CH 19

Adele blinked slowly. She didn’t want to be close to this man, with whom she was bound to part sooner or later. Moreover, this man’s fate was already decided.

But I got help again.

‘He’s such a strange person.’

How could this man do this for someone else?

Adele smiled softly without her realizing it.

Lucas, who saw it, thought Adele’s smile was like a simple wildflower on the field.

Clearly, what Lucas likes are bright roses, but now he thought that wasn’t too bad either.

“And this,” said Lucas, handing over the gift Adele bought. “Fortunately, the store owner picked it up and kept it. The packaging was crumpled, but it has been replaced with a new one.”

Lucas said that he had also given the kind store owner a small gift as a courtesy.

“Thank goodness. Ronschka’s birthday is in a few days.”

Adele was worried about how she could buy Ronschka another birthday gift. Fortunately, she didn’t have to.

“That’s a relief.”

If I visit that store again someday, I should also thank the owner.

Adele held the gift preciously in her hands. Now, this gift will be kept hidden until Ronschka’s birthday.

* * *

Hayren who now lives in Lucas’ mansion keeps trying to meet Ronschka whenever he has the chance. Lucas was interfering in the middle to prevent them from meeting, but until when would that knight be able to stop him, an Elementalist?

“Hello, Ronschka.”

A small red bird appeared in front of Ronschka who was engrossed in making a bouquet in the garden. The bird can strangely speak human language.

Ronschka knew, however, that meant the bird had not done it alone, and that someone was using a spirit to convey the words through the bird.

“Do you know who I am?”

“You- you are the Elementaslist I met then.”

“That’s right! You are smart,” said the little bird, moving its cute beak.

“How- how do you do that?”


“How- how you speak through the spirit?”

“Oh, like this?”

Hayren, who was controlling the spirit in the room, raised the corner of his mouth.

Elementalists are born with the energy of nature. Because of this, they cannot help but love nature itself, the spirits.

‘That’s why spirits are perfect for attracting attention.’

“Do you want to know?”

“I- I want to know.” 

Ronschka nodded his head. Once he knows how, he will always be able to talk to his mother. No one can completely separate the two anymore.

“I want to teach you, but you have to be my disciple to do that.”


“Yes. My disciple.”

Hayren did not immediately say he would adopt him. For now, he decided to use the approach with less resistance.

“My- my teacher is Lucas.”

As expected. He doesn’t even use the proper honorific title for Lucas. They are just a teacher and student who has no trust in each other.

Then things would be easier for Hayren.

“Lucas is a knight,” said Hayren as he touched Ronschka lightly.

“I know.”

“A knight can’t teach an Elementalist.”

‘But I’ve already received a lot of help?’

At first, Ronschka couldn’t handle the fire properly unless he was in a state of intense emotion. However, as Lucas said, it changed when he did the exercises and meditation.

Now he can handle fire without getting angry or crying. He even showed the fire to his mother, Adele.

“I really mean it. Okay, then, how about this? I will teach you one skill.”


“Because you are a highly talented Elementalist.”

Hayren said reassuringly but Ronschka didn’t let go of his suspicions.

So far, only Lucas and his mother had given him without expecting anything in return. But this man he had only seen once said he would teach him for free?

Ronschka didn’t trust Hayren, but regardless, he was interested in learning this skill from him.

“What are you going to teach me?”

“Is there anything you want?”

“I want to know how to speak through the spirit.”


Hayren immediately agreed. It was an extremely difficult skill to convey one’s words through spirits. Meaning teaching Ronschka now didn’t mean he could put it into practice right away.

‘It would be nice if he could understand.’

Hayren kindly explained how to do the skill, pretending to be nice while hiding his black heart.

“So, to deliver words through spirits……”

Ronschka nodded from time to time while listening to Hayren’s words conveyed by the little bird. Hayren couldn’t tell if he understood or not just by looking at him though.

However, after all the explanations were finished, Ronschka smiled faintly.

