. There was only a strong desire to possess her.


She had thought that the ascetic Gu Zhou was already very attractive.

However, Gu Zhou’s lustful gaze was against the rules. It made one feel as if they were dancing with a wolf…

Gu Zhou’s gaze fell on Qiao Nian’s lips. His eyes darkened. Thinking of the kiss just now, he pursed his lips and swallowed. The desire in his eyes was obvious.

Qiao Nian silently took a step back. Gu Zhou was exuding lust now. It was better for her to stay away from him.

Gu Zhou took out another pair of disposable chopsticks. After opening them, he handed them to Qiao Nian. Seeing Qiao Nian take them, his lips curved up slightly. He whispered meaningfully into her ear, “The taste is indeed quite good. Then eat more!”

Qiao Nian subconsciously looked at him. Her red lips couldn’t help but brush across Gu Zhou’s thin lips. Her heart trembled, and she silently took a step back.

This pervert couldn’t be thinking of eating shared spicy duck neck, right?

She really couldn’t understand. Didn’t it taste good to eat duck neck himself?

Gu Zhou met Qiao Nian’s gaze and his lips curved up slightly. “Fasten your seatbelt. I’ll take you somewhere.”

The ambiguous atmosphere in the car faded a little. Qiao Nian could finally breathe freely. She looked at Gu Zhou in surprise. “Where are you planning to go?”


Qiao Nian placed the box of spicy duck neck on her legs. When she thought of how Gu Zhou had kissed her just now, and how he had looked when he was unrestrained, she really couldn’t resist.

Qiao Nian fastened her seatbelt. Seeing that Gu Zhou was driving, she picked up a piece of duck neck and placed it in her mouth. Just as she was about to swallow it, she recalled that Gu Zhou had wanted to share the spicy duck neck with her. For a moment, she was stunned.

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