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Chapter 1497 - do you think that there is no one else in the southern region? 1

Chapter 1497: Chapter 1,497, do you think that there is no one else in the southern region? 1

Upon hearing Qin Yu’s words, hua zi instantly felt extreme despair and his face instantly turned pale!

Once his dao heart was destroyed, his strength would probably not be able to advance even half a step in this lifetime!

“Hua Zi, go back and tell Yongji that I welcome his foster son to continue looking for me,”Qin Yu said coldly.

When everyone heard this, they could not help but be greatly shocked!

What was wrong with Qin Yu? Why did he point the spearhead directly at Yongji? Didn’t Yongji save him once?

It seemed that... They were going to shed all pretenses of cordiality!

After that, Qin Yu no longer paid attention to Hua Zi who was like a dead dog. Instead, he looked at the people in front of him.

“Do it.”Qin Yu’s internal Qi surged all over his body. The expression on his face was incomparably cold.

Everyone looked at each other, and then did not say anything more. In an instant, all of their spells were cast, and they headed straight for Qin Yu!

Qin Yu’s body emitted a golden light, and his fist was like a resplendent sun. Every time he waved his fist, it would cause the space to tremble!

Soon, Jue Wu also joined the battlefield. The two of them faced more than a dozen people, and it was not a problem at all!


Qin Yu’s fist smashed onto one of the people’s head, directly shattering his head!

Jue Wu’s small hand reached out and entered into the body of one of them!

In less than an hour’s time, these ten plus people were completely defeated, dead or injured!

Looking at the battle prowess of Qin Yu and Jue Wu, everyone couldn’t help but be greatly shocked!

And the few people sent by the Heavenly Cloud sect were even more terrified!

They could understand that Jue Wu was powerful, but what did Qin Yu have?

How could a nascent soul stage cultivator have such terrifying battle prowess? Could it be that no one in the younger generation of the entire South Province was able to get out?

Looking at the few people who were barely hanging on, Qin Yu and Jue Wu looked at each other and revealed a mocking expression.

“So the people of the north are all a bunch of trash.”Qin Yu sneered.

Jue Wu waved his small hand and said, “Your northern lands have provoked me time and time again. I’m angry! Go back and tell your master that I will immediately head to the northern border!”

The surrounding spectators could not help but sigh.

Weren’t the people of the northern lands too weak?

With such little ability, they dared to provoke Jue Wu? were they crazy?

“TSK TSK, looks like we have overestimated the people of the northern lands.”

“That’s right, it’s said that the people of the northern lands are all elite talents with unparalleled strength. After seeing them today, they’re only so-so.”

“Our northern lands doesn’t have such trash.”

Just as everyone was discussing, a spatial fluctuation suddenly shook not far away.

Following that, a few black-robed men walked out.

These people stood in the air and looked coldly at Qin Yu and Jue Wu.

Qin Yu frowned slightly, having a bad premonition in his heart.

These people... When did they come? Why didn’t they sense it?

And what did he mean by what he said just now?

“Where did this trash come from? He dares to call us the northern lands and humiliate us. This is a capital crime!”One of them said coldly.

Then, with a light tap of his finger, he directly shattered the heads of the black-clothed people from before!

Seeing this scene, everyone’s hearts were filled with a trace of unease.

Qin Yu looked coldly at the black-robed men in front of him and said, “So that means that they are not your people?”

“Our northern lands does not have such trash,”the black-robed man leading the group said coldly.

Qin Yu’s eyes narrowed slightly. He could naturally sense that these people in front of him were much stronger.

“The northern lands really went to great lengths to capture me,”Qin Yu said with a cold smile.

“Capture you?”The black-robed man who was leading the group shook his head. “Our purpose for this trip is not you, but Jue Wu!”

The moment these words were said, everyone present was shocked!

They had come from the northern lands to kill Jue Wu? !

“Yo, you scared the hell out of me,”Jue Wu rolled her eyes and said.

“If you don’t come to find me, I will come to find you!”

Before she could finish her words, Jue Wu rushed over with a Whoosh!

She reached out her small hand and gathered light in her palm. Then, she pressed it toward one of them!

However, the expected kill did not happen. On the contrary, the black-robed man’s palm also emitted a dark light and caught Jue Wu!

Jue Wu frowned slightly and then stepped back.

She narrowed her eyes and sized up the people in front of her. She said, “It seems that you have come prepared. With such ability, you must not be a pawn of the northern lands.”

“My name is Sima Bei and I am the person in charge of this operation. I have long heard of Jue Wu from the southern region,”Sima Bei said coldly.

Jue Wu coldly laughed, “What Sima Dong? I’ve never heard of him.”

Sima bei coldly looked at Jue Wu and said, “I’ve just seen so for myself your all creation smallpox. It’s indeed a godly skill. If we were to start an all-out war, it would be extremely disadvantageous to our northern lands. Hence, we have to kill you in advance.”

“Kill me? What big words.”Jue Wu coldly laughed.

Sima bei looked at Jue Wu in front of him and said indifferently, “To tell you the truth, if it were a one-on-one, I might not be your match. However, there are eight of us and you only have yourself.”

“There’s still me.”Qin Yu immediately stood out.

However, Jue Wu pushed Qin Yu away. She looked coldly at the few people in front of her and said, “This is my matter. With just the few of them, they can’t do anything to me.”

However, this time, Qin Yu was extremely stubborn. He looked at Jue Wu and said, “This is not just your business, but the entire South Province.”

After hearing Qin Yu’s words, Jue Wu could not help but be stunned. Then, she nodded and said, “Okay!”

“We... We will join too!”

The onlookers suddenly stood up!

“I will join too!”

“We can not let them do whatever they want in the north!”

All of a sudden, everyone who was watching chose to join this battle!

Seeing this scene, Qin Yu felt an indescribable feeling in his heart.

At this moment, he suddenly began to understand Xiao Hai.

“Then let us fight together,”Qin Yu said coldly.

He looked at the few people in front of him, and his expression became even colder.

However, Sima Bei did not take it seriously at all.

He swept his gaze over everyone and said indifferently, “They’re just a bunch of trash. So what if they join? To put it bluntly, you’re still the one fighting. Absolute dance, it’s useless. You can only die here today.”

“What, do you really think that there’s no one else in our South Province?”

At this moment, a voice came from not far away.

Turning his head, he saw that the person who came was actually qu Zhu!

His body was already covered in blood, and he looked like a bloody person!

Seeing qu Zhu rushing over, Sima bei could not help but frown.

“Why are you here?”Sima bei narrowed his eyes and asked.

Qu Zhu said indifferently, “Why, are you very surprised? Do you really think that those few good-for-nothings you sent over can kill me?”

“Speaking of which, it seems that the northern lands look down on me. After killing me, you only sent a few trash to deal with the top-notch martial artist. Quite a number of experts have come,”qu Zhu said with some self-deprecation.

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