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Chapter 1519 - preparing to break through 1

Chapter 1519: Chapter 1,519, preparing to break through 1

Zhuo clan.

Qin Yu was quietly waiting here.

He found a relatively quiet room and sat cross-legged on the bed.

Then, with a flick of his palm, he took out the great Yue fruit and the Huangji Buddha Flame from the spatial magic artifact.

“Rumor has it that swallowing the Huangji Buddha flame can greatly increase one’s strength. I don’t know if it’s true or not,”Qin Yu said in a low voice while dragging the Huangji Buddha Flame with one hand.

The flame flickered with a cold white radiance in his palm. It didn’t look eye-catching, and it didn’t even have a powerful internal Qi.

However, it was this ball of flame that allowed Qin Yu to escape from the hands of the eighteen gods.

As for the great Yue fruit, it was even more magical. Qin Yu didn’t plan to use it for the time being.

When he encountered a bottleneck in his cultivation, the great Yue fruit would be able to bring out its greatest effect.

Qin Yu put away the two treasures, then muttered softly, “Since the northern lands have obtained the inheritance of the immortal slaying sect, they will attack me sooner or later.”

What worried Qin Yu the most was that the person behind the northern lands had something to do with the inheritor on Earth.

Of course, the current Qin Yu still had the ability to protect himself.

Just the mysterious iron rod in his hand and the masked woman’s divine picture were enough to keep Qin Yu alive.


Just as Qin Yu was thinking, he suddenly felt a figure flashing outside.

“Who is it!”Qin Yu shouted. Then, he stretched out his golden palm and grabbed her throat!

After stepping out of the door, he found that the person who was eavesdropping outside was actually Li Yingying!

“Why is it you?”Qin Yu frowned.

Li Yingying coughed violently a few times and then said with some grievance, “Brother Qin, I’m here to bring you food.”

Looking down, sure enough, Li Yingying was carrying a basket with many delicacies in it.

Qin Yu couldn’t help but sneer in his heart.

Deliver food? He was probably here to eavesdrop under the name of delivering food.

“Li Yingying, I hope you have some face,”Qin Yu said coldly.

All along, Qin Yu had been saving face for her, but now Qin Yu realized that he shouldn’t be too soft-hearted to such a person.

“I hope you will stay away from me in the future,”Qin Yu said coldly.

After saying this, Qin Yu turned around and went back to his room.

Li Yingying couldn’t help but gnash her teeth. She stared at Qin Yu coldly, wishing she could tear qin Yu into pieces.

“Just you wait, I will make you pay the price!”Li Yingying said coldly.


In the next few days, Qin Yu waited for Zhuo Jing’s return in the Zhuo family.

On the other side, people from the Heavenly Cloud sect had already returned one after another.

Many of the visiting elders had also returned to the Heavenly Cloud sect after receiving the Heavenly Cloud Sect’s summons.

“As expected, the Heavenly Cloud sect has been given time to prepare. I’m afraid that it will be difficult to deal with them in the future,”the people watching from the shadows commented.

“Yongji didn’t get any benefits in the first place. Now that the Heavenly Cloud sect has withdrawn so many people, Yongji probably has even less of a chance of winning.”

“Don’t worry. Don’t forget that the northern lands have been provoking the heavenly cloud sect. It’s impossible for them not to make a move.”

“That’s right. I reckon Yongji is also betting that the northern lands will take the opportunity to make a move. That’s why he’s stationed a hundred Li away.”

They didn’t expect that Yongji had colluded with the northern lands to wipe out the heavenly cloud sect in one fell swoop.


A hundred Li away, there was a small city called Dongji City.

Although this place wasn’t big, because it was under the influence of the Heavenly Cloud Sect, Dongji city was quite prosperous.

The originally peaceful city had now become turbulent.

There was no other reason than Yongji had occupied this city.

In a manor, Yongji was sitting cross-legged.

Although he tried his best to calm his mind, his chest was still filled with endless anger.

“Foster father, there are already people from the heavenly cloud sect withdrawing one after another. Should we continue?”One of the foster sons asked in a trembling voice.

Yong Ji slowly opened his eyes. He gritted his teeth and said, “There’s no turning back. If we don’t get rid of the Heavenly Cloud sect this time, the ones who will die in the future will definitely be us!”

“But... but now...”the foster son did not continue, but the meaning was already very obvious.

Yong Ji could not help but clench his fists and curse in his heart, “These Northern Lands Bastards have played me over and over again!”

“Mister Yong Ji, I’m late.”

Speaking of the devil, he arrived.

At this moment, a black-robed man suddenly appeared in the room.

Seeing this black-robed man, Yong Ji suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed his neck!

The powerful force made it difficult for the black-robed man to breathe!

“Bastard, how many times do you want to play me!”Yong Ji was furious and wanted to strangle the black-robed man to death immediately.

The black-robed man said with difficulty, “Mr. ... Mr. Yong Ji, I came this time... to tell you a good news...”

“Good News? I believed you two times, but I almost died there twice!”Yong Ji said angrily.

“Mr. Yong Ji... you have no other way now... Why Don’t you try to trust us again... Cough Cough...”the black-robed man said in a trembling voice.

Yong Ji’s expression was cold and he did not say anything. After a moment, he let go of the black-robed man.

The black-robed man immediately fell to the ground and could not get up for a long time.

“This is the last time I trust you. If you dare to trick me again, I will kill every single one of you northlanders!”Yong Ji said coldly.

The black-robed man slowly stood up from the ground. He wiped the corner of his mouth and smiled. “Mr. Yong Ji, we need some time to come to the South Province. You have misunderstood us...”

“Cut the crap. Where are your people?”Yong Ji scolded coldly.

The black-robed man smiled faintly. “They are nearby. After Mr. Yong Ji makes his move, our people will immediately appear.”

With that, the black-robed man waved his sleeve, and a scene appeared in front of Yongji.

Within this scene, a dense crowd of black-robed men appeared. They hid in the void, waiting for orders at any time.

Yongji narrowed his eyes slightly and said, “They won’t send another group of cannon fodder, right?”

Hearing this, the black-robed man said somewhat proudly, “Right now, the remaining people in the northern lands are all elites. There’s no cannon fodder.”

“No cannon fodder? The last time we went to Mount Hua Ning, your people didn’t have the ability to fight back at all!”Yong Ji said coldly.

The black-robed man said indifferently, “Mister Yong Ji, the person we faced last time was Jue Wu. That was one of the three lunatics of your Southern Region, and also one of the strongest people in the southern region.”

“If any one of the people in the north can match the three lunatics and three uniques, then why would we need your help?”

Yong Ji remained silent. These words made some sense.

“Please rest assured, Mister Yong Ji. The person leading this team is one of the top experts of our northern lands. His strength is definitely not inferior to the three maniacs and three uniques,”the black-robed man said with a faint smile.

“We are the same as you. We all urgently hope for the destruction of the Heavenly Cloud sect! This is a win-win situation. We will definitely not play any tricks.”

Yong Ji’s face darkened as he said coldly, “When do we attack?”

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