He used to look weird when he smiled, but recently he’s been slowly fixing it by looking at other people. That’s why his smile looks more like a normal child’s now.

“Do you understand?” asked Hayren grumpily.

‘There’s no way he’d be able to understand right away.’

Now it was Ronschka’s turn to cling to him, saying he didn’t understand yet. Then, he could explain it again from the beginning and Ronschka would start to like him. That’s what Hayren thought.

But Ronschka didn’t ask anything.

‘Is this kid’s pride too high?’

So he may be pretending to know when he doesn’t.

Ronschka now didn’t even look at the little bird that Hayren was controlling but started to move around, summoning the fire spirit.

He seemed to be trying to do something by calling the fire spirit and then telling it to leave. He kept trying like that several times.

But even for the most gifted kid like him, it wouldn’t be that easy.

‘Still, it’s okay to try something consistently.’

Hayren smiled in satisfaction as he looked at Ronschka, who would come into his grasp in the future.


After a while, as if Ronschka had just remembered something, he carefully picked up the bouquet he had laid down and immediately ran into the mansion.

“I heard that he goes to the garden every day to make a bouquet for his mother.”

He seemed to cherish his mother quite a lot.

Hayren took the spirit back while looking at Ronschka’s back who was running towards the mansion. This wasn’t the only information he found.

“Is his birthday coming up soon?”

What would be a good birthday gift? Hayren was thinking of something the kids might like.

* * *


Adele put on a thoughtful expression as she looked down at the round cake, then she carefully picked up a bit of it and ate it.

Madeleine then did the same thing and smiled broadly.



“Yes! I think we just need to apply the cream now!”

That won’t be easy either.

‘I only bought cakes in my previous life.’

So it was quite difficult to make it herself this time. However, imagining that Ronschka would like it, she did her best even though it was difficult.

‘What else should I prepare besides cake?’

While she was counting the dishes to be prepared in excitement, a small fire flew in front of her.

She blinked at it for a moment and immediately freaked out. It was because she thought of Ronschka who could handle fire.

Adele immediately looked around but Ronschka was nowhere to be seen. That made her even more anxious.

The only time the fire spreads in his absence is when he goes out of control.

‘What should I do?’

While Adele was panicking, the fire made a sound.



Adele stared at the talking fire with a blank expression.


The fire even stepped closer and called her ‘Mom’. What’s going on?



The fire conveyed Ronschka’s words like a cell phone.

“My goodness, does that fire talk?”

Madeleine, who spotted the fire afterward, also made a surprised expression. After a few moments of silence, Adele managed to guess the reason.

“Did the Elementalist staying in the mansion teach you?”


Why? Oh, is that why? He said he wanted to take Ronschka as his disciple.

But Lucas didn’t want him to see Ronschka. So how did they meet?

Numerous questions ran through Adele’s mind. Then she realized.

He must have done exactly what he taught Ronschka.

“He’s like a snake.”

Suddenly, what Lucas said came to mind.

Maybe because of that? I haven’t even seen him, but I suddenly have a bad thought.

You should not arbitrarily judge people you have not seen in person. But Adele’s trust in Lucas is immense.

“Ronschka, what do you think about him?”

“I don’t like him.”

The fire disappeared in an instant as soon as Ronschka answered. Adele who was worried about Ronschka went to look for him and found him arranging a bouquet in his room.


Luckily nothing happened, it’s just that his ability is still limited to perform the skill he just learned.

“I just learned,” Ronschka muttered gloomily.

“You did a good job.”

“I want to do better.”

“You’re still good at it.”

Adele patted Ronschka and asked, “But why do you hate him?”

“I don’t know.”

Adele wanted to reply ‘You shouldn’t hate people for no reason’, but she held back. It must be because Ronschka also felt something.

Somehow, she felt uneasy. And that uneasiness continued to grow without diminishing, even as Ronshka’s birthday drew near.

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