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Chapter 1572 - Absolute Dance’s strength 1

Chapter 1572: Chapter 1572, Absolute Dance’s strength 1

The two godly monarchs were not angry at absolute dance’s abuse. Instead, they laughed and said, “Absolute dance, you killed so many of our people in the northern lands. Have you thought about the consequences?”

“Why? Are you here to seek an explanation from me today?”Absolute dance said with some amusement.

When the two godly monarchs saw this, they immediately snorted coldly and said, “Absolute dance, you must pay the price for doing something wrong!”

“You guys talk too much nonsense. Is there a point?”Jue Wu said coldly.

Immediately, the internal Qi on her body also slowly rose.

After sensing Jue Wu’s internal Qi, the two godly monarchs put their hands behind their backs and said indifferently, “Originally, we came here today to take your life, but we are both kind-hearted, so we decided to give you a chance.”

“As long as you are willing to follow us to the north, the previous matters can be written off, how about it?”

Absolute dance sneered, “What nonsense are you talking about? If you want to make a move, then make a move. Bring so much nonsense.”

After saying that, absolute dance took the initiative to make a move. Her palm flickered with light as she ruthlessly lashed out at the two of them!

The two of them did not dare to underestimate absolute dance’s attack. They immediately shot backward and dodged.

However, absolute dance would not give up just like that. Her internal Qi was endless, and her aura filled the entire sky.

Even the two godly monarchs had nowhere to hide for a moment. They appeared to be in quite a sorry state.

“HMPH, you don’t know Death!”The two godly monarchs seemed to have been forced into a corner. Their bodies emitted an intense black energy as they fiercely exchanged a palm strike with absolute dance!


Absolute Dance’s small body took a few steps back, and the two godly monarchs did not gain much advantage either. They also shot backward explosively.

“As expected of the South Prefecture’s three madmen. Your strength is much stronger than eternal pole,”a godly monarch said coldly.

Jue Wu did not have the time to waste talking to them. She directly used the myriad heaven flower and pressed on the two!

In an instant, the two godly monarchs felt a sharp pain all over their bodies. It was as if their bodies were about to be vaporized!


With a furious roar, an intense black energy burst out from their bodies. That black energy was extremely cold and wrapped around the two of them, as if it wanted to use this against them.

However, the spiritual power in Jue Wu’s body was like a vast ocean. It did not have any signs of stopping. Instead, it was getting more and more intense.

The light of the myriad flower enveloped the land. Everything within a few hundred meters turned into ashes!

Looking at the two godly monarchs, they did not suffer much damage under the black energy. However, the black energy continued to shrink, as if it was about to be devoured by the myriad flower!

The two godly monarchs hiding within the black energy could not help but have cold expressions.

“This absolute dance’s strength seems to be a little stronger than those three,”one of the godly monarchs said.

“That’s right. This person’s body is a little strange. It’s not something that the likes of eternal limit Baro can compare to.”

The two of them looked at each other. They raised their hands and pushed aside the black energy. Then, a black palm stretched out from within and slapped toward absolute dance!

Absolute dance’s pupils suddenly constricted. Her eyes instantly turned scarlet red. A small palm suddenly appeared on her chest to meet it.


Intense tremors exploded at this moment. The entire land rumbled. Even Mount Hua Ning was not safe!


The two godly monarchs in the darkness frowned slightly. They were surprised to discover that absolute dance’s strength seemed to be continuing to rise!

“This absolute dance... is really strange,”said one of the godly monarchs.

“That’s right. Let’s end this quickly. I’m getting a little impatient,”said the other godly monarch coldly.

They had already suffered in the Heavenly Cloud sect and had nowhere to vent their anger.

Now that they could not easily take down absolute dance, it naturally made them even angrier.

One of the godly monarchs narrowed his eyes and opened his mouth to spit out the black lotus flower once again!

As for the other godly monarch, he was not idle either. He similarly took out his trump card technique. Streams of black fog erupted from his body and headed straight for absolute dance!

This spell was called the Heavenly Dragon Demonic Spear. It was incomparably terrifying. Not only did it contain an extremely powerful internal Qi, it also emitted a strange poisonous gas!

The two spells headed straight for Jue Wu. No matter how powerful Jue Wu was, she was unable to resist these two people.

She put away the myriad heaven flower and raised her small hand. Light radiated in all directions as she welcomed the two great spells!

“HMPH, it’s useless,”the two godly monarchs said indifferently with their hands behind their backs.

After all, Jue Wu was not the sect master of the Heavenly Cloud sect. She naturally could not be as nonchalant as the sect master of the Heavenly Cloud sect.

Under the suppression of these two techniques, Jue Wu’s forehead was covered in layers of secret sweat!

“To be able to hold on for so long is already worthy of praise,”said a godly monarch indifferently.

“That’s right! If it were anyone else, they would have been instantly devoured. Jue Wu, you should be proud!”

“Don’t... Don’t talk nonsense!”

Absolute dance roared loudly. The radiance on her body flourished and swept out in all directions with her as the center!

At the same time, the black lotus flower was actually forcibly propped up by absolute dance!

“En? How is this possible?”A trace of astonishment flashed in the eyes of the two godly monarchs.

They exchanged glances with each other, their faces filled with astonishment.

It shouldn’t be. Absolute Dance’s strength shouldn’t be so strong.

Wasn’t she on the same level as eternal pole? From the looks of it, she was much stronger than eternal pole, Baro, and the others.

“Such a talent died so young. It’s such a pity.”The godly monarch couldn’t help but sigh.

“That’s right. If we can take her in, she will definitely shine in the future.”The other godly monarch also said.

Even though that was the case, they knew in their hearts that absolute dance would definitely not compromise.

Hence, the two of them looked at each other, and their hands lit up once again.

They planned to give absolute dance a final blow and take her life!

At this moment, absolute dance, who was struggling to hold on, suddenly turned pale! That feeling of powerlessness instantly erupted!

“Not good!”Jue Wu’s face immediately changed. She could only feel her internal Qi rapidly dissipating!

It was the Nirvana body! It actually acted up at this moment!

Jue Wu clenched her teeth. She desperately tried to resist, but the disappearance of her internal Qi was simply unbearable.


Finally, Jue Wu’s small body was ruthlessly suppressed!

In an instant, everything beneath her feet shattered. She fell from the mountaintop and was crushed under the crushed rocks!

“What’s going on?”The two godly monarchs of the northern lands were also somewhat puzzled. Even they were not clear about what had happened.

The dust dispersed, revealing Jue Wu’s tiny body.

She staggered to her feet. Her face was frighteningly pale, and the fresh blood on her body made people’s Hearts Ache.

Jue Wu tried to move her body, but she found that her entire body was weak. It was difficult for her to even move a single step.

“An accident actually happened at this time. Damn it...”Jue Wu bit her red lips with her teeth, and blood also flowed out.

Just as the two godly monarchs were about to rush over, Jue Wu clenched her teeth. She clenched her fists and used all the strength in her body to shoot toward the top of the mountain!

